Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another Zionist Knucklehead

This idiot/idiots think Lebanon is a hostage to Hizbullah or people want Israel to get rid of them. The author thinks he/she are doing the Lebanese a favor, while I am sure everyone would simply spit on their face.

Such a mentality sadly reflects how Zionists brainwash their citizens, and clearly is asking for a second civil war in Lebanon. In case that idiot didn't notice, that even the government may not agree with Hizbullah, but they are not on the offensive on them, because they prefer national unity. Hell, I do not like Hizbullah, but that does not mean I prefer a Sectarian Party on a Racist Zionist Party. This is the pethatic link

Send those idiots emails they can go to hell! We can never trust a nation that has a racist government (Zionist) and also see the way they treat the palestinian civilians



Renegade Eye said...

I found this blog surfing.

Lebanon can use more Marxists, particularly who are not Stalinists.

Too bad Hizbollah, has no understanding of class struggle, in Lebanon or Israel.

All the best.

Anarchistian said...

I wonder if Israeli has any idea about class struggle.

Why is HezbAllah always the culprit and the other side's guilt is ignored?

Memo said...

Has anyone read Michael Young's piece in Daily Star today? Justin Raimondo was right to call him a "single-note idealogue":


Young's still cheering even while the IAF is bombing the life out of Lebanon, still toeing the line...