Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Contradictory Statement by Seniora

Prime Minister Seniora said:

"We want to avoid discord. My presence here [in the government], and that of many others will prevent discord and civil war because even if there is war ... in the end, we will have to sit back together" to settle disputes with dialogue, he said.

"I still have hope, and continue to seek that there will be no street protests," he said. "We are constantly working to prevent the outbreak of any clashes. My presence in office is to prevent strife and to prevent civil war," Siniora said.

For the first statement, these are the following conclusions

1) Seniora wants to remain as a Prime Minister no matter what happens.
2) Seniora wants to prevent a civil, and best way is to remain as Prime Minister
3) Seniora is optimistic that where will be no civil war, but hinted that there is a civil war coming towards Lebanon (?), and even if that happens, he is remaining as PM because it is his "job" to prevent a civil war"
4) He wants to save the country from Regional War (ie the US-Saudi Axis Versus the Syrian - Iranian Axis), but he has been mentioned to have support from Bush Jr. and Bolton, as well as the whole EU.
5) He seriously thinks that his presence in the office will prevent a civil war
6) He seems certain that none of the capitalist blocks are going to back out but is certain that the Shiite ministers are coming back.
7) Seniora is optimistic that a dialogue would solve everything, even if a civil war breaks, even though none of the opposing factions would step down (!?)
8) Seniora opposes foreign intervention but he asked the King of Jordan to bring forth the topic of Lebanon and discuss "issues that interest Lebanon."
9) Seniora's boss, Sa'ad el Harriri, is willing to give the allies of Hezbollah more representative power but below the 1/3 plus in order to demolish the veto power but expects everything will be fine.
10) Seniora's ally, Samir Jaajaa, stated two day ago that if the International Tribunal does not pass via the Lebanese Side, worst case it will pass through the UN Section 7, but again Seniora does not want regional power.

Theme: I just found those points controversial, not that I oppose Seniora alone, I oppose both reactionary camps, 8th and 14th of March, but all these businessmen will not pull backwards on their pressure on each other unless a nice piece-cake sharing formula is fully proposed. Even when Seniora goes out of power, the ones to follow will also demand on the revolutionaries to go and demonstrate against them. Bottom line is: The Proletariat got no one but themselves to unify.


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Renegade Eye said...

Good post.

Syria does what it wants. The Western blogs say it makes no sense at this time, to be involved in an assasination. It can if it wants, just as Putin can. It doesn't need to make sense.

You are correct. Justice can only come with the working class in power, not a religious or nationalist sect.