Friday, July 21, 2006

The Israeli Citizens Live in a Virtual World

Poor Israeli citizens are not aware what is going on in their neighboring land called Lebanon. For starters the title says it all from Haaretz Newspaper: "Four soldiers killed in clashes with Hezbollah; thousands of IDF troops in Lebanon"

For starters, the "thousands" are not present in the Southern part of Lebanon as every time the IDF sent special squads, they got kicked out or massacred while the rest are still standing outside Lebanese Borders. Second if the IDF sent thousands into Lebanon and are already here, surely more than 4 soldiers killed and 9 injured (common sense). Third, all arab and international media confirmed that Israel tried to enter special forces, and they got kicked out. How come the whole media agrees on that, except Israeli media? Wake up citizens.

Then the newspaper reports:

"In the upcoming days, the IDF plans to expand ground operations in southern Lebanon. Next week, more units will be moved to the north, which will enable broader operations against villages throughout the south."

The south was loaded with civilians, and those were killed, so Mr. Olmert check our news and live coverage and count the bodies your terrorist machinary did, I assure you they are over 300.

"Meanwhile, Israeli troops in Lebanon are searching for tunnels dug by Hezbollah militants. According to the IDF, Hezbollah fighters have taken refuge inside these tunnels - often dug under homes in villages - along with their rockets, and occasionally emerge to fire one on Israel."

The Israelis did not manage to maintain stronghold in order to do land search parties on the ground.. The media is pumping opium to their citizens that there is a Vietnam going on over there. This is a classical case where the bourgeoisie (currently the Zionist leaders) are still brainwashing their civilians. I am sure that if the civilians are aware of what is going on, Olmert's government would be flushed into the toilet, specially if the citizens knew that out of the 300 massacred, only two were rankless members in Hizbullah.

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Anonymous said...

The thing about not coming out about the number of soldiers would be very silly if it is ture.There is only 5 million israelis so if more than four soldiers were killed in a country with sush a small popualtion it woould get around anyway by word of mouth

MarxistFromLebanon said...

The article was putting the image that the Israelis were already winning and occupied the South, which was not true, but it is a coverip to their blunders so that the government would not fall like Begin's in 1984.