Sunday, July 16, 2006

To our President Emil Lahhoud

While giving us social lectures, without replying to anything, he did not reply to zilch. He accuses the media to create a struggle within Lebanon, not that he is a part in it.

Theme is: He was saying that all Lebanese should be in solidarity, they should open their houses to the refugees from our beloved South and Dahhieh. I ask him: why he does not open his gigantic palace where he can fit at least 4000 refugee (since the poor families are being over packed in a room). Why he does not if he is so worried about the refugees.


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Anarchistian said...

Well man, I don't think now isthe right time for attacking people over past actions in domestic politics.. Really. The consequences might be terrifying - it might just set the stage for another civil war. The Israelis are relying on it. Let's not fuel the fire.