Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Naji Al Ali's masterpeace

I won't add anything to pic as at this very dark day reflects the spirit of the Proletariat in Palestine (not leadership). Down with Zionism. My greatest respect to the martyrs in this hell.

News Update: The number of the wounded is now 55 (Death and Wounded toll is expected to increase).


The Red Bolivarian said...

Que Viva Palestina!!
Down with Zionism!!

guerrilla radio said...

--Blogs alliance proposal to the freedom in Palestine--

"A man who looks the wall is only a man alone.
But two men who are looking the wall are the beginning of a escape"

Dear Friend,
do you want to exchange link with us?

The power of a union is the power of the numbers.

We are a strong blog PRO-UMANRIGHTS, so

My name is Vittorio,
and for my peace-activism i was in also in prison in Israel,
(nice democracy there...)
I propose to you this exchange also if my blog is in italian;
sometimes the feeling of images, sentiments, ideals,
are more strong than the different of language.

Al Mukawama!!!

Vittorio Arrigoni.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Dear Guerrilla radio

the blog's link did not open, can you post it again?


guerrilla radio said...

"Odio gli indifferenti. Credo che vivere voglia dire essere partigiani. Chi vive veramente non può non essere cittadino e partigiano. L’indifferenza è abulia, è parassitismo, è vigliaccheria, non è vita"


...You know this man?

my link:

hasta la victoria...