Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Open Call From Naomi Klein

An Open Letter From Naomi Klein
(Author of "No Logo" and "Fences and Windows", as well as special guest in The Corporation
I urge all who are horrified by the Israeli government's inflicting of collective punishment on the people of Lebanon to join me in supporting the Sanayeh Relief Center. It is a remarkable coalition of a grassroots activists in Beirut who have rapidly joined together to provide emergency relief to many victims of this human-created disaster.

I have researched their work and feel confident that all support we send is going to the urgent task of distributing basic supplies such as food and medicine to people suffering under the Israeli bombing, including thousands of internally displaced refugees being housed in 32 displacement centers.Virtually the only response from western governments to Israel's sickening decision to wage all out war on the people of Lebanon has been to send helicopters and boats to rescue their own citizens.

Millions of people without such precious passports are left behind without aid, trapped by Israeli bombs that have systematically targeted roads, bridges and the airport.There is no "international community" that is coming to save the day, only our own anti-war networks that we have built in our communities and online. So at the same time as we raise our voices to demand an immediate end to Israeli aggression, we must also offer our financial support to trustworthy, on-the-ground activists like those at the Sanayeh ReliefCenter. In a world increasingly governed by brute force and indifference, the Sanayeh Relief Center is a beacon of humanity and mutual aid, please do what you can to increase its strength. It is a concrete act of peace. "

Naomi KleinWednesday, July 19th


well done comrades and thank you Naomi Klein, I love you.................

From Israel to Lebanon got suspended

Again Zionism reaches full scale of dirty games to cover up their atrocities in Lebanon.

The site www.FromIsraelToLebanon.com got suspended by Zionist pressure because the site was displaying the facts regarding Lebanon. Israeli defence already desroyed the LBC satellite (Christian oriented btw) and now they are eradicating all potential cyber wars against Zionism. We are not allowed to display the truth in our own country.

This censorship is probably the first of many to come. Down with the ZIonist Ideology


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ted Grant Dies: A Marxist Hero

What we witnessed is a great loss for all the Marxists around the world, for one of its great thinkers passes away. Ted Grant contributed 77 years of non-stop struggle for the Proletariat, was a spearhead in combating the rise of Stalinism in England, and special thanx to www.marxist.com, his ideas spread around the world.

Ted Grant was not only a marxist revolutionary, but an expertise in the ideology. His writings in the 1960s for example predicted the current future we are living in due to his mastery of Historical Materialism. Motivator of his readers to direct action and party building in the name of the permanent revolution, the old man always remained young and will always remain young. His analysis in the crisis we are living in is valuable, but even now we lose him, the Whole Ted Grant remains in his writings just as the Whole Trotsky remained alive through his own writings.

Ted Grant spearheaded the battle of what Hal Draper called the emancipation from the above concept (the bourgeoisie logic who claim to be Marxists), and assisted us in Lebanon to face the reactionary Democratic Leftist Movement and to attempt to save the left from the capitalist DLM and the Stalinist Lebanese Communist Party. I am sure half the stalinists are celebrating his death, but the impact of Ted Grant lives, and from his writings we will be able to battle the reactionary left.

At the age of 93, he kept struggling for the working class and raise class awareness. He attended the conferences through out the world, even though then he was 90 years old, and indeed, his name shall be a golden mark at the archives of the marxist legends at www.marxists.org .

Ted Grant, it was my honor to be a contemprary to you and read your articles as you contributed to us at such an age where plenty of comrades would sit and just do "academic" debates. Not this comrade, this comrade kept the fronts going, he was a pioneer on the ideological level, but he was also successful to merge the ideology to action. What is his defence? The Permenant Revolution, long live the Permenant Revolution.

If the war in Lebanon ends, it is our obligation to honor your contributions to us, the comrades, and hopefully we will do a quarter of what you did! Ted Grant, is simply one of the comrades who we as Marxists would raise our head high and be proud to say that we the comrades got people like Marx, Engels, Eleanor Marx, Tony Cliff, Leon Trotsky, Karl Liebnekht, TeD GranT, and the never ending list of such legends. My salutations to our beloved comrade: Ted Grant, rest in peace and I hope that we the youth would follow your footsteps.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre


Friday, July 21, 2006

A spark of Objectivity (eeny weeny) in Israeli Media

At least a better objective perspective from Israel

now if only the rest of the journalists in Israel become closer to that line of objectivity

The Israeli Citizens Live in a Virtual World

Poor Israeli citizens are not aware what is going on in their neighboring land called Lebanon. For starters the title says it all from Haaretz Newspaper: "Four soldiers killed in clashes with Hezbollah; thousands of IDF troops in Lebanon"

For starters, the "thousands" are not present in the Southern part of Lebanon as every time the IDF sent special squads, they got kicked out or massacred while the rest are still standing outside Lebanese Borders. Second if the IDF sent thousands into Lebanon and are already here, surely more than 4 soldiers killed and 9 injured (common sense). Third, all arab and international media confirmed that Israel tried to enter special forces, and they got kicked out. How come the whole media agrees on that, except Israeli media? Wake up citizens.

Then the newspaper reports:

"In the upcoming days, the IDF plans to expand ground operations in southern Lebanon. Next week, more units will be moved to the north, which will enable broader operations against villages throughout the south."

The south was loaded with civilians, and those were killed, so Mr. Olmert check our news and live coverage and count the bodies your terrorist machinary did, I assure you they are over 300.

"Meanwhile, Israeli troops in Lebanon are searching for tunnels dug by Hezbollah militants. According to the IDF, Hezbollah fighters have taken refuge inside these tunnels - often dug under homes in villages - along with their rockets, and occasionally emerge to fire one on Israel."

The Israelis did not manage to maintain stronghold in order to do land search parties on the ground.. The media is pumping opium to their citizens that there is a Vietnam going on over there. This is a classical case where the bourgeoisie (currently the Zionist leaders) are still brainwashing their civilians. I am sure that if the civilians are aware of what is going on, Olmert's government would be flushed into the toilet, specially if the citizens knew that out of the 300 massacred, only two were rankless members in Hizbullah.

This is the funny link


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lebanese 2006 Exodus After 1948 Palestinian Exodus?

The PM Seniora's speech yesterday displayed important statistical facts that the Israeli managed to do only in Eight Days:

1) Over 300 Lebanese was killed
2) Over 1000 are wounded
3) Over 500,000 are displaced

The exodus in Palestine, between December of 1947 up to end of 1948 had a range of 830,000 up to 900,000 (sources differ although the Israelis claim 600,000). In 8 days, half a million from Lebanon are displayed and are undergoing exodus to areas that are temprary "safe", ie not hit yet by Zionist Aggression.


Talking About Israeli Accuracy Against Hizbullah

"The Prime Misnister stressed that Israel will conduct the fight against Hizbullah for as long as necessary to return the kidnappe soldiers..." (Olmert's Office)

This article is from the Middle East Reporter (Wednesday July 20, 2006)


"Two Israeli artillery shells on Wednesday landed inside a compound run by a U.N. peacekeepers in South Lebanon who were sheltering 36 civilians, but no one was hurt, a spokesman for UNIFIL force said. The shells caused material damage to the position in Maroun al-Ras, an area that had seen heavy fighting between Israel and Hizbullah guerrillas during the day. Another Israeli artillery shell landed in the UNIFIL headquarters comound in the Southern town of Naqoura, he said. No one was wounded. In 1996, during Israel's Grapes of Wrath campaign in Lebanon, an Israeli jet struck a UNIFIL compound in the Southern village of Qana, killing 106 civilians sheltering inside (MER 19/4/1996)"

The international media is still silent about those two incidents, because probably it discredits the Israeli Defence Forces and reveals them for what they really are: barbarians.

Marxist From Lebanon

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another Zionist Knucklehead

This idiot/idiots think Lebanon is a hostage to Hizbullah or people want Israel to get rid of them. The author thinks he/she are doing the Lebanese a favor, while I am sure everyone would simply spit on their face.

Such a mentality sadly reflects how Zionists brainwash their citizens, and clearly is asking for a second civil war in Lebanon. In case that idiot didn't notice, that even the government may not agree with Hizbullah, but they are not on the offensive on them, because they prefer national unity. Hell, I do not like Hizbullah, but that does not mean I prefer a Sectarian Party on a Racist Zionist Party. This is the pethatic link

Send those idiots emails they can go to hell! We can never trust a nation that has a racist government (Zionist) and also see the way they treat the palestinian civilians


To The International Community & Citizens of Israel

You all think that poor poor oppressed Israel is retaliating only on Hizbullah sites.

Till now they annhilated a whole set of villages, and if they are so accurate, why the heck they bombed a Church in Rashayia, and sent another bomb next to the Red Cross in Zahle?

To the Jews of Israel, you have nothing but to blame your racist zionist government that puts your minds in a certain 7th Heaven world, check out why all this is happening. BTW, not that I am in support of Nasrallah (duh, I am a Communist), but till now Nasrallah did not use the term Jewish, rather ZIonist in seperation between Jewish (as religion) and Zionist (the racist ideology that stresses on Jewish Nationalism. Go and question your zionist government. If this is the life you feel as "oppressed", what psychology you expect from the Palestinians who live 5 times more humilated than you, your armies entering their houses and kicking regular civilians out (naturally this gonna generate the hatred towards you). Blame your government, question them, research their backgrounds, and above all do not stick to a single source. Kick those racist governments that accumulated and have that Secular government rather Racist.

No War But Class War


Two Sites regarding Activism in Lebanon



These two sites update you on the situation in Lebanon, special thanx to our leftist comrades in the line of duty. Please spread the links around and assist them as much as you can. Good luck all!


To The Israelis Hiding Under Bomb Shelters

You hide from few falling shells while all your allied international media keep placing the picture of the old woman crying for her house. Welcome to the introductory course of our world.

We have no bomb shelters as planes and ships bomb us constantly, and kill our food supplies and infrastructure, while worse of all: more than 150 killed...but of course these are not belonging to your "superior race" where only the woman's house appears in Haifa (that never belonged to you Israelis in the first place). We only sit and pray that the next shell does not hit us (even though the Israelis argue they are targetting Hizbullah sites).

If you think that refugees and overpopulated streets in the less bombed areas while shortages is hell, guess again. You are living in a blessing under those smooth safe bombshells.

This is our new hell life, while people are sleeping in the gardens and streets because their houses were demolished. Their lives is no hell compared to the ones in Palestine who face three times things worse than us .


Monday, July 17, 2006

Who is the bully? Israel or Lebanon?

I was reading different forums on people saying how the Israelis are bullied. Let us shed some light on that:

1) Israel owns nuclear heads and prohibited weaponry
2) Israel used those weaponry on Lebanon, the United Nations will probably do nothing, Bush will say it is self-defence.
3) Israel annhilated the lebanese infrastructure, and worse, civilians died, exceed 125. They say they are saving privates.
4) Israel switches its opinion about the soldiers and demands the disarment of Hizbullah also.
5) Israel says that the government has no control over Hizbullah, but continues to bombard the whole government and blames the Lebanese Government.
6) Israel forgets that they tried to impose a muppet government back in 1982 - 1983 while they were in Beirut, and committed Atrocities that ended killing 85% lebanese citizens while they aimed to annhilate PLO (funny thing to Sharon then that Arafat was the Prime Minister next to him).
7) Israel kidnaps a huge percentage of Members of Parlaiment and Ministers in Palestine and expects the Palestinians to give them flowers.
8) Israel got over carried away as they are targetting refugee buses, and more civilian houses in Lebanon through Air Raids, that are more accurate. Something that Natanyahu was hailing in 1996 accuracy, then they bombed the UN shelter in Qana. This means they deserve International Court for all the exterminations they did. In Qana, a trial from UN security council that took years, ended up with a small monitory penalty, and USA threatened Lebanon with boycotts if they carry on with it.
9) All the G8 summit can say: Israel got carried away, and they "hope" that they can self-constrain themselves, while people are killed and Israel gets away with it.

Israel bullied the whole International Community instead of allowing the International Community to do the bargaining (not that they care) Well done, o racist Zionists!


Israel, USA, and free thinking

Stayed awake till 4:00 in the morning. The site of the four kids in Tyre was too horrific to sleep afterwards. What is to expect from a racist army called the Israeli Defence Army? Any non-Jew is a B-Citizen in their "State". Funny thing, Israel never mentions that Palestine by 1920 had 9%, while the last two% increased the last two years. The Brits thought they can keep the Jews in their "national home", but the collapse of their empire as well as the Switch of the Zionists to alliance with the United States had their plans messed up. The issuence of the White Paper post the Palestinian insurrection (1936 - 1939) proves that the British admitting their failure. The creation of such a country, while Ben-Gurion following the "clear spaces" in order to build settlements on previous owned Palestinian homes proves their madness, and they got away with it. When the Partition was issued by the UN, and the UN seems to forget that they had one of their martyres, the Count Bernadotte, Zionists were only a minority in their Jewish part of Palestine.

Forgetting Palestinian history and moving to the current stats (as I plan to tackle their history in details), I just ask how the Zionists hail accuracy and they are comitting such terrible deeds. Why the CNN does not display the death of these children, rather put how a Jewish family is terrified or express fear from the future. I have no problem they put that, but objective journalism is covering both sides of the coin. In such a case, the coin is tilted and uncovered.

The United States in majority are in favor of defending blindly Israel and justify its acts. They do not know how the Haganah massacred Christians blindly all over Palestine in 1948, except the Galilee, and they were treated as a Class B citizens while most of their homes are confiscated.

United Nations, that is supposed to help humanity refutes to welcome refugees in the South.

Do the US citizens still speak of democracy? Are they allowed to? They do, but their democracy is what the late Edward Said would call Orientalism. The imposing of values on races that sound inferior, only their money and business is Internationalist, despite race, gender, religion, and color.

It is funny come to think of it that the USA preaches Free Trade, while it is the most protective nation ever. Those "democratic" end up most protectionists while the Third World has nothing but to open its borders to the WTO.

I know I drifted apart, but the whole world is meaningless now after seeing those children burnt alive, or the Red Cross members massacred by the Israeli in the line of duty.

Only time will tell when this Lebanese genocide would stop, not with the bourgeoisie striking nice business deals on the back of those proletariat. What about the people died?


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Go Vote!!!


112 died according to the Ministry of Health in Lebanon
Question in CNN if Israel is justified in its aggression: go vote no unless you believe in the death of 30 children

Send this to your friends to vote also


To our President Emil Lahhoud

While giving us social lectures, without replying to anything, he did not reply to zilch. He accuses the media to create a struggle within Lebanon, not that he is a part in it.

Theme is: He was saying that all Lebanese should be in solidarity, they should open their houses to the refugees from our beloved South and Dahhieh. I ask him: why he does not open his gigantic palace where he can fit at least 4000 refugee (since the poor families are being over packed in a room). Why he does not if he is so worried about the refugees.


Assisting Refugees

While googling, I read some of our comrades are assisting the refugees in a most remarkable manner. I in person hail their efforts and courage (unlike the DLM) who just issue remarks how "leftists" they are.

For those who want to assist a secular left-wing movement to assist our hard working comrades, or even donate anything for the poor refugees in Beirut (if not willing to volunteer), please contact:

Bassem: 03 670783
Ahmad: 03 370362

I do not know them, but heard of their efforts... good luck comrades and hope I will join you.


Beirut = Stalingrad ?!

I was watching LBC, and the journalist said that Beirut = Stalingrad? Is it? Let us dwell on this togather, and I would like to see feedback on the issue.

First of all, the citizens of Beirut are sitting ducks with no means of fighting back. Stalingrad witnessed one of the greatest clashes against the Nazis (along with Korsk). The Russians still had some means to retaliate on their land, while hand to hand combat was the name of the game.

Second of all, Beirut's people are sitting and praying not to be hit, while a single party rather a nation is doing the war. In case of Stalingrad, it was the official government that declared it, even though controlled by a single dictatorship party (more or less Stalin himself, the one man show).

Third of all, Beirut's people have no means but be (whether they want to or not) human shields to Hizbullah. Stalin on the other hand shoved the people to the army to fight, with the no retreat command. (ie whoever turns back is shut by the "Red" army.)

Fourth, the "Red" army was threatened to keep hold in Stalinrad because it was in then name of its Tyrannt (and that blows Lenin's concept of opposing Iconization) by all means possible. Plenty of the Red soldiers were sent to their doom, without any logic. Over here, Beirut is being bombarded like no tomorrow, but still concentrated on issues when it comes to Beirut (can't say the same about the poor people of the South). The question is what targets next after the Dahhieh is reduced to rubbish and ashes.

Fifth, the Nikkita Khrucheve said that 82% of the Red Army's technology was merged with US technology (Khurcheve Remembers, Rochenko), while over here our army is being just slapped with no means to fight back. The army was able to fight.

Sixth, Israel fights an unfair war, or at least minimize their military losses as much as possible by using long range bombardment from Air and Sea. The Red army relied on Snipers to snipe out key generals and Nazi heros. Now, no retaliation occurred on the IDF and IAF, since we can't do any retaliation or at least minimum retaliation. The only retaliation is the Hizbullah from the South.

Seventh, Stalingrad never fell, Beirut fell in 1982, even though the IDF lasted 6 days and ran away from our area at least: Ras Beirut due to excessive. Currently they are not even doing that. Stalingrad had to last, for its name after that Hypocrite. Beirut's reistence has zilch against long range weaponry. Hand to hand combat proved to be effective against IDF (when the Israelis attempted to enter from the Horse Arena) and were massacred. Currently no risk at all.

Even though Stalingrad was ruined to ashes it stood, the Israelis can easily eradicate Beirut without any resistence, of course in words of Shimon Perez: "We are defending Israel." This bombardment is an attempt to force the Lebanese to capture Hizbullah and deliver them to the USA, that is not the case. This is a direct invitation to a civil war, with Hizbullah's organization much more than the army (excluding the fact that Nasrallah has several supporters from the Army and pro-Syrian parties that still retain their weaponry).



Me and Lebanon: Now and Then

Then referring to my child hood, now I refer to current time


We never had TV, except on few occassions. The phone we never used til 1986, and used to wonder what this cute machin with numbers was doing there. We used to read a lot Asterix and Obelix, played football when it was not raining bullets and shells and so on. We never were bored although we rarely used to have electricity (till 1987 I used the elevator for the first time)


We have TV, Cable channels, Internet, cellulars, and laptops. We have can access everything, yet we are bored in the houses as we horrificly see the people of the South suffering from a Mass Genocide


We used to sleep 5 people in the same room, gathered in my brother's room watching the tiny local channels through a black and white TV linked to a battery.


We access the world through Internet or Cable (unless electricity gets knocked out)


I was raised to think there was one school day and three no. I thought that the envirenment was that way, to see people die. I was four when someone recieved a bullet in front of me. I never bothered then, because that is how I saw the world. The world of hiding, betting with your friends who stands longer on the balcony while the area is being shelled, and laugh at those funny figures on TV.


I am over-stressed that a shell would strike my place, the battleship does not allow us to sleep. I hate the State of War envirenment that I witnessed, and eventually I follow the news every second and carefully follow up what each political figure was saying in this country or the other side of the World. I get tired and sad to see all those people die. I get even more angry when idiots celebrate that "they died martyres for the good cause". Can they say that face to face to their relatives? I directly jump from the balcony as soon as I hear an airstrike or an airplane hovering. I just think from where I go to from now in this dark future. I worry about every relative, friend, and comrade. I can't sleep from this anger.

This is the politicians' game. Not that I like Mao, a Stalinist figure (a la Chinese Nationalism of Agriculturists), but he said a smart quote with the meaning of Politics is War without Weaponry, while War is politics with weaponry. Today, I can't figure out where is the politics (well logical sense) except that it is political gains as I explained few blogs earlier.

To the fallen ones, my tears and grievances
To Their relatives, I am so sorry that we the left wing let you down and couldn't be organized to assist you, o great working class
To the comrades, we need to be organized
To the right-wingers: stop making money and political gains on the poor people and the Proletariat.


Very Funny (Not!!)

Funny Thing, the Israeli made it clear that they will not bomb civilians, and they did bomb couple of vans carrying citizens in it.

Funny thing, you take a look at the street, you actually see people celebrating Hizbullah's "resistence" and claim that Israel is doomed. I can not think how couple of Katyioshas, and few others can annhilate a whole entity.

Funny thing, the legendary Arab Summit ended by handling everything to the UN Security Council, who totally condemned Lebanon without any capability to pressure on Israel to calm down.

Funny Thing United Nations refused refugees of a village on the borders and Israel gave its residents 1 hour to clear, they only had the UN peace enforcers, and refused to welcome them. If the United Nations is like that, then what to expect?

The whole world has gone crazy. Dispersed Southerns argue they are with Nasrallah then they hit the shelters.

My Friends outside (specially non-Lebanese) keep refering to "bomb us and we shall remain standing" or "The more you bomb us, the more our heads are up", and they are non-Lebanese and not even living Lebanon. Personally I would like to put them in Tyre, Marwaheen or Tibneen.

A missile hit Syrian boarders, both Syria and Israel clear each other's acts. Syria says the target was in Lebanon, while Israel says that they are not targeting Syria.

President Lahoud sits in a fancy palace and hails Resistence while Aoun disappeared into thin air while unleaching his goons to save his image.

3amo Seniora: Still Waiting for Godot err... President Bush to pat on your shoulder it is alright?

This has gone too far

Another twist of events, hopefully we stay alive till tomorrow becuase another two shots came from the Israeli Battleship


Interview with a Survivor of the 1948 Exodus (My Mother)

Appendix: Interview with a Survivor of the Ramli Exodus
(Benny Morris’s Third Wave)

The following interview is with a daughter of a pharmacist and a municipality in Ramleh. His wife, who was in 1953 Vice President of the Women’s Arab Palestinian League, which was active on varieties of activities. These people are survivors of the Exodus. The daughter will answer some questions concerning the exodus, and sheds light as a case study from the eyes of a survivor.

What do you remember of the Exodus, since you lived it in 1948?

“It was in March 1948, when we left the Lydda Airport, and we arrived to Beirut. My father left us in Beirut, after renting a house, and returned to Ramli because he did not want to leave his homeland. He kept visiting us from time to time. When Ramli fell in 1948, and its people were forced to walk from Ramli to Ramallah, my father was in Beirut visiting us. He knew that Ramli fell to Israeli hands, and I remember it very well, because it was like a funeral to us. My father and mother kept crying, and one of my older sisters: “Are we poor? How can we survive?”.

Did you hear of the enforced exodus on Ramli?

“We knew directly when we saw our parents crying, and during this time, two of my uncles, who were refugees, came from there, and lived with us. We were about 30 people in an average house. We furnished bed sheets everywhere, in the kitchen, and in the living room. I was seven years old, but we were too young to think about our fate, but I knew that my father left his degree from the Syrian Protestant Collage (Currently American University of Beirut), and everything there. I remember very well the shock of them talking that there is no longer a home to return to. Afterwards, so many of our relatives arrived, from those who survived the terrible march to Ramallah. They told us that the Israeli Army placed a large sheet on the ground, and forced the women to throw their jewelry and accessories in it before leaving, which left them with nothing that may have a value to sell in the future. They robbed everyone before starting the great march.”

What did you hear from the survivors of the great march from Ramli to Ramallah

“Many children and sick people died with no proper burial. The Israeli soldiers never allowed them to perform a proper funeral, the marching refugees used to cover the deceased’s face with a handkerchief or a small sheet. The ones who underwent the Exodus were actually the women, children, and the elders in a most brutal manner. The young were detained in Ramli, and one of them was my second cousin. They took away there weapons, and then imprisoned them. They were tortured later, and then afterwards they were used as exchange prisoners."

Your Second Cousin was detained, and why is that for?

"My cousin "hidden name" was his name. He was in the military informal command for the defense of Ramli against the Jews. He was wounded in the battle for Ramli, and I remember they operated on him (the Red Cross), without pain relievers. Being blond with blue eyes, one of his Jewish friends, after six months smuggled him to Ramallah, by hiding him in the Red Cross vans.

Do you remember anything on the encounters of your cousin against the Israelis?

“We avoided talking to him about the topic because it brought bitter memories of a lost home, fortunes, relatives, and friends. All he mentioned was that the King Abdullah of Jordan said that they should resist and the next day they will receive re-enforcements. In the same evening, Ramli fell.”

It is funny because history mentions that Ramli, twice blocked an Irgun invasion, and the King never arrived, didn’t your cousin suspect Arab treason?

“All we remember that our surviving relatives kept saying that Palestinian tragedy was an Arab treason within plenty of other Arab treasons.”

What about those who arrived to Lebanon, how did they manage to live?

“The ones who were educated, they started working with the same rights the Lebanese, while the poor ones lived in camps relying on Arab aid, and they kept hoping that they will return back. Actually till now, a lot still have the keys to their houses over there in the hope that they will return back home.”

What about the camps and your mother working with them, anything happened over there?

“Many groups and delegates used to visit people from Europe in the camps. One day, members of the British Parliament were visiting the Sabra camp, and my mother was one of the escorts/guide through out the camp. She was explaining to them the bad situation in the camps, when she told them: ‘if you do not find a solution to these poor people, in few years to come, you will find the Red Flag rising over all the refugee camps.’ The British MP looked her with a smile, and replied: “They will never become Communists, they are all Muslims. Their religion will not allow them”. He was rather confident about it, and I think currently it is their imperial view during the mandate over our homes before 1948. I remember in a funny way my mother coming back to the house in Beirut and swearing at him, and bad mouthing his entire family. I was proud of her that she tried to help the refugees who had fathers being sick, children with tuberculosis, and so on to assist them, and he with his sarcastic smile as if answering her: ‘Those? Communists? That is a joke.’”

Any last words you want to say concerning the topic of Palestine or the Exodus?

“Currently, it is a lost case, we had some hopes when Abdul Nasser came, but now, it is a lost case.”

Friday, July 14, 2006

Hell Breaks Loose in Lebanon

3 days ago, Lebanon's situation switched 180 degrees.

Hizbullah captured 2 soldiers in an operation against an Israeli tank, and demanded a swap between Lebanese (as well as Arab) swap for these two prisoners. Israel, following US policy, refuted to deal with them, and beseiged Lebanon, under the title of "No bargaining With Terrorist Groups." (Funny thing is they struck a deal 2 years ago for the prisoners exchange in return for Israeli corpses).

The Zionists found that chance a perfect opportunity to first demand the return of those 2 soldiers (Hollywood style: bring our boys home, saving privates X and Y...etc). Second, Israel demanded that the Lebanese should disarm Hizbullah under resolution 1559, ie welcome to another civil war. Third, Israel then escalates to beseige Lebanon and bombard it to teach Lebanon a lesson. Four, contradictory to the third, they said they are hunting Hizbullah. Fifth, they threw fliers saying that they will not target civilians, although at least 48 died during their raids/heavy mortars.

Hizbullah's leader, who currently is refered to as "Sayed" and "Omnipotence" (both words combined), said that Hizbullah were waiting for the perfect chance to undergo such an operation, the chance came and they did it. Funny thing is, that whoever objects to his tactics, those people are against the "resistence". Then he says that he wants to liberate as much from Israeli camps, later he wants to liberate three prisoners 2 of them belonging to the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and the Lebanese Communist Party (Skaff and Quntar). Then he says that he will take full responsibility of whatever happens. Then what about the 50 people killed in Lebanon?

Today is day three of Israeli aggression and retalion. So far, according to Annahar:

50 died (and may add one, because another person got killed in the Zahrani Area)
Over hundred are wounded.
The Port of Beirut us losing 300,000$ per day, while the Airport loses 5 million due to lack of using its facilities. Luckily, Middle East smuggled its Airplanes to Jordan (rather I should say allowed).
Bush commentated that he blames this in Syria, for causing "Terror" to Israel + weakening the position of a lebanese legitimate government (he forgot that there are Hizbullah in that government). New TV say that PM Seniora called Bush, LBC say Bush called Seniora... I will take LBC's position. Al-Manar TV pictures people hailing Hizbullah (so far for journalistic objectivity), and New TV crew recieved a missile (New TV is pro-Tahhseen Khayyat, Arab Nationalist, and a capitalist bougeoisie who just leeches on his workers).

Moving along, yesterday I had a funny incident, I was watching the news, then I came back to continue it. Suddenly I saw the people in Israel, even though they did not "have it" severely as in Lebanon, but that reminds us that People are people no matter where you go, and it is bourgeoisie politics that kills the Proletariat.

Syria on the other hand, benefited a lot. Lebanon's touristic season was shattered to pieces in the amidst of International Festivals. 12,000 tourists fled to Syria yesterday, and their arch-enemy 14th of March are cornered to defend the "resistence." Suspicions go to Syria to ignite the area, since it bankrupts the economies, plus it gives them the excuse to return militarily to Lebanon (at least Beqaa Valley) for security reasons, since Damascus is not that far from Lebanese Borders. Actually, if Israel progresses from the Golan Heights in Syria to Damascus, the route of Beqaa valley from Lebanon to Damascus is easier. Whatever the situation it is, it is a win - win situation.

Is it 100% Win-win situation? Not entirely, if 14th March succeed through their ties to the French and United States to calm the Israelis, all this Fiasco would back fire on Syria and its allies, even though the supporters of Hizbullah (the real balancer of power for Syria's supporters in Lebanon, would preserve their fanaticism in the name of sectarianism and "sect survival". Resistence is not really the issue, since plenty of resistence groups were present, ironically Syria exterminated their resistence cards because they were secular. Historically, in 1990, Syria stressed to allocate resistence strictly for Hizbullah, while the Lebanese Communist Part (And Order for Communist Work) as well the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (fascists) were the secular part, in order to divide Lebanon into these two equations:

1- Pro-Syria = Pro- Resistence = Good Muslim (even though some christians and druz support Syria) = Good Citizen
2- Anti-Syria= Anti-Resistence = Fanatic Christian = Anti-Palestinian =Zionist Agent = Traitor

These two formulas kept Lebanon divided during their reign.

What about Hizbullah's "great ally" and potentially "the already next president", the ever lunatic General Aoun? Well, he disappeared into thin air, and all he said that he didn't know about Hizbullah's operation. Aoun himself is full of contradictions, as the Congress used him to issue the Syrian Accountability Act in 2002, and he himself promoted Syrian occupation and the fact Hizbullah are a Class A terrorist group (actually it was Armitage who was the first to label them that). Now he is their ally, and indirect supporter of Syria.

Lebanon's infrastructure is being bit and bit dismantled, as the airports are being bombed, and its bridge are dismantled. The people expected that the Electricity plants would be bombed first, strangely they did not. I had a sneak view as I saw the Israeli Navy Fleet going past beirut to Tripoli. Diplomats of all nationalities are issuing evacuations commands.

What is the fate of this tragedy? Already 51 civilian died (including the military youth who is doing his service in the army. The army always promotes a person one or two ranks when killed). Racism to the Jews escalated as people more and more do not distinguish between Zionists and Jews and regard them as one. Proletariat from both sides are suffering, and again this is the name of the political game.

Hopefully no more people would die, and the terrible memory of the Qana massacre (which we saw it live after 2 minutes back in 1996). Hizbullah and Israel have a showdown. Whoever submits to the other, will lose credibility. Israel got the upper hand for now. Lebanon has its ties to the States through the 14th March, but the ties are not enough to safeguard Lebanon from Israeli Aggression. Funny thing that as Minister of Media Areedi was talking about Israel respecting the blue lines/boarders, missiles were fired from Lebanon to Israel and Israeli Air Force was flying into Lebanon to do another raid (lost count of the number of raids).

Hopefully we all will remain alive
No War but Class War


Monday, July 10, 2006

Quote of the Day

To the DLMers and LCPers ,

"A Lie Told Often Becomes the Truth" ~ V.I. Lenin

Application of Twist of Political Lines (1982-1984)

This goes in details with the previous blog, where things took a different twists to the extent that even the Israeli Defence Forces and the US Marines almost shot each other.





Sadly, even those soldiers in the US marines had to pay with their lives to attempt to satisfy the white house's greed. Everyone suffered...


Friday, July 07, 2006

Lebanon, strangest Political lines

Let us, first few executive members of the Democratic Leftist Movement started nagging that Lebanese issues are Lebanese, and Palestinians chose their fate. Suddenly, they decide to do a concert for Palestinians (out of the blues).

Closer look, you will see that they are in allegiance to the Lebanese Forces and Phalangist Party, that were responsible for huge massacres towards the Palestinians, and demanded unified Lebanon, but under Maronite Sect rule.

These two were allied to Hizbullah and Amal Movement, who (specially the former) are the spearheads for the biggest sect in Lebanon, the Shiites in last elections that passed.

These two Shiite parties were comrades in Arms to Walid Junblatt under the Syrian rule and last elections, whom more than once labeled him traitor or greatest patriot.

Junblatt and his "Socialists" were head to head in the war in huge massacres against Lebanese Forces, but currently him, LF's head Samir Jaajaa, and ex-President Amin Gmayel are best friends.

Amin Gmayel was in allegiance to Aoun who was exiled into a five stars palace then broke up after Aoun returned.

Aoun was responsible for the initiation of the Syrian Accountability Act (sort of the village buffoon for congress), who returned under the logo to liberate lebanon, but ended up in alliance with all Syria's allies, such as the Syrian Nationalist Party, Marada, Amal and Hizbullah. Actually he before his return that Hizbullah is a terrorist group. Now Aoun and Nasrallah are best buddies.

Nasrallah who is currently in alliance most with Berri of Amal Movement, had his party attempt to annhilate Amal Movement three times, but ended up loving each other due to Syrian factors.

Berri was in alliance more than once with the late ex-PM R. Harriri, and actually the Future Movement (Business Movement) paved way for him to earn chairs. Berri, last elections supported the newly beloved Lebanese Forces and Progressive "Socialist" Party movement against Aoun, who if he supported Aoun in the first place, Aoun would have won in the Baabda - Alley region.

Aoun also defended on "Teachers Demonstrations" on telephone to an NBN debate, the lebanese members of the Baathi regime. The Baathi currently love Aoun, and provided him with green and yellow colors to wave. Aoun was chicken scared to return when the Baathi Syrian Army was in Lebanon. He waged war on his ex-boss, Amin Gemayel and his allies.

Amin Gemayel and his allies brought Aoun back from France, and actually travelled to France and gave him the white and red opposition ribbon. Aoun prefered to get the support of the Syrian Nationalists.

The Syrian Nationalists were in alliance with Hizbullah, who attacked their comrades during military operations against Israelis.

The Israelis were allied to the Lebanese Forces and had indirect contacts with the Syrians before the signature of the peace treaty in Tel Aviv between Israel and Egypt. The relationship between Syrians and Israelis were against the Palestinians.

The Palestinians were in alliance to the Lebenese Communist Party, Amal Movement, SSNP, and so on (during Arafat's days in Lebanon) who was saved alive by the American Diplomat Phil. Habbib, who was a Lebanese Maronite origin and left to Syria afterwards.

Syria later kicked out Yasser Arafat out of Triboli with the assistence of an opposing faction of the PLO in Triboli. Funny thing is, Jaajaa and his wife decide to admit about the Palestinian Cause, and glorify the late George Hawwi as most respected person who remained in Lebanon.

George Hawwi in Harb Lubnan was pissed off to see the a Syrian Nationalist member assasinate Bashir Gemayel because he wanted to shoot him himself. Now Jaajaa walked in his funeral along with Junblatt, who (along with Jaajaa) are responsible for the destruction of plenty of lives in Mount. Lebanon.

Junblatt, who despised the Syrian Nationalists, opened vacancies more than once to the Syrian Nationalist Party, who in return lost a lot of members butchered brutally when they were in the same axis during the war against the Israelis.

The Syrian Nationalist currently is in alliance with those who tend to market themselves as defenders of Palestine Cause, the Amal Movement, who butchered most in the Palestinians (almost equally to the Ahhrar, Philangist, and Lebanese Forces combined).

The "defenders of Palestinian cause) also allied with the Lebanese Communist Party (along with Junblatt) and butchered in their members, and afterwards allied again on a lot of scenarios.

Elias Attallah was supposed to be a hard core Communist who is willing to sacrifice his life for the Communist Cause, ended up the coffee barrier to Saad el Harriri.

(so on so on so on)

So in the end, why the bloody Proletariat mostly had to pay the price for the deals and agreements of those military figures, and what is worse the by-standers got killed/shot for theigreed, while the leaders remained on the top and still switch alliances due to "tactical reasons".

This Lebanon, the land of leaders, and the oppressed fooled by their leaders.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Palestine Bleeds

Of course, the whole world is moved by the captured Israeli soldier, even the Arab leaders, while pictures like these are forgotten:


I have no problem with Jews, I have problem with Zionists.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Quota and the Parliament

For the past three weeks, our "friends" or currently known as "Defenders of the WTO" have reached a new level of blunders. MP Elias Attallah's machinary have been advocating the imposement of the Quota on the Parlaiment which, in case the proposal is implemented, should have potentially 50% women in the parliament as a minimum quota to represent not only the lebanese, but also gender. Their second arguement is that it imposes empowerment on women to be active in the domain of politics and will create a domino effect of empowering women against oppression in the arab Lebanon.

There are plenty of problems with such an idea, and these problems are multi-layered, even though their logic is "better to have this rather than nothing" is totally illogical, but that is what to expect from someone who believes in the principal of "Emancipation From Above" (elitest way) rather mass-oriented. These are the following flaws starting from the general and going down to the specific:

1) Non-Existence of Leftism in the Movement itself except by name:

The Democratic Leftist Movement does not believe in mass-orientation. Their executive committee members clearly expressed that there is no change by mass oriented, or what they call as "living in a dream" syndrome. Their concept is to pledge allegiance to the right-wing, win a chair in the parliament, and change from the top. I do believe Karl Liebnekht's experience when he was a syndicate marxist revealed democracy in its reality when he spent his time in a cell, during the war. The problem with the DLM's logic is that mass-orientation is outdated, and "unleftist". I totally recall that every left-wing doctrine aims towards the masses and towards their emancipation, otherwise it is not leftist at all. The question goes to them: "How can you achieve leftist goals in the parliament when the majority, including your direct allies, are right-wing." In defecto, seeking left-wing goals damages the interest of the bourgeoisie, who currently is MP. Saad Harriri, the person who opened vacancy to our coffee-barriers within "14th of March" to run with them. The "why" he allowed them to participate would require another post.

DLM's proposals such as the quotas are proposed by them occasionally, and they know they would be refuted, but their followers would brag, we bring leftist goals to the parliament. Totally contradictory. Going a bit detailed, they propose such proposals because they are ideologically bankrupt. One of their leaders was celebrating the beauty of DLM of not having any ideology, and to such a claim we reply: "On what basis you are leftist if you lack the ideology?" Setting goals does not make a person leftist, for that, the Democratic Party in the United States can be labeled as leftist. Such proposals divert attentions to the real problem, the existent capitalist system with all its glitches, + its interaction with its surroundings brings forth such discrimination. Those discriminations toward women (already did a post on that issue) are due to residues of interaction with envirement and capitalism that oppressed women (primarily labor value theory + the rise of private ownership). Tackling the system from above is totally wrong, if they think they are doing any serious change to Lebanon's drastic bourgeoisie society merged with residues from the feudal times.

2) Ditching the point of being Leftist

Since those "leftists" lack the means or even as far as the intention to enter the class war (which they celebrate as non-existent), they tend to pay lip service in an attempt to even propose something. MP Elias Attallah went to S. Harriri's in a flick of a second couple of days ago, because it is not "strategic alliance" because it is S. Harriri who keeps Elias's puny movement alive.

Since they refute to emancipate women workers into awareness of the class struggle, (and as well as defending the WTO which made women even more oppressed than before with wages worse than the wages during Karl Marx's times), they think that such a proposal will really do a change. My assumption is if they are successful, nothing would have changed. Women from bourgeoisie traditional families would run into elections against each other and based on their region and sect (after all the Sectarian system presides), so it would be funny to see Ms. Beik Jumblatt going against Ms. Sheikha Irslain. The women in parliament are not emancipated, but rather they would be voted based on what their husbands/allegiance represent. Hence the sectarian electoral system would still stand, so would the regional divisions, and so would the capitalists who would make money on the expense of the proletariat.

3) What to do about that Quota?

Nothing wrong with that if you are right-wing like our friends over here, the merry DLMers sitting above Hawa Chicken woods. To a leftist, it is 100% wrong. For starters, the concept of merit has been annhilated, since the system has been already not functioning correctly. Only now, they want the system to remain non-functional, but with the wives/women maximizing profit as well in this bureaucratic muck. What if for instance 70% of the female candidates (or vice versa) running deserve to be in the parliament? Only 50% to be accepted, while let us assume that the male candidates have zero worth running for.

The concept of inequality has also been breached, other than encouraging bourgeoisie women to be in control along with their party blocks and maximize profits on the expense tax payers (which already going to the ones sitting on their chairs), they refute the concept of mass orientation, ie, emancipation of the real women toiling and being oppressed by the capitalist system and its values. The only logical thing then (simple to say it but very hard ... not impossible) is to achieve emancipation of the workers (of course women included). Afterall, as a Marxist I believe all people are equal despite race, gender, nationality, color, and religion. We as Marxists do not think about those barriers, unlike the ultra-nationalist DLM.

What ought to be done

Well, for starters, we should be part of the emancipatory project that has been ignited since 19th century, and is escalating to new dimensions special thanks to the WTO. We need to be organized for not that goal only, but the "gender" issue is part of something bigger. As Trotsky said: ""To alter the position of woman at the root is possible only if all the conditions of social, family, and domestic existence are altered." (Trotsky, Women and the Family, p. 45.)


PS: IF you reconcile 1% of your goals, you would have reconciled all your goals