Wednesday, November 08, 2006

These are your Israeli Democratic Peace Offerings

Today, 18 Palestinians martyred in Beit Hannon (Ghaza) while 5 were killed in Jenin. The tank blasts in Beit Hannon left 40 wounded, hence Israel as always offers a peace treaty then proceeds to shoot it down with massacres. Doctors over there said that they were picking pieces of corpses rather a whole body. The wounded were taken to THREE hospitals.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs in Israel Levni said that she was sorry that innocents were being killed, that is a lie. Such massacres have been on-going since the day Israel was established (even prior to the establishment of this terrorist nation). The only time Levni apologizes is when the pictures of the victims are directly broadcasted. Now, why the world is surprised that Hammas sweeped through elections again? Oh yeah, due to Israeli brutality....

This is what the headline says: "Israeli tanks have killed at least 18 Palestinians, including sleeping women and children, in an attack in Gaza." link & link . Can one of the Neo-Cons explain to the mother carrying her child that this is about "democracy" and they are not democracy and spread of human rights (well for Zionists that is). Seems to me that the Palestinians have no choice but to be unified in the face of this Nazi-like enemy called Zionists. The Jews should realize one day that Zionism is taking them to a dead end and start emancipating themselves from this nationalistic thought towards equality with the Non-Jews (ie. the Palestinian Muslims and Christians).

I will not apologize for being aggressive on this post as I am so tired from seeing Neo-Con media victims falling for their "Democracy" Media which creates public opinion rather report it. So wake up, stupid citizens of the world and ask where your tax moneys are going...


No War but class war

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