Sunday, July 16, 2006

Me and Lebanon: Now and Then

Then referring to my child hood, now I refer to current time


We never had TV, except on few occassions. The phone we never used til 1986, and used to wonder what this cute machin with numbers was doing there. We used to read a lot Asterix and Obelix, played football when it was not raining bullets and shells and so on. We never were bored although we rarely used to have electricity (till 1987 I used the elevator for the first time)


We have TV, Cable channels, Internet, cellulars, and laptops. We have can access everything, yet we are bored in the houses as we horrificly see the people of the South suffering from a Mass Genocide


We used to sleep 5 people in the same room, gathered in my brother's room watching the tiny local channels through a black and white TV linked to a battery.


We access the world through Internet or Cable (unless electricity gets knocked out)


I was raised to think there was one school day and three no. I thought that the envirenment was that way, to see people die. I was four when someone recieved a bullet in front of me. I never bothered then, because that is how I saw the world. The world of hiding, betting with your friends who stands longer on the balcony while the area is being shelled, and laugh at those funny figures on TV.


I am over-stressed that a shell would strike my place, the battleship does not allow us to sleep. I hate the State of War envirenment that I witnessed, and eventually I follow the news every second and carefully follow up what each political figure was saying in this country or the other side of the World. I get tired and sad to see all those people die. I get even more angry when idiots celebrate that "they died martyres for the good cause". Can they say that face to face to their relatives? I directly jump from the balcony as soon as I hear an airstrike or an airplane hovering. I just think from where I go to from now in this dark future. I worry about every relative, friend, and comrade. I can't sleep from this anger.

This is the politicians' game. Not that I like Mao, a Stalinist figure (a la Chinese Nationalism of Agriculturists), but he said a smart quote with the meaning of Politics is War without Weaponry, while War is politics with weaponry. Today, I can't figure out where is the politics (well logical sense) except that it is political gains as I explained few blogs earlier.

To the fallen ones, my tears and grievances
To Their relatives, I am so sorry that we the left wing let you down and couldn't be organized to assist you, o great working class
To the comrades, we need to be organized
To the right-wingers: stop making money and political gains on the poor people and the Proletariat.





Anarchistian said...

"We access the world through Internet or Cable (unless electricity gets knocked out)"

Or even if it does. :P Laptop batteries ahem ahem. :P

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Reuters need electricties my dear anarchist comrade