Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stupid Perez and Olmert

Today, Olmert in discussion with Italy, said that he is worried about Israel due to what is happening in Lebanon. Funny, weren't they who displaced 1 million in less than one month and killed 1300 civilian?

The funnier part is Shimon Perez. He said that he is watching with interest what is happening in Lebanon. His arguement that it is Hezbollah doing all these assassinations in order to establish an Iranian regime in Lebanon. Well, if that happened. there is no difference between both regimes since one is for the Jews and the other for Shiites (not that his happening anyways).

Moreover, stupid Shimon forgets that even the democratic forces (at least publicly) reject Israel while the PM rejected all their false peace offerings as the Israelis offered them directly after the war while they maintain to breach UN 1701 resulotion.

Actually wasn't it stupid Olmert who accused France it is protecting Terrorism for insisting on the implementation of UN 1701?!


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Anonymous said...

Every body is stupid, only you are smart.