Monday, July 17, 2006

Who is the bully? Israel or Lebanon?

I was reading different forums on people saying how the Israelis are bullied. Let us shed some light on that:

1) Israel owns nuclear heads and prohibited weaponry
2) Israel used those weaponry on Lebanon, the United Nations will probably do nothing, Bush will say it is self-defence.
3) Israel annhilated the lebanese infrastructure, and worse, civilians died, exceed 125. They say they are saving privates.
4) Israel switches its opinion about the soldiers and demands the disarment of Hizbullah also.
5) Israel says that the government has no control over Hizbullah, but continues to bombard the whole government and blames the Lebanese Government.
6) Israel forgets that they tried to impose a muppet government back in 1982 - 1983 while they were in Beirut, and committed Atrocities that ended killing 85% lebanese citizens while they aimed to annhilate PLO (funny thing to Sharon then that Arafat was the Prime Minister next to him).
7) Israel kidnaps a huge percentage of Members of Parlaiment and Ministers in Palestine and expects the Palestinians to give them flowers.
8) Israel got over carried away as they are targetting refugee buses, and more civilian houses in Lebanon through Air Raids, that are more accurate. Something that Natanyahu was hailing in 1996 accuracy, then they bombed the UN shelter in Qana. This means they deserve International Court for all the exterminations they did. In Qana, a trial from UN security council that took years, ended up with a small monitory penalty, and USA threatened Lebanon with boycotts if they carry on with it.
9) All the G8 summit can say: Israel got carried away, and they "hope" that they can self-constrain themselves, while people are killed and Israel gets away with it.

Israel bullied the whole International Community instead of allowing the International Community to do the bargaining (not that they care) Well done, o racist Zionists!


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