Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pics regarding the latest events in the Middle East

Written in Arabic: UN Decision. The picture is interesting because they bombed Lebanon more extensively than their entire history when the decision was taken (including the launching of 2.4 cluster bombs in S. Lebanon with 1.2 million remaining unexploded + air strikes + naval artillary.

I chose this picture because Israel claimed they wanted to bomb Hezbollah, but ended up bombing Lebanon with tiny "scratches" on Hezbollah

This picture I chose because it reflects how Israel shoved its hand into bombing Lebanon without considering diplomacy to negotiate with Hezbollah (as they have been doing it since 1996).

'Translation: Top Right: Israel is searching for its prisoner. Written on the bomb shell: "Shalit, can you hear us clearly? Answer us!"

Self-Explanatory - what to add?

This is what Israel created during the July War even though they were bargaining on the US tactic of "hand us Bin Laden or we will bomb you" in Afghanistan, they applied it in Lebanon... take a look at the resuls

This a reply which was confirmed later by Armitage, Levni, and Peretz: which meant that no army can disarm Hezbollah except peacefully...

Ehud Olmert: Did you find Gilad Shalit (the kidnapped Israeli soldier)?Amir Peretz: No, they kidnapped two more.”
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Behemoth101 said...

Like moths to a flame, these Pharisaic Phalanx-niks can't help but betray their plans by occident!

Desperation has put the backwards neo-Zealot outpost in an ideological pickle - sure it takes power, but does it do so NOT at the expense of the very religion it claims to protect?

Check out my upcoming post for the predictable truth we all saw coming - Sinister Semitic Shlock-artists and the Slime they Sell!

Anonymous said...

I don't undertand why are you laughing...your country destroyed, your country going to civil war..and you laugh on israel???
o.k. choose hezbolla, we all see what happen when you do this...and you laughing...good luck on that

MarxistFromLebanon said...

choose diplomacy rather war... you didn't even get the soldiers back and your army is a laughing stock through out the world

Anonymous said...

And you live in third world country, the hezbolla control on your econmy, civil war, your all country destroyed, you have 1100 casualties, a lot more bombs that not bombed yet...
and the list go on...
we live in number 23 place in the world in a quality life.
and you are support in terror that exept of you and some antisemitic every one think they are a terror you lost this war,
you can say how much you want on the I.D.F but your hezbolla didn't release lebanon until october, two monthes after the war,
your hezbolla killed some soldiers in a guerrilla fighting, the U.S.A lost soldiers in vietnam, the russians in Afganistan, they lost mybe, but they not a terrorist like you and your hezbolla, their leader are not happy when cevilians dead like your leaders, (look at the news of today) least we have some respect that we don't photograph our dead and go to cry to foreign journalist, and cry like some babies on "masscares"...and you know what nobody give shit on you and your masscare even the U.N..'cause every one know your real face...fucking terrorist

MarxistFromLebanon said...

First all your information is wrong so go read some history, second, the only terrorist nation in the area currently is Israel since they are the most who slaughtered civilians and use UN banned weaponry, and third, know your own terrorist history of all the slaying, and fourth, you related to Hitler with that logic? Down with Zionism


Anonymous said...

No you need to read history on your own people,
you helped to hitler...have you heard on the "mufti"?
you call yourself a marxist??? you are not a marxist, you support in religon group that want cevilians dead, you even know what marxist is?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

If anyone who is doing genocide to preserve the Jewish Race (just like Hitler wanted to preserve the Aryan Race) it is you...

The Mufti lost power on the ground by 1939 (when most of the revolutionary palestinians were exiled for defending their land.

You got my pity, not one person in the world kicked out an entire nation... stupid Semi-Nazi zionist...


Angry Anarchist said...

lol... 2nd and 4th are my favourites.

Anonymous said...

Read more and be quiet:


As if Israel’s position in the world in not bad enough, a new survey published in the US Wednesday says that Israel is suffering from the worst public image among all countries of the world.

The study, called the National Brands Index, conducted by government advisor Simon Anholt and powered by global market intelligence solutions provider GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.), shows that Israel is at the bottom of the list by a considerable margin in the public’s perception of its image.


The survey also indicated that Israel came last in each area by a long margin, including the fact that of the 36 countries ranked, there is nowhere that respondents would like to visit less than Israel. Worse yet, the survey indicates that Israel’s people were also voted the most unwelcoming in the world.

And there was one more unpleasant surprise: Whoever thought that the United States is Israel’s best friend and Israel is loved in the US, the index indicated that Americans ranked Israel just slightly above China in terms of its conduct in the areas of international peace and security.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

They deserve the worse reputation for all the massacres they did. Sadly, the media still is not reflecting what is going on exactly in Palestine, or what happened in Lebanon, or both. As for the article, I read it 2 weeks ago, so it shows you need to read more smarty pants... and last I will display some numbers soon to prove to you that without the United States, Israel can never ever exist!!

Anonymous said...

it wasnt to you, more to the direction of some of the commments - but I'm fine with being smarty pants. Amongst the truth we probably share about Israel, the new signals coming out are not without warrant. The fact that the Iraq Report suggests Israel return the Golan Heights, and so on, could/would never have been stated so openly before.

As for numbers, yes, go for it - not only does the US support Israel with 6billion, it gives it to them in the total on day 1 of the new year, so they can hold it and invest with it, as opposed to the policy of other countries who get it over time, installments, credits etc.

In 2005, the State of New York has Israel as its largest trading partner to the tune of FOUR BILLION. And so on.

Seriously, who doesnt know that without the U.S. Israel doesn't exist?

Anyway, just discovered your blog will read on.