Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hell is close to open its gates

Well, if you take a look at the lebanese forces blogs, some of them are asking Hezbollah to bring it on. Ironically, Aoun's people revealed to dominate the Christian street.

So what is going on? Israeli planes flew close couple of days ago and Nasrallah attacked the government for not achieving the national unity issue. Khaled Hdaidi, general secretary of the Lebanese Communist Party, calls for a unified front while the legendary artist after him gives a stalinist speech whereby there is no party but THE party.

Isreal claims that they support the Seniora government but still proceed with all the breaches of the UN resolution 1701. What they do not know (or do they!!) that whenever they do a breach, they are empowering Hezbollah against the 14th of March block. A close eye would reveal that Israel does not want peace with Lebanon even though they ask for it. They always play on the double standard criteria. They attack someone while at the same time demand peace. Hence, they achieve their targets to achieve destruction while in the same time they recieve global sympathy.

Technically, they want a puppet government like they attempted to achieve back in 1982 when they tried to install Bashir Gemayel and all hell broke loose for them. A Seniora government wants to intigrate Lebanon within the WTO and establish close ties with the EU. Israel's problem with that issue is the fact it can't take its freedom like it usually does on daily basis to take tours, as well as the other fact which means the presence of the two Hezbollah ministers and three of their allies. Whatever Seniora does, this gives legitimacy to Hezbollah of which only two nations oppose its legality: USA and Israel.

When Nasrallah failed to pressure Seniora to establish a National Unity Government (due to the fact that the nation is divided politically between 8th and 14th of March) and bring his ally General Aoun, he is escalating things, specially Israel's low IAF planes taking tours strengthened the Hezbollah block. Again, a person wonders do they really want Hezbollah out?

Bush says: ""Any attempt to destabilize Lebanon's democratically elected government through such tactics as manufactured demonstrations and violence, or by physically threatening its leaders, would, at the very least, be a clear violation of Lebanon's sovereignty" and UN resolutions, he said." (link)

Bush from the overseas does the same mistake of Israel. He argues that his administration supports diplomatically, economically, and politically the Seniora government. He also adds if Hezbollah goes to the street to topple down the Seniora government, that is a breach of Lebanese Soverneignty. This is ironic because it won't be only Hezbollah hitting the streets but their allies as well which will include two Christian parties that are the Marada and the Christian dominant party: The Free Patriotic Movement. Hence, Bush is intervening with democracy and the right of people to choose their own fate (something he seems to revise from the reactionary Woodrow Wilson). This statement as well weakens the 14th of March block as well, just as three weeks ago Rice toured the gulf to get support to Seniora's government.

Olmert yesterday declared that as long as Hezbollah has arms, his airplanes will continue to "tour" Lebanon. Again, this explains why probably Olmert wants Hezbollah stronger. Prime Minister Seniora clearly stated that there will be no peace with Israel no matter what happens (although not sure about his allies or even himself how much he meant it). This leads to the fact that Olmert prefers war to peace in a country that is next to his boarder.

There is another scenario for this love-hate relationship as well. Bush and Olmert would keep to pressure the Lebanese internal affairs. Bush argued that he hates anyone who intervenes in Lebanese affairs without noticing that he himself is doing so by setting a criteria who is allowed to hit the streets and who isn't in Lebanon. Hence, he and Olmert think that the more killing takes place (something Bush practiced in Iraq and Afghanistan) of the people by their army, eventually the people would toss Hezbollah in the streets. Bush does not realize that it is not only Hezbollah present in the scene as there are a huge faction of allies supporting the group: whether Christian, Sunni, or even Secular (such stalinist Lebanese Communist Party). Actually the presence of the LCP mocks the allegations of Olmert that Hezbollah is like Bin Laden's group: terrorists. al-Qa'eda and the stalinist Moscow battled for years in Afghanistan, while Hezbollah consider el-Qa'eda a disgrace to Islam (not to forget al-Zarqawi threatening Hezbollah).

Funny thing, Olmert and the United States do not even negotiate with Hezbollah directly because they are "terrorists". Hezbollah did couple of operations two decades ago, well yes, but that was it. The United States and Israel has done massacres without being held accountable. In any case seems the UNIFIL do not think they are terrorists as Nasrallah said: "Many countries taking part in UNIFIL contacted Hizbullah beforehand to get guarantees and we gave them the guarantees they needed," he added." (Just as long as they do not perform their mission under Section 7)

I want to be clear that I am not Pro-Hezbollah, on the contrary, I had my share as a Marxist against Hezbollah, but so I did from the others (the other block). I have been in demonstrations against Israel and Syria because each is doing wrong one way or the other. However, Israel is the more terrorist than Syria since it carries the biggest massacres not only in Lebanon or Palestine, but in the entire region. Let me put it this way, Israel through out the ages has done more crimes than Saddam Hussein himself (another ex-US puppy in face of Iran just like al-Qa'eda in face of the stalinist USSR).

Monday is coming, Nasrallah raised the stakes. Some 14th of Marchers (check out few blogs regarding the issue) think that they can already handle not only Hezbollah but the entire faction. Come to think of it, I understand the hatred from 14th of March to 8th of March (due to assasinations, and the dictatorship of the Syrian Mandate also given as a present to Lebanon from the USA back in 1990 in return of Syria's support in the first Gulf War). Plenty of the 8th of March have been Syrian loyalists, but so were half the 14th of Marchers: whether el-Murr, Junblatt, or even the Future Movement of al-Harriri. When interests collided, then both blocks call for freedom. Due to the assasinations, 14th of March think they can seek revenge on Damascus. The United States and Israel think Lebanon is the key to subdue the dictatorship regime of Syria. Monday is coming soon, what will happen next and will Olmert and Bush keep strengthening Hezbollah?



alon said...

Do you realy think that israel want hezbolla stronger?
this is the diffrent between us, you hate israelis, while israelis don't hate think thta to israel govemant care on your let me say you something -they don't give a shit...they are not responsible on your country anymore...they don't carew about 14 march, or 8 march they only care from israel.

and I have a question to you, I read you blogs for a long time, I always consider you to hezbolla suporter, but you say you are not.
my question is if you support in killing israeli cevilians,to shoot on them rockets?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

if you really don't hate, then you wouldn't go bombing a whole nation and displacing 1 million of its civilians... or of course that is justified...

I do not justify anything, unlike your government (and previous ones since Ben Gurion's) that justify every massacre and every kill. It is your ZIonist racial administration that has to understand that reactions bring forth more reactions... if anything ... join a human rights group and start protesting against the on-going slaughters of the Palestinians----) specially the kids.


MarxistFromLebanon said...

if anything I support regarding Israel is the unity of the Jews and the Arabs (to drop this difference) and unify to overthrow their own rulers...

Hasta La Victoria Siempre

alon said...

From where do you know that I don't protesting already?
I ask you a simple question on hezbolla and you didn't unswer my question?
why there is people in israel who protest againt their govermant but in lebanon I didn't see one person who protest against hezbolla?
I haven't see one post in all your blog that talk on hezbolla, and their killing of innocents...why?
we are not agree on all those issues but lets forget that I am israeli and you are Lebanese.
are you think that its right to attack israeli cevilians witout warn them, to shoot on them rockets when no army base located near them?
if so, why don't you protest against them? against their killing? against this war that they started..against shooting from cevilians towns...don't tell me about israel now...I am talk now on you and lebanon society.
the diffrent start inside all of us..but all what I see here in your blog is blaming and hate to israel...and no I don't hate you, I don't hate Lebanese if you can't believe this so its a big problem to all of us.

Renegade Eye said...

The answer is that Lebanese feel different about Hezbollah, than Israeli's do toward their government.

Israeli's are not a monolith, as our not the Lebanese.

Lebanon was devastated by Israeli bombing. Hezbollah seems to be the symbol of resistance.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Dear Alon, if you are demonstrating then I wish you the best of luck against your zionist government.

But let me point some issues regarding my blog:

1) My name is marxist from Lebanon which means I do not care who is what as nationalities are bourgeoisie and elitest creations to gurantee loyalties. And as a marxist I percieve that people are people no matter what (now of course you should know that if you have been reading my posts).

2) Hezbollah are just a tiny part of the government whereby the majority of the government is supported by the US and its allies. The earlier government, which was pro-Syrian, was ousted out by DEMONSTRATIONS because they were pro-Syrians. (this of course does not mean corruption is gone, simply the power moved from one part to another within the elites) Hezbollah were part of it to avoid a civil war between both factions in Lebanon.

3) In case you read my earlier posts, you would notice that I always refer to Zionist Israel and focus very clearly I use the term Zionist rather Jew because Judaism is a religion while Zionism is an isolationist racist movement.

Now moving along to the topic of Lebanon and demonstrations:

Lebanon has a democratic system based on sects (please review earlier posts called Lebanon, Israel, and Class Struggle + I am about to proceed with the latest chapters this weekend). Hezbollah were regarded as heroes because they liberated S. Lebanon (which remained occupied till 2000) + the prisoners swap (which was done by twice via Hezbollah and the Red Cross which meant whenever Hezbollah attained prisoners, they swaped them) till the latest Olmert and Bush wanted to flex some muscles on Iran but ended up strengthening Hezbollah because they didn't expect to see such a resistence.

Now moving on, I disagree about Hezbollah for being a religious movement intervening within Politics, even though currently through the Free Patriotic Movement, the majority of the Christians support Hezbollah as well because the LEbanese Forces' extreme isolations (close to Zionism at certain movements in History) made them lose grounds.

3) This leads me to point three, we do have demonstrations, heck, we have demonstrations everyday with factions doing "conferences" while their masses go to the streets demonstrating. The Pro and Against Hezbollah demonstrate even though sometimes it gets sensitive, but that is democracy. Afterall HEzbollah represents the largest sect in Lebanon (more than 50%) who were most hurt by the Israelis in specific and the bureaucratic corruptness from the other side (Lebanon). Unlike Taliban, Hezbollah never imposes anything in Lebanon as till now (post-war), their weapons are directed towards the IDF and not the Lebanese or any other. I wouldn't say Jewish becuase they welcomed Neturai Karta, Noam Chomsky had tea with Nasrallah, and Finkelstein was a VIP lecturer inside Lebanon.

5) Hezbollah indeed hurt by-standers, but the number is minimum, and they did warn the residents to evacuate (as well as they were aware that Israeli residents in the North had bomb shelters) when they retaliated. Remember, the more Israel bombed, the more they retaliated. Israel displaced 1 million lebanese and killed over 1200 lebanese civilians in less than a month, excluding the fact that they littered S. Lebanon with 1.2 Cluster Bombs (90% in the last three days), which shows if Israel really wanted Peace, they wouldn't have done all that. Actually, 75 to 81% oppose peace with Israel because they can't just have peace without having Israel accountable for all the crimes against the Lebanese since 1948, and the on-going slaughters with the Palestinians. You see, we are fed up (all of the us marxists) to see Israel proposing Peace and at the same time sending the bulldozers to the Palestinian locations of civilians.

Now moving on, during the war and uncovered by your Israeli (nor CNN) media, Hezbollah broke through the boarders during the war, and actually grabbed hold of a village for an hour... ironically the only two killed were IDF soldiers rather civilians while they could have done a severe massacre.

I regret to see the wars of nationalism break, but the casualties between Lebanon and Israel, the Lebanese would find it awkward to demonstrate for the Israeli by-standers as Palestinians were killed and 1/4 of the population were displaced. At least Hezbollah warned that they will escalate whenever the Israelis escalated, while Israel gave the weirdest warnings (check Regarding Israeli fliers article, this sums up the "warnings" they gave" bomb first then warn after cutting all routes.

I answered your question, but compared to the damage done believe it that Hezbollah are greeted as heroes (which saddens me coze I believe in secular struggle that was pioneered by the Communists prior to the rise of Hezbollah) but the damage inflicted to the IDF, not even the Sadat war did that. So yes, they had demonstrations against them, but not as terrorists but as part of the Lebanese community (well communities) in a democratic fashion.)

You tell me that a whole nation is bombed and held hostage because 2 soldiers were kidnapped (and btw according to Ze'ev the IDF knew there was gong to be kidnapping as the IDF intercepted earlier attempts) so how can Israel be diplomatic if they go berzerk on anyone they want (even the United Nations?)

Hope you will drop by more often,


alon said...

I agree with you in one thing, israel exaggerated in this war, we shouldn't bomb beirut or bridges and stuff.
but you need to remember that like that your people is proud our people is proud also, and they wanted to see the other suffer like them, the govermant of israel is new and weak and it influenced from the israeli public more than the others govemants.

please stop to call me zionist cause you want to insult me.
yes I am zionist and no I am not racist, this is a racist thing to think that all the zionist are racist.
but call me israeli like I call you Lebanese and not arab.
most of the israelis are zionist if you like it or not.

it seem to me that you can't accept that there is other side that doesn't think like you and you start to call him racsit.
if I was racist I wouldn't talk with you.
and my "zionist state" are not racist also like you said.
you know only one side of the israel and you don't know the others side...we are liberal society that accept all the religons and can check that if you want in a real sources.

"Now moving on, during the war and uncovered by your Israeli (nor CNN) media, Hezbollah broke through the boarders during the war, and actually grabbed hold of a village for an hour... ironically the only two killed were IDF soldiers rather civilians while they could have done a severe massacre" I hear also that hezbolla shot down 12 airplanes in this war...if this would true trust me after the war I would heard on this...israel is small country you hear on think before the media, 'cause the soldiers talked on this as anonymous, and tell this to their freinds.
in israel we have in times of war like in U.S censor on the media, but after the war everythink is open..we heard a lot of stories in this war and if this would true, the media were happy to tell us ont this and the army officer would happy too, cause they want to drop this govermant and I.D.F commander "haluz".

hezbolla killed cevilians in purpose, why they shoot on haifa? wich army there is in haifa? rosh pina? all the kibutzsim?
why they start this war anyway?

and this is not matter that you had more the families of the death its doesn't matter.

you said that israel wanted to kill all of you...this is not true..if thay did, so whycthey warned you? in one plan we can destroy all beirut, you seem to me a rational you realy think that israel want all the Lebaneses dead?
forget it is not ethics and against I.D.F rules, this is not good to israel diplomacy and can destroy the relation with the west.
yes we kille cevilian but its a lie to say that we wanted to do this. ( we are not agree on this let's leave this issue.)

we both wrong in this war, you also.
but now all I can say its that you need to do someting to your friends hezbolla...cause I beleive its could happen again...forget israel, think on your future.
israel can accep this war, you can't.
another war like this will destroy you, and as you see nobody care, the arabs countries also.
you need too care from yourself and not for the Palestinians or samir kuntar.

sorry on my english.

Thaer Daem said...


If you think Arabs are your equals, then you would accept that they say as you do: "our people is proud also, and they wanted to see the other suffer like them". You thus legitimize the "Death to Israel" slogan. If you cannot accept the "Death to Israel" slogan, then you do not accept that Arabs behave like you and say "our people is proud also, and they wanted to see the other suffer like them". Therefore you believe of them as less than you, and you as superior to them.

About who started the war; you probably consider Martin Kramer a credible source. He wrote: "It was not the war Iran would have chosen: Iranian strategy would have deployed the coalition at a moment of Iran's own choosing, perhaps closer to the make-or-break point in Tehran's nuclear plans. But Israel preferred to meet the challenge early, launching a preemptive war against Hizbullah's missiles, rockets, and infrastructure."

alon said...

All I said is that you start to hurt in israeli cevilians and then you suprise when we hurt you...we lost in this war 42 cevilians and other soldiers you lost more than 1000 at least 300 from them are hezbolla, you cried to the world that you are not hezbolla, fine...
we offer you peace and you ignored from this offer, in the next round don't be suprise.
israel isn't the responsible of want another round, you will be the real losers, not israel and not hezbolla.

israel live in peace with egypt, jorden and even syria, 'cause they fought with israel a lot of years and they know that they can't defet us and we can't defet them.
so they make peace with israel...why lebanon doesn't want peace? our prime minister offer them peace...
I am not crying here that hezbolla are strong and please, please stop them...we can deal with them.
I only say that when the war will start you can save your crying to yourself 'cause we offer you peace, we even wanted to give your govermant money...and if you realy want to disarm hezbolla, you would do that...I am against all the wars but this is just me, like your country in my country there is also proud people...and guss what they will not let anybody hurt them without suffer.

Angry Anarchist said...

ZzzZZ!! Wake me up when we are done with cliches!! (referring to Alon's post)

MFL - I think you are mistaken in turning this into an 8th vs 14th of march issue; 8th of march pretty much is irrelevant in this context; this is no longer about 8th vs 14th. this is about zu3ama of the 14th of march (warlords and thieves - at their head Hariri, Inc.) and all the means they will use to remain in power. It is wrong to stick to the media-propagated popularist terminology of 8th vs. 14th.

Just my $0.02

Angry Anarchist said...

MFL, what do you say we go down to the anti-government protest with our own leftie/commie/anarchist clique? :D

8th march, 14th march, irrelevant, because they (the media - dominated by Geagea's daily catechisms and sheikh sa'ad's "al-haqiqa min ajl Lubnan" chorus) want you to stay at home or join the demos based on these categorizations. the important thing is to topple this government.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Dear Alon

Whther you like it or not, the state of Israel was established on the blood of the Palestinians. The Brits noted that, so did every single source (including the Jewish ones) so yes... I would call the current status quo as racist in Israel.

Israel is racist by kicking out the Palestinians from their homes. If you read my blog well, the non-Jewish inhabitants prior to 1921 were 91% while the Jews were 9% (with the 2% pushed by the PICA and the World Zionist Movement) under British Protection whenever Palestinians were kicked out.

Second, Zionism was founded by a person who faught the assimilationists. IE Having French Jews or English Jews just has you have English or French Catholics or Muslims.

Herzl said:

"We must expropriate gently the private property on the state assigned to us. We shall try to spirit the penniless population across the border by procuring employment for it in the transit countries, while denying it employment in our country. The property owners will come over to our side. Both the process of expropriation and the removal of the poor must be carried out discretely and circumspectly. Let the owners of the immoveable property believe that they are cheating us, selling us things for more than they are worth. But we are not going to sell them anything back." (America And The Founding Of Israel, p. 49, Righteous Victims, p. 21-22)1895

Actually the Zionists were willing to settle anywhere:

Herzl again wrote:

"[Such resettlement would fail] because when you want a great settlement, you must have a flag and an idea. You CANNOT make those things ONLY WITH MONEY. . . With money you CANNOT make a general movement of a great mass of people. You must give them an ideal. You must put into them the belief in their future, and then you will be able to take out the devotion of the hardest labour imaginable. [For example,] Argentina has a very GOOD SOIL and the conditions for agricultural labour are MUCH BETTER better than in Palestine, but in Palestine they work with enthusiasm and they succeed. I am not speaking of artificially made colonies, but self-helping colonies, which have that great national idea." (Israel: A History, p. 21) 1902

This is the logic of creating the Nationalism ie... regarding Jews a race rather a monothiest religion.

Also Herzl promoted Racism to the Arabs:

"We can be the vanguard of culture against barbarianism." (One Palestine Complete, p. 150) P.47

This is the starters of the view on Zionism, I didn't proceed with Ben Horin, Ben Gurion, Weitz, and the rest of the merry zionists who were imperialists and racists.

But I will highlight a certain school of Zionists that decided to leave by quoting an article from Von Der Hieven Leonhard called Shlomo and DAvid: Palestine 1907:

The exterritorialization of Palestinian soil, togather with the boycott of Arab Labour - supplemented by a boycott of Arab goods when the Jews themselves began to produce goods for sale - inaugurated the "unbemerkte" ousting of tnative population, which Herzl had planned. Intensive Jewish militarizatio, also inteded by Herzl, was introduced in the same year. It was precedded by a sicussion between two youthful Jewish pioneers in the settlement of Sejera. One of them, David, wishe to establish a Jewish so-called self-defence. The other, Shlomo, opposed this. They had returned, he said, to the Land of the Book in order to lead a PEACEFUL life. If they stirred up the Arabs, therewould be no shalom, no peace, ever. David persisted - this was a world in which FORCE AND FORCE alone won rspect.

Shlomo departed, to Paris. David remained. David Ben Gurion."

THe division between the ZIonists led between violent zionests and extremists: known the Revisionists (led by Mr. Validimir J.) who were too extremists and violent toward the Arabs.

I am writing a huge article regarding that topic by the way so I will not spill the whole idea.

Now, you ask me to forget about Palestine, but as a Humanitarian I can't, not since 1923 Palestinians have been slaughtered inside their houses till current day. Second I am a Marxist, you surely also can't expect me to forget about the MEdia Black Out to the region to suit Israel.

Third, Hezbollah have the right to exist just as Zionism has a right to believe. Only difference Zionism dreams of a 100% Jewish nation (while reminding ourselves Arabs by 1950 had their land confiscated under the absentee property law & had letter "B Citizenship" on their IDs.

Moving on, I would agree to the family of the murdered it won't matter; however in terms of ACCOUNTABILITY it does. Israel was behind most of the massacres of the region as well as using banned weaponry. So again, why not look who is behind the dead? Annan said the July war was a war where Children died more than the combatants, well it is true that Israel killed them since only 1 child was killed (still didn't figure out how that child got out of the bomb shelter.)

Again, You tell me to forget Samir Quntar... but the problem is Israel since 1990 has kidnapped citizens and then returned them in a messed up situation, why the Lebanese are not allowed to defend themselves? If you want us to forget about Samir Quntar, then you are asking yourself to forget about the captured soldiers (correct me if I am wrong but the scenario applies both ways). If Israel does not resort to violence, Hezbollah would wither on its own as a non-militant political party.

The peace you offer is we do not need under a Zionist government (with all my respect to your beliefs), specially in the LAST THREE DAYS OF THE WAR MORE THAN 90% of CLUSTER BOMBS were launched amounting to 1.2 MILLION unexploded shells (what love). Second we can't have peace with the on-going slaughters going on in Palestine and neglecting the Palestinians the right to return.

Before having Peace, we prefer to see ISrael admitting how they kicked out a whole nation out of their homes to establish their own (and bringing the Jews abroad?) to establish it.

Second, we want Israel to pay for all its crimes before thinking of anything else. You can't have bilateral peace while you claim you offer peace while you want to dump 2 million civilians into the sea (since Hezbollah's supporters are expected 2 million).

Third, the benefit of your government is to start learning from history EXactly how it happened. See what previous governments have done, ours are not that good, but at least I know its histroy from all dimensions (so I do yours, I got the journals and memoirs of officers from different nationalities.

To be continued


alon said...

I know the history too.
you bring me a lot of facts on my country, my leaders, my idiology but you forget that I can bring you facts also.
what you said its true, but its also one side of the story.
you talk with me on 1923 but you forget the 1929 masscar in hebron.
I know that you know my history more than I know your history (lebanon history) so I will not be petty and start to argue with you who is right and who is wrong 'cause we talk here on history and we can't change it.
I can tell you a lot on the arabs and their leaders, on nazar,hussein, mufati (I don't spell its right) that were imperialistics, murders and stupid also...but I wouldn't, 'cause its generalization, I am not judge you on your leaders like you judge us on our past leaders.
you talk with me on herzel but, hi man, herzel live one century ago...
why you judge israel on their past leaders, this was in diffrent time, antisemitics were in the world, people were imperialistics in their minds, what do you want from me??? why its my fault?
I born here in israel, I have no other place to go, the only way I will go from my country its if someone will expel me out, but I will not let him.

I know we have diffrent opinions, but we need to make compromise sometimes, we don't need to be friend but why to fight.
the only solution you offer me is that I will leave my country and I don't accept this.

last night it was the memory day of rabin murder, the channel 2 showed us the news one our before the murder. it going like this.

hezbolla in the north had killed 2 soldiers.
the palestinians had demonstrateed and threw stones on israeli soldiers.
5 were wounded.
the iranian demonstrated and had burned flags of U.S and israel...I tell you this 'cause I remember this times as the best times in israel history...and I remember peace in this time...I found my self tell to my mother "fucking palestinians" we gave them all we can, we sign with them on aslo agreements and they still send suicde attack... and than I understood that peace is a far dream...

I say o.k. we are nazis, we are evils, racist facist we will give you your lands, take jerusalem, take samir kuntar( I don't know if you know his story),take the west bank,gaza, golan, shaba farms, take ashkelon I hate this city but please let us live in peace...are you accept this offer?
this is my question...

politiques USA said...

Well, if you take a look at the lebanese forces blogs, some of them are asking Hezbollah to bring it on. Ironically, Aoun's people revealed to dominate the Christian street
Hey have you seen my new bullet-proof MERCEDES on Monnot Street in Beirut? :)

Hezbollah has always been financed by Iran anyway, who cares anyway, Lebanon is a "free country", isn't it? :)

politiques USA said...

Long life to Hizbullah.

politiques USA said...

Trust me, I am even pretty sure there are some christians inside Hizbullah since they have been targetted by Israel.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Dear Alon

What do you mean forget history? The present is the reflection of the past, I am sure you are telling me to forget the past in order to make the Palestinians look bad? Or that Zionism aimed to kick out the Palestinians out to establish their homes?

If you want me to forget the past then it is funny because a Zionist never forgot a "home" that existed under a different form 2000 years ago, so do not expect me to forget what happened 55 years ago and till now?

The Oslo peace process was for Israel's benefit rather Palestine because it got recognition from a leader over there (which is illegitimate in the eyes of the majority of the Palestinian people... so is the case with the masses elsewhere in the surroundings).

Then you add the notion that you got no place to go after asking me to forget? Funny thing, as far as I remember that Jews had places to live and work conditions, even the ones who immigrated during WWII (mostly not to Israel except 100,000) while you seem that you do not have a problem that Mr. racist Ben Gurion kicked out the Palestinians after gradually having his buddies (specially Mr. Chaim W.) kicking the Palestinians out of THEIR HOMES? What are you afraid that history would be reversed? Don't worry, most of us are not as racist as your puny media puts it, we are at least demanding the recognition of the bloodbaths carried out on the Palestinians from 1923 - Current.

Speaking of the years, you say the troubles of the early 1920s... interesting, didn't Weissman import 60,000 Jew and kick out the Palestinians (a nice 'innocent' promise he did back in 1919) so of course for a reaction you will have more reactions... your racist movement was kicking anyone who was not Jew (ie Muslim and Christian) out of their homes) and the confrontations were that Muslim and Christian Palestinians were defending their homes... simply practicing their human rights in the face of an invador... you keep failing to mention that part ... hmmmmmmmmm?

Moreove, regarding the 1929 incidents, I find it funny that a ball fight whereby a Jew got killed after three nights tensions (British and American Journalists have exact details) mention that the Jews tried to claim the Aqsa mosque as the remainder of Solomon's temple (till now your archeologists didn't find the remains) and blog out of the blues people who have been for over centuries using this as a prayer (keep in mind that I consider Religion as the Opium of the masses) but in this case the Mosque was used for racial nationalistic ideas and will get type you the minutes of the British and American observants... if you want to open history and I do.

You see, people don't go to burn the flag of Israel out of the blues... they burn it when Israel goes frenzy on the Palestinians and Lebanese. You offer the Palestinians peace and on the same day you send bulldozers to demolish houses... in a tiny land that which cornered the Palestinians... so yes! Expect trouble because you can't just wipe out a whole race and then expect people to sit and watch. That is why I tell you to abandon Zionism and adopt Socialism or any secularist humanatarian ideology, because the world does not react out of hate to Jews but out of disgust to your atrocities.

So none of us Lebanese believe those peace offers, specially you bombarded the hell of Lebanon. BTW, don't say you didn't bomb Beirut because you did, heck 2 Missiles fell 1 KM away from my house, but then you would have a problem with your allies UK and USA. You give us peace offers after leaving 1.4 million bombs unexploded? rather resort to diplomacy... if anyone to be blamed for this war it is you and your superiority complex... because you refuted to resort to diplomacy. Heck, even Ze'ev wrote in Haaretz that your commandship was expecting an offensive because they already intercepted earlier of missile launching. So if you think bomb first then negotiate later then hell no... not after the IDF's pethatic performance of being pawned in the South. You wanted to trigger a civil war, the lebanese stood united, specially you displaced 1 million (25% of its population) while the Israelis just sat in bomb shelters.

As for your warnings, you warned us crap... read the article Regarding Israeli flier... and you would understand... actually most of the fliers were mocking the Lebanese how "mighty" the IDF is and how they are burning Lebanon.

Next time do not be pissed off when you see people burning the Israeli flag because it is your government that has driven some Palestinians to suicidal stages as a last form of resistence and expressing a stand specially some lost all their relatives and homes... so please please drop the hollywood act and stop acting as a victim and say you are giving peace offerings that are totally false. If you give a peace offer, then YOU stick to it first by stop to demolishing palestinian houses out of the blues...

Not to forget that now your new deputy Minister wants to adopt the Russian strategies used on CHichan... how progressive...

Whatever happens, keep thinking that you expelled the Palestinians from their homes first... and caused all this chain reaction...

Enjoy your racist Zionist government...because the US and its media will not forever control the minds of the masses...


Angry Anarchist said...

يا عيني...ألون بلّش يكتب على مدوّنتي...

بس حطّيتُه على "مودرايشون" ... هيك اظبط... مع إنّو عادتاً بخلّيون يقولوا يلّي بدّن وبردّ عليهن بأجوِبة طويلة عريضة...

بس كنت عمبفكّر، منّي مضطرة اعطيُن هال"حقّ" اذا هنّ اساساً ما بيؤمنوا بحرية الرأي والتعبير ...