Friday, July 14, 2006

Hell Breaks Loose in Lebanon

3 days ago, Lebanon's situation switched 180 degrees.

Hizbullah captured 2 soldiers in an operation against an Israeli tank, and demanded a swap between Lebanese (as well as Arab) swap for these two prisoners. Israel, following US policy, refuted to deal with them, and beseiged Lebanon, under the title of "No bargaining With Terrorist Groups." (Funny thing is they struck a deal 2 years ago for the prisoners exchange in return for Israeli corpses).

The Zionists found that chance a perfect opportunity to first demand the return of those 2 soldiers (Hollywood style: bring our boys home, saving privates X and Y...etc). Second, Israel demanded that the Lebanese should disarm Hizbullah under resolution 1559, ie welcome to another civil war. Third, Israel then escalates to beseige Lebanon and bombard it to teach Lebanon a lesson. Four, contradictory to the third, they said they are hunting Hizbullah. Fifth, they threw fliers saying that they will not target civilians, although at least 48 died during their raids/heavy mortars.

Hizbullah's leader, who currently is refered to as "Sayed" and "Omnipotence" (both words combined), said that Hizbullah were waiting for the perfect chance to undergo such an operation, the chance came and they did it. Funny thing is, that whoever objects to his tactics, those people are against the "resistence". Then he says that he wants to liberate as much from Israeli camps, later he wants to liberate three prisoners 2 of them belonging to the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and the Lebanese Communist Party (Skaff and Quntar). Then he says that he will take full responsibility of whatever happens. Then what about the 50 people killed in Lebanon?

Today is day three of Israeli aggression and retalion. So far, according to Annahar:

50 died (and may add one, because another person got killed in the Zahrani Area)
Over hundred are wounded.
The Port of Beirut us losing 300,000$ per day, while the Airport loses 5 million due to lack of using its facilities. Luckily, Middle East smuggled its Airplanes to Jordan (rather I should say allowed).
Bush commentated that he blames this in Syria, for causing "Terror" to Israel + weakening the position of a lebanese legitimate government (he forgot that there are Hizbullah in that government). New TV say that PM Seniora called Bush, LBC say Bush called Seniora... I will take LBC's position. Al-Manar TV pictures people hailing Hizbullah (so far for journalistic objectivity), and New TV crew recieved a missile (New TV is pro-Tahhseen Khayyat, Arab Nationalist, and a capitalist bougeoisie who just leeches on his workers).

Moving along, yesterday I had a funny incident, I was watching the news, then I came back to continue it. Suddenly I saw the people in Israel, even though they did not "have it" severely as in Lebanon, but that reminds us that People are people no matter where you go, and it is bourgeoisie politics that kills the Proletariat.

Syria on the other hand, benefited a lot. Lebanon's touristic season was shattered to pieces in the amidst of International Festivals. 12,000 tourists fled to Syria yesterday, and their arch-enemy 14th of March are cornered to defend the "resistence." Suspicions go to Syria to ignite the area, since it bankrupts the economies, plus it gives them the excuse to return militarily to Lebanon (at least Beqaa Valley) for security reasons, since Damascus is not that far from Lebanese Borders. Actually, if Israel progresses from the Golan Heights in Syria to Damascus, the route of Beqaa valley from Lebanon to Damascus is easier. Whatever the situation it is, it is a win - win situation.

Is it 100% Win-win situation? Not entirely, if 14th March succeed through their ties to the French and United States to calm the Israelis, all this Fiasco would back fire on Syria and its allies, even though the supporters of Hizbullah (the real balancer of power for Syria's supporters in Lebanon, would preserve their fanaticism in the name of sectarianism and "sect survival". Resistence is not really the issue, since plenty of resistence groups were present, ironically Syria exterminated their resistence cards because they were secular. Historically, in 1990, Syria stressed to allocate resistence strictly for Hizbullah, while the Lebanese Communist Part (And Order for Communist Work) as well the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (fascists) were the secular part, in order to divide Lebanon into these two equations:

1- Pro-Syria = Pro- Resistence = Good Muslim (even though some christians and druz support Syria) = Good Citizen
2- Anti-Syria= Anti-Resistence = Fanatic Christian = Anti-Palestinian =Zionist Agent = Traitor

These two formulas kept Lebanon divided during their reign.

What about Hizbullah's "great ally" and potentially "the already next president", the ever lunatic General Aoun? Well, he disappeared into thin air, and all he said that he didn't know about Hizbullah's operation. Aoun himself is full of contradictions, as the Congress used him to issue the Syrian Accountability Act in 2002, and he himself promoted Syrian occupation and the fact Hizbullah are a Class A terrorist group (actually it was Armitage who was the first to label them that). Now he is their ally, and indirect supporter of Syria.

Lebanon's infrastructure is being bit and bit dismantled, as the airports are being bombed, and its bridge are dismantled. The people expected that the Electricity plants would be bombed first, strangely they did not. I had a sneak view as I saw the Israeli Navy Fleet going past beirut to Tripoli. Diplomats of all nationalities are issuing evacuations commands.

What is the fate of this tragedy? Already 51 civilian died (including the military youth who is doing his service in the army. The army always promotes a person one or two ranks when killed). Racism to the Jews escalated as people more and more do not distinguish between Zionists and Jews and regard them as one. Proletariat from both sides are suffering, and again this is the name of the political game.

Hopefully no more people would die, and the terrible memory of the Qana massacre (which we saw it live after 2 minutes back in 1996). Hizbullah and Israel have a showdown. Whoever submits to the other, will lose credibility. Israel got the upper hand for now. Lebanon has its ties to the States through the 14th March, but the ties are not enough to safeguard Lebanon from Israeli Aggression. Funny thing that as Minister of Media Areedi was talking about Israel respecting the blue lines/boarders, missiles were fired from Lebanon to Israel and Israeli Air Force was flying into Lebanon to do another raid (lost count of the number of raids).

Hopefully we all will remain alive
No War but Class War


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