Monday, July 10, 2006

Application of Twist of Political Lines (1982-1984)

This goes in details with the previous blog, where things took a different twists to the extent that even the Israeli Defence Forces and the US Marines almost shot each other.

Sadly, even those soldiers in the US marines had to pay with their lives to attempt to satisfy the white house's greed. Everyone suffered...



Anonymous said...

Fuck you guys! Marines should be praised and all you fags who dont like them go fuck yourself
- Nick

Anonymous said...

marxist pussy ass bitch go fucking slit your fucking disgusting wrists.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

The US Marines should not be praised...

Afterall they took a side and bombed the other... and after Iraq, the US Marines deserve nothig but spit on their faces, like the Israelis spat on their faces in 1982

Hence, no praise given to them...

Anonymous said...

These boy go across the sea to fight for our freedome and you peaple will say this. when men and wemon from the armed forces will go in a foreign land and fight for america. and all you guys can do is disrespect them. you guys are a joke. you dont have to support the war but at least support the troops.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

First, no one I fail to see how the Marines by going to Iraq are called "fight for America"... specially there are no weapons of mass destruction...

Second, your pethatic US Marines are responsible for the deaths of all those Iraqis due to the US Occupation.

Third, before going to anywhere, the US Administration should ask the locals which the US plans to invade them, after all the US is not the center of the world

Fourth, the US didn't go to Iraq to fight for 'freedom' but to secure major businesses' interests... so if you don't have anything to say, I still insist to spit on the US Marines' faces if they blindly follow the Administration's orders.... they brought pain wherever they went (with the exclusion probably to Kosovo)...

The logic goes the same: Why not support the people of Gaza instead the war?

usa said...

first off, to the comment of "before going to anywhere, the US Administration should ask the locals", when was the last time a country ever did that? Are you saying that every country that ever went to war, was in wrong since they didnt ask for permission from the locals? Are you saying the Russians, Japanese, Americans, Germans, French, Italin, Polish, Swedish, Irish, and Canadian governments are in the wrong for WWII? According to your statement, you are suggesting that after hitler invaded Russia, Russia had no right to turn around and invade Germany, since they went through several countries on their way to Berlin.

to your comment of " Fourth, the US didn't go to Iraq to fight for 'freedom' but to secure major businesses' interests... so if you don't have anything to say, I still insist to spit on the US Marines' faces if they blindly follow the Administration's orders.... they brought pain wherever they went (with the exclusion probably to Kosovo)..." all there is to say to that is you probably have no balls to actually say that to a Marines face. Anywhere ANY nation goes into during time of war, someone dies. So once again, you are wrong there. The Marines arent responsible for being there, if anything, it should fall back on the Administration of the time. But then again, i bet i could turn this arguement on whatever country you live in.

So please, if you can give any evidence that your country has never been responsible for killing someone, or that you can find a reason for anything stated above to be incorrect, please post them back and i will be more than happy to reply.

Anonymous said...

Ok MarxistFromLebanon,

First of all, I dare you to spit in the face of a U.S. Marine. Being one, I can guarantee pain will be brought unto you for doing so.

Secondly, being a Marine, I fight for the freedoms that Americans enjoy every day.

Third, we have brought freedoms to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan like they have never enjoyed before, and they appreciate it.

You can hate the Marines all you want, but remember, we will fight for our freedoms, and the freedoms of others. Americans sleep safe in their beds because rough men like us stand watch in the night.

Marines; no better friend, no worse enemy.

Jon said...

I doubt you'd have the desire to disrespect my beloved Marine Corps to my face.

I respect your right to voice your opinions. Hell, I even agree with some of your views. But your blatant disrespect of an institution that embodies everything great about courage, honor and commitment does nothing but make you look like a disrespectful and ignorant little child.

I'm sorry that you don't live in a free country. But it sounds like you really have no desire for freedom.

Marxism has been tried, it failed on every account. Until you have an entire society free of the human traits of greed and ego, Marxism will always fail.

Enjoy your delusion.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

In case you haven't noticed, I was replying densely to the first two posts, the cartoons (reminds me of Muslims reacting to the Danish photo of Prophet Mohammad), the remarks were outstanding even though that was related to Lebanese affairs.

At the heat of the moment, for someone telling me to "slit" my wrists, just for expressing those photos, got them this response. I fully cannot comprehend the overall reaction of the rest.

Yes, almost 90% and even more in the Arab world blame the victims on the US marines (even though it was a coalition alliance, but Mr. Bush Jr. took the decision for it), and we do regard that the over 800,000 citizens that died falls partly on the US Marines, this is not freedom, this is bloodshed.

Jon, your response was the most diplomatic of all them, in a country where people killed each other in the name of religion gives me no alternative but to preach communism; anynomous, you agree with what was written at the first two lines? Doesn't that contradict with US concept of freedom of speech? I keep my identiy secret in my country, because I go very far in my speeches against the political parties (from Hezbollah to the Lebanese Forces), and seems you and your friends want to turn this into a macho-macho logic.

As a matter of fact, if you ever hit me, and you will be doing the sectarian parties a good favor in my country. Just couple of days ago, my cousin in Beirut was telling me he is a US marines in Afghanistan, it bugged me to see a Lebanese in the army, but bugged me more that he is risking his neck with the Islamist terrorists, and also with the local political parties.

As for daring and the sort, this not masulanity or whatever, if you think Bush Jr. committed the error and the Administration should be blamed, then the US Marines' should find a way to take out that tag instead of (as you noticed), threatening anyone who would do critiques.

Historically, the Israeli Defense Forces spit on the US Marines, and it caused (as the cartoons show) riots and military confrontation between the IDF and the Marines in 1982. This caused a political crisis between D.C and Tel Aviv. It was the only place where the US Marines and the IDF met, and Colonel Mead, head of the US Marines regiment in Lebanon, thrice issued the command Shoot to Kill in case the IDF used their arms. (Cursed is the Peacemaker, John Boykin, good book to check).

Last but not least, I had my ass whooped by Syrian soldiers because I believed in my right to express myself, so it is not the first time I get myself beaten up by the military, if you want to reach me in Lebanon. Seems you are following their logic anyways.

Anonymous said...

you need to thank all the marines fighting
for other peoples rights and the familys because i have a cousin in afganastand and he and other marines go out every day not knowing if the will go back home
in a seat or in a box

Anonymous said...

Marxist dude, ur a fuckin loser..
It is bloodshed. That's the price of freedom. Iraqis and afghans aren't the only ones dieing. Marines are too. The afghan and iraqi army, are dieing too. Not because they have too, because they chose to. You don't have to agree, it ain't your choice. America is there to promote and defend freedom. Would you rather live, and die a slave, or somewhat that doesn't have a choice? Or you rather die, hoping to to live a free life where you can basically do anything?

Saddam was evil. His regimes were evil. We neutralized saddam, and are working on stomping out his recruits. And we're doing great.. So have fun on ur computer talkin about spittin on my face buddy.. There's more of us, than there are of you. Get it? Got it? Good!

U.S. Marine Corps!

Providing the enemy an opportunity to die for their country since 1775.

Semper Fidelis!

Anonymous said...

Just thought i'd add that ever since our marines and Army have pulled out of the middle east, I.S.I.L or I.S.I.S has been massacreing innocent civilians... and not because our troops were there. But because the civilians wouldn't except the ways of I.S.I.S... Now I'm about to leave for bootcamp and I'm ready to fight for THE IRAQIS AND THE AFGHANS FREEDOM, all with my future brothers and sisters in arms. So yeah fuckstick, there yuh go.
Simper Fi.