Tuesday, July 18, 2006

To The International Community & Citizens of Israel

You all think that poor poor oppressed Israel is retaliating only on Hizbullah sites.

Till now they annhilated a whole set of villages, and if they are so accurate, why the heck they bombed a Church in Rashayia, and sent another bomb next to the Red Cross in Zahle?

To the Jews of Israel, you have nothing but to blame your racist zionist government that puts your minds in a certain 7th Heaven world, check out why all this is happening. BTW, not that I am in support of Nasrallah (duh, I am a Communist), but till now Nasrallah did not use the term Jewish, rather ZIonist in seperation between Jewish (as religion) and Zionist (the racist ideology that stresses on Jewish Nationalism. Go and question your zionist government. If this is the life you feel as "oppressed", what psychology you expect from the Palestinians who live 5 times more humilated than you, your armies entering their houses and kicking regular civilians out (naturally this gonna generate the hatred towards you). Blame your government, question them, research their backgrounds, and above all do not stick to a single source. Kick those racist governments that accumulated and have that Secular government rather Racist.

No War But Class War


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JD said...

Condemning the attacks is good, it is a duty if we have a sense of decency. However this is not enough.
A country or a nation will never progress thanks to the pitty of others. We need to work hard, we need to condemn those who acted wrong in the Arab world and we need to change our political system to represent the arab youth. I am lebanese and I know that progress in my country is hampered by the “feudalistic” structure. I am mentionning this cause these days we are all pleading for the west but if we have learned our lesson, it is time for self critic… Time for the wind of change that has been knocking so long, and which scares Oh so much most of our “leaders”…THANK YOU for the opportunity JD from the new blog –> http://dagher101.blogspot.com/