Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Weird Invitation for the late Pierre Gemayel's Funeral

I got this sms on my mobile phone and it seems it is ciculating through out Lebanon:

"Imagine Wi'am Wahab, Assem Kanso, Nasser Kandil, Sleiman Franjieh, Talal Arslan, Mohamad Fnesh as your new ministers, Salim Hos as your prime minister and Michel Aoun as your President!

Participate Tomorrow and they will stay home!"

Well my comments would be brief... for straters, Mohamad Fnesh is part of the Hezbollah Faction... and 14th of March want him back as a minister actually all yesterday the Shiite ministers were called upon to return for the sake of "national unity".

Assem Kanso is currently President of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. His Party dominated for over a decade the Ministry of Labor. The scarier than Kanso is the return of Assad Herdan as Minister of Labor as corruption peaked and his party got almost zero control on him due to his connection with the Syrian Baath.

Talal Irslain is actually a prince who barely controls druze as Junblatt does. Their competition dates back over a century and they are bot feudal lords. Oh yeah, Irslain used to be a Syrian Loyalist and a minister of state (Syrian Blessing) just as Junblatt was... but Irslan iritates me more. He is currently in Aoun's faction.

Nasser Andil and We'am Wahhab are the ultimate two irritators (along with the 3rd Elias Attallah). These two nagged about Syrian purity of relationships regarding the Baath and used to debate that lebanon was 100% free. Nasser Andil was an MP who made it via Harriri's list. None of them really have a party. We'am Wahhab is promoted by Syrian TV as a national hero. Our fellow Syrian Proletariat are being bluffed by him. He is a mere nobody. Actually he was a minister for a short while during Karami's short lived government. His role actually to speak vulgarly whereby none of the traditional parties would speak (except for Sulieman Frangieh).

Sulieman Frangieh is a vegamond and an ally of Aoun as well. Frangieh also pushed by the Syrians against the other reactionary, Elias Murr, to become Minister of Interior, in his hometown Zgharta, they were celebrating with AK47s and Mag. He tends to be vulgar and yesterday was the first to say what the Baathi newspapers are saying in Syria: It was 14th of March that assassinated Pierre Gemayel to restore their grass roots or push the Christians away from Aoun. In any case, this guy is a disastor. In response to this comment, Sectarian build-up is already present and no March 14th still there. But yes Aoun did lose a lot of his grass root popularity as Ashrafieh residents smashed his pics on the ground or burnt them but not to the extent worth of assassinating Pierre. I am sure Amin Gemayel wouldn't approve of it.

My choice of all those names, it has to be Fnaish and Kanso Since Kanso would be in place of Herdain (as long as Hardain doesn't approach the ministry).

Salim el Hoss is an economist with a PHD. Problem is he was used by Syrians to oppose harriri Sr. Ironically during the Civil War in the 1980s, he and Aoun did seperate governments each claiming to be legitimate. Now the SMS puts them togather.


Anyways, my message is: no matter how many would go down, nothing is solved since the Sectarian build-up is there. One Assassination would remain to trigger this build up. So from me, the first step to solve this crisis is by making Civil Marriage Legitimate in Lebanon to bridge the different sects and weaken the intervention of religious institutions on the Proletariat who come from different sects.


Revolutionary Blogger said...

what is the Lebanese Communist Party position on all of this?

Renegade Eye said...

It was the US, that invited Syria, into Lebanon, including the new Dept of Defense head Gates.

That cell message is quite interesting.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

The Lebanese Communist Party sadly is a stalinist party.

They used to side 100% with all forms of Resistence to Israel. Now they support every inch of Hezbollah politically even though their general secretary Hdaidi invited a unified left, but like all previous invitations, tends to make the LCP the axis of left. The LCP has a rich history of class struggle btw it is sad to see it a bandwagoning party rather a revolutionary party being the vanguard of the Proletariat