Saturday, November 18, 2006

Another "Brilliant" Two Neo-Cons

Well I guess this is the first time I might attack another blogger, but the combination of these two make a perfect couple, wouldn't you agree? (Expressed in a democratic manner)

"In fact, the main reason why Communism continues to be a mortal danger is because most people are unable to fight it, unable to kill it."

And the poor "Einstein" thought couple of monthes ago that the Palestinians were lucky not to live in N. Korea even though their houses were being demolished. Enjoy Neo-Cons who fall for CNNish crap... those who are below 18 don't enter this room. To me, these are the exact people who bring misery to 3rd World Countries (oh yeah they think Iraq is under liberation as well).

Now there are worse Neo-Cons, even though the prior author expressed that the Israelis kicked out the Palestinians with legitimate right because the Palestinians were "not democratic" (forgetting about the British Mandate).

This cartoon character for example is what Bush would want to marry even though the whole Fiasco does not reflect at all the Lebanese society, and funnier out of over 1 million Lebanese (the ones in specific left Lebanon due to the civil war) and current 4 million Lebanese do not share her opinion. Check this cartoon character, I am sure these two would make a nice couple since the former would only sleep with girls. You think Brigitte would beat Elie Hobieka's score sheet? (if given an army?)


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