Friday, July 07, 2006

Lebanon, strangest Political lines

Let us, first few executive members of the Democratic Leftist Movement started nagging that Lebanese issues are Lebanese, and Palestinians chose their fate. Suddenly, they decide to do a concert for Palestinians (out of the blues).

Closer look, you will see that they are in allegiance to the Lebanese Forces and Phalangist Party, that were responsible for huge massacres towards the Palestinians, and demanded unified Lebanon, but under Maronite Sect rule.

These two were allied to Hizbullah and Amal Movement, who (specially the former) are the spearheads for the biggest sect in Lebanon, the Shiites in last elections that passed.

These two Shiite parties were comrades in Arms to Walid Junblatt under the Syrian rule and last elections, whom more than once labeled him traitor or greatest patriot.

Junblatt and his "Socialists" were head to head in the war in huge massacres against Lebanese Forces, but currently him, LF's head Samir Jaajaa, and ex-President Amin Gmayel are best friends.

Amin Gmayel was in allegiance to Aoun who was exiled into a five stars palace then broke up after Aoun returned.

Aoun was responsible for the initiation of the Syrian Accountability Act (sort of the village buffoon for congress), who returned under the logo to liberate lebanon, but ended up in alliance with all Syria's allies, such as the Syrian Nationalist Party, Marada, Amal and Hizbullah. Actually he before his return that Hizbullah is a terrorist group. Now Aoun and Nasrallah are best buddies.

Nasrallah who is currently in alliance most with Berri of Amal Movement, had his party attempt to annhilate Amal Movement three times, but ended up loving each other due to Syrian factors.

Berri was in alliance more than once with the late ex-PM R. Harriri, and actually the Future Movement (Business Movement) paved way for him to earn chairs. Berri, last elections supported the newly beloved Lebanese Forces and Progressive "Socialist" Party movement against Aoun, who if he supported Aoun in the first place, Aoun would have won in the Baabda - Alley region.

Aoun also defended on "Teachers Demonstrations" on telephone to an NBN debate, the lebanese members of the Baathi regime. The Baathi currently love Aoun, and provided him with green and yellow colors to wave. Aoun was chicken scared to return when the Baathi Syrian Army was in Lebanon. He waged war on his ex-boss, Amin Gemayel and his allies.

Amin Gemayel and his allies brought Aoun back from France, and actually travelled to France and gave him the white and red opposition ribbon. Aoun prefered to get the support of the Syrian Nationalists.

The Syrian Nationalists were in alliance with Hizbullah, who attacked their comrades during military operations against Israelis.

The Israelis were allied to the Lebanese Forces and had indirect contacts with the Syrians before the signature of the peace treaty in Tel Aviv between Israel and Egypt. The relationship between Syrians and Israelis were against the Palestinians.

The Palestinians were in alliance to the Lebenese Communist Party, Amal Movement, SSNP, and so on (during Arafat's days in Lebanon) who was saved alive by the American Diplomat Phil. Habbib, who was a Lebanese Maronite origin and left to Syria afterwards.

Syria later kicked out Yasser Arafat out of Triboli with the assistence of an opposing faction of the PLO in Triboli. Funny thing is, Jaajaa and his wife decide to admit about the Palestinian Cause, and glorify the late George Hawwi as most respected person who remained in Lebanon.

George Hawwi in Harb Lubnan was pissed off to see the a Syrian Nationalist member assasinate Bashir Gemayel because he wanted to shoot him himself. Now Jaajaa walked in his funeral along with Junblatt, who (along with Jaajaa) are responsible for the destruction of plenty of lives in Mount. Lebanon.

Junblatt, who despised the Syrian Nationalists, opened vacancies more than once to the Syrian Nationalist Party, who in return lost a lot of members butchered brutally when they were in the same axis during the war against the Israelis.

The Syrian Nationalist currently is in alliance with those who tend to market themselves as defenders of Palestine Cause, the Amal Movement, who butchered most in the Palestinians (almost equally to the Ahhrar, Philangist, and Lebanese Forces combined).

The "defenders of Palestinian cause) also allied with the Lebanese Communist Party (along with Junblatt) and butchered in their members, and afterwards allied again on a lot of scenarios.

Elias Attallah was supposed to be a hard core Communist who is willing to sacrifice his life for the Communist Cause, ended up the coffee barrier to Saad el Harriri.

(so on so on so on)

So in the end, why the bloody Proletariat mostly had to pay the price for the deals and agreements of those military figures, and what is worse the by-standers got killed/shot for theigreed, while the leaders remained on the top and still switch alliances due to "tactical reasons".

This Lebanon, the land of leaders, and the oppressed fooled by their leaders.


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