Saturday, November 11, 2006

What the Heck Hezbollah's Hmaidi Thinking?

Well, not Marwan Hmaidi, rather Trad Hmaidi (Minister of Labor). Just when you think you figured out everything, Ka-Boom!

A new law was issued by the Ministry of Labor that forbids private universities to give Financial Aid / (potentially Graduate Assistentships) to foreign students. This covers up the Palestinians.

I know from Jordan there are the rich Palestinian Jordanians (or Gulf) that come to the top Universities in Lebanon such as American University of Beirut or Lebanese American University but plenty of Palestinians need the Financial aid to continue with their studies. Now I said private universities because public universities (actually the Lebanese University) do not have any financial aids of that sort.

The Palestinians were not allowed (well the blue collar ones) were not allowed to work at all, till a law opened way to lower jobs. Actually that has been going on, so technically the minister's decision on that matter didn't change anything. This discouraged the Palestinians from focusing on higher education in Lebanon (specially the ones living in camps since 1948). Now that decision made things much harder since it is the Private Universities that pave way for a Masters/PHD certificate outside Lebanon.

The Palestinians were not given the chance like in Jordan for nationalistic issues of course. For starters, Lebanon got over 500,000 Palestinian inside the refugee camps (since 1948) excluding the (mainly) Christian Palestinians and Upper Class Muslim Palestinians to integrate them into Lebanese community (and form a new Sect. Balance of Power). Second, Lebanon is a small nation (specially economical) to withold all the Labor of both Lebanese and Palestinian (which is ironic because Michel el Murr when he was Minister he gave nationalities everywhere in Matn-Mt. Lebanon to preserve his MP location except the Palestinians). Third, the fear was that the Palestinians would be integrated inside Lebanon to the extent they would forget about their right of return to their homeland Palestine and hence the Zionists would have won (which is crap under this circumstances of Politics--- No Palestinian in Lebanon has ever given the right of return but that does not mean the majority of the Palestinians should live in a terrible situation). Fourth, Lebanese Law forbids women to give their husbands and children the Lebanese citizenship which even makes it for the Lebanese women to marry Palestinians much harder.

Now, the few Palestinians living in Camps and seeking higher education (or poor Palestinians outside the camps) would find it much more discouraging as it is to continue their education.

The problem is the person who took the decision = A member of Hezbollah. This can reflect three situations:

1) Hezbollah was being pressured by 14th of March and did that decision in order to please them in return for other issues.

2) Hezbollah's Trad Hmaidi was not aware of the gravity of the situation

3) Hezbollah were using the logo resistance for political reasons towards the cause of Palestine (which I doubt)...

By process of Elmination I think I will vote to the first option, in any case direct action should take place because higher education is one of the several way of Palestinians' methods of civilian resistence and attain syndicate advanced organization (and I do not mean like the ones we have in Lebanon from the Lebanese side).

Time will tell what the heck is going on...


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