Tuesday, July 18, 2006

To The Israelis Hiding Under Bomb Shelters

You hide from few falling shells while all your allied international media keep placing the picture of the old woman crying for her house. Welcome to the introductory course of our world.

We have no bomb shelters as planes and ships bomb us constantly, and kill our food supplies and infrastructure, while worse of all: more than 150 killed...but of course these are not belonging to your "superior race" where only the woman's house appears in Haifa (that never belonged to you Israelis in the first place). We only sit and pray that the next shell does not hit us (even though the Israelis argue they are targetting Hizbullah sites).

If you think that refugees and overpopulated streets in the less bombed areas while shortages is hell, guess again. You are living in a blessing under those smooth safe bombshells.

This is our new hell life, while people are sleeping in the gardens and streets because their houses were demolished. Their lives is no hell compared to the ones in Palestine who face three times things worse than us .


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