Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Relationship Between Dan Halutz (2006) and the Irgun Group (1948)

Now Isreal's Commander in Chief Dan Halutz is arguing that they did not authorize the use of this massive cluster bombs on Lebanon, specially in the last three days of the war. Now, an Israeli Defense Forces general would be used as a scapegoat.

This is not a new phenomenon. Just prior to Israel was founded in 1948, Ben-Gurion followed a similar system. Prior to the IDF, the Haganah existed. The Yishuv has authorized the exodus of all the Palestinians, as Benny Morris displayed in "Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem." In order to kick out the Palestinians who refuted to leave their houses, the Haganah/IDF never participated in slaughters (but did play the bulk in driving people out of the houses). The Haganah / IDF sent the terrorist group the Irgun to do the dirty work of mass killings while Ben-Gurion was quoted to say that the Haganah would never do slaughters. Ben-Gurion used to denounce the "terrorist activities" of the Irgun, while ironically when the armored IDF trucks entered Palestinian villages, used to threaten the inhabitants with results of villages that the Irgun did in order to scare villagers away.

It is illogical to speculate that the Irgun never played a role in coordination with the Haganah/IDF command. According to Benny Morris, the Irgun participated 13% in the Israeli military operations in 1948.

This brings us to the present. Again, it is illogical to launch such a massive number of Cluster Bombs without IDF command aware of it, specially the IDF remained for three days pounding South of Lebanon. If it is true that Dan Halutz was unaware of the situation, he had three days to cancel the order.

The case of Dan Halutz and using an IDF general as a scapegoat in order to justify why Israel was defending itself, the same was applied between the Israeli Defense Forces and the Irgun back in 1948.

Next Post to this one I will shed light on the Irgun and Stern groups in relations to Haganah terrorism.

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