Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another Stereotype

As the bi-polarity continues, I found rather this amusing... where one lives inside a camp, and attacks the other in the name of truth. What to be done, with everyone claiming the truth? Oh yeah, to both camps, not everyone is bombed is a revolutionary, you gotta be in a revolution, and the only revolution is that which emancipates the workers, and not eliminates one class of bourgeoisie with another, please do not bother even to reply in a fascist manner: at least they are lebanese...

PS: On the head of their blog, it says: "This blog was created to honor the memory of heroes of all the Lebanese sects who were assasinated for their patriotic stands.... May God bless their souls and bless Lebanon."

Let us dissect this a bit:

1) "This blog was created to honor the memory of heroes of all the Lebanese sects who were assasinated for their patriotic stands." Fine, ok, their opinion. But all I see is the 14th March figures, and suddenly George Hawwi is placed next to Tuieni. No problem, but what about the ones from the rest of the sects? Surely they contradict themselves, afterall Sanaa Mheidli or Lola Aboud sacrificed their lives for Lebanon, or the assasinated political figures of the LCP during the war? Or because the degenerative Khaled Hdaidi's stands made those figures non-allegible to be martyres of the nation?

2) Again, "Patriotic", sadly to everyone, each considers among him/herself patriotic in the eyes of their own clan.

3) The "God Bless their souls and bless Lebanon", what does God has to do with that? It is the Sectarianism and "loyalty" to God that brought partially this muck to their "Lebanon". Actually, if we dig a bit deeper, God sounds like 14th of March in this blog series, while I am sure he would sound 8th of March on an antagonistic blog. Poor God...


Nationalism Versus Internationalism

Well, with the latest frenzy coming from Elias Attallah's goons, they reached a new space of proving themselves they are bunch of Neo-Cons. Couple of their executive committees were bragging to me that they are Lebanese and proud of it. Till now, my marxist stomach was able to digest that, but afterwards they had to add: We do not care about the Palestinians after all they chose their fate by voting for Hamas, and anyways they are not really our concern except those in the camps.

Now here, the simplest thing is to begin with... is calling them fascists. My 15 year old cousin was just explaining to his friend, that Ultra-Nationalism + Socialism = Fascism. If you think of it, it is so damn true. Fascism tends to promotes the welfate of its civilians through left-wing principles. When segregating on workers from outside nationalities, then they are Fascists. Actually, the Harakit Yassar Democraty (in English Democratic Leftist Movement) have proved themselves worse than the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. At, least the SSNP seggregated all the ones outside their "nation". The DLM are seggregating workers much more than the SSNP did. Come to think of it, they are currently what the SSNP was during the Syrian Mandate. They are the Secular Sect, to justify those sectarian alliances, only they are the first to defend it. Afterall the equation is simple DLM - 14th March = No Existence, since they are the bandwagoners.

Moving along to such Nationalism on being Lebalonians, they denounce the basic principle of being Left-Wing: Internationalists. When Marx and Engels said: "Workers of the World Unite", it is true, all the workers are concerned in the ruthless free markets of Capitalism. It is ironic that Capitalism liberates the markets while increases nationalism in the host nations to keep global resistence dorment. It was a great pleasure to see in the battle for Seattle in 1999, the red banners rising and demanding: Workers of the World! Unite!, because it is the workers through out the world concerned. A demonstrator in Geneva rose a banner saying: "WTO, if it does not work for working families, it simply does not work." Of course, the DLMers had to send their pioneer clown Ziad Majed to promote to the Trotskystes in the World SOcial Forums that Free market is great and justify his alliance to the force that is burying Lebanon in the heart of the WTO. After all, according to him and his zombies, it is better than Syria for the welfare of the Lebanese. That tye of thinking is fascism.

According to Trotsky: "All forms of Nationalism are reactionary capitalism." This may sound crazy but let us have a bit of patience and ponder upon it. Capitalism is the dominant system around the world. The whole world submits to capitalism. Some may support expansionary capitalism, but I got news for them, as long as they are raw materials to the bigger countries (that are being substituted by corporations), they are part of the system. If they have financial markets, and their currency is transformable to others within floating/fixed rates, they are part of the system. Thus, the whole world submits to such turmoil. Now, Nationalism used to rise in face of conquerors (Arab Nationalism in the face of the Turks, Nazis in face of the Allies, Neo-Nazis in the face of Soviet Union in east berlin...etc) but currently it rises due to the fact that groups express their refutal of the capitalist system spearheaded by the United States since it is its' corporations that dominate the top 200 companies. A third form of nationalism rises in reaction to those as a reaction to the second/first forms of nationalism, which supports the US under its own "patriotism".

So we dwell again, the system they establish is the concept of a strong state , whether the SSNP or DLM's nation state. The strong state remains in the middle of the Capitalist System and the ever-liberated free market (Special thanks to the WTO), so in the end it is a reaction to capitalism within the capitalist system. Bravo DLM, keep beyraying the left, and keep lighting candles to Samir (just as the SSNP do to their icon Antoun Saadi) to market your fascism... in the end, the workers of the world one day will be united, and you will be on the list like all the business men. The 1917 revolution was just a small example of how to bring forth a shook wave to the world. The World Social Forums was one of many attempts to face the capitalists...sooner or later... sooner or later....

Marxist From Lebanon

Monday, June 12, 2006

Alter-Globalization Fails in Lebanon, another wall for the Left

I was sitting in my room, unsubscribing from one email after another, because my happiness just switched from most happy to most miserable. I was gonna delete even this blog (sure those fascist DLMers who currently abuse LADE, despise Palestinians as non-Lebanese, and encourage tapping the phone would have been happy.

I made it to a point today that I reached the prime of Waiting For Godot. Everything we do, we seemed at first to be taking 3 steps forwards, and 2.5 steps backwards. With the emergence of DLM, and LCP making a huge comeback on May Day, now we are taking 3 steps forwards, 6 steps back. The problem is now I am not talking about only politics, but I would like to bring forth my personal life. Why everything suddenly crumbles like that? I can't believe that my world just turned up-side-down in 180 degrees, and living in that ugly cave of mine (again!) and alone. Alone? I am not sure though, someone just called me and re-ignited me into activism. Sadly, my personal life and me starting to work will cripple my productivity as I should and always be.

Again, we return to the problem of reform or action? I always believed that words alone without action is really reformism, because they sell bullshits just to remain/gain power. Direct action is the solution, this is revolution. Again, I kept a close eye on the new alter-globalization movement, also known as The Coalition, who most of its ngo movements just slack and sit, and above all just advocate small things, rather be mass oriented. The WTO is everyone's case, the problem is that my resources tell me they are stuck in the same situation for 5 monthes. At least things balanced now as 3 steps forward, and 3 steps backwards... which for me who has been active since 1998, means also hell in activism, to add such a bullshit to my personal life.

In the end, I return to the cave, but a spark of line has shun upon me, so I am sure that this bringer of light has shed light to make my stay in the cave a very short tiny visit.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre

PS: Down with the newly born fascists: DLM and arab nationalists :LCP: I will continue to work on every side to bring down your fall in revenge for every comrade who got brainwashed.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

On Left Zionism - Fredy Perlman

"The Leftists had all but vanished in a dark sectarian Limbo no outsider could penetrate, a Limbo that stank almost as strongly as the one that held Messiah Lenin’s and Stalin’s heirs, with sects twisted out of shape by the existence of the State of Israel, ranging from those who claimed their seizure of power was all that was needed to turn the State of Israel into an egalitarian community, to those who claimed the existing State of Israel was already the egalitarian community.

But the Left Zionists shouted only at each other.It was the others who made all the din, who shouted at everyone else. And these were explicit about what they admired in the State of Israel; they affirmed it, they boasted of it, and it had nothing to do with the ailing wing’s egalitarianism. What they admired was:

the crusading nationalism that considered the humanity surrounding it as nothing but obstacles to its flowering;
the industrial potency of the Race that had succeeded in denaturing the desert and making it bloom;
the efficiency of the human beings remade into operators of big tanks and incredibly accurate jets;
the technological sophistication of the instruments of death themselves, infinitely superior to that of the Nazis;
the spectacularly enterprising secret police whose prowess was surely not inferior, for such a small State, to that of the CIA, KGB or Gestapo;
the bully militarism that pitted the latest inventions of life-killing Science against a motley collection of weapons, and exacted a hundred or a thousand times the losses it sustained. "

Fredy Perlman- Anti-Semitism & The Beirut Pogrom

On Samir Qassir and his merry DLMers

Yesterday was the day a great journalist who was killed a year ago. His name was Samir Qassir, who went far beyond in his critique on the Syrian Regime, and due to the lack of Freedom of Expression, the man had to pay with his life for holding such a level of freedom and boldness. His assasination took place in front his step-family, leaving them in total trance, and another reporter dies for the sake of Freedom of Expression (even though Samir's controversy in his last few monthes rose that his articles were direct propaganda to the self-proclaimed Democratic Leftist Movement).

Yesterday, a certain NGO, supposedly not affiliated with any political orientation, sent a message inviting people to go down and lay a rose on the location of his assasination, the NGO's name appeared, and in less that two minutes another message appeared on my mobile: "The company apologies fo the previous message which was not sent by 'company name'" Personally I find it tempting to put their name as to disgrace the DLMers for riding the back of different good institutions and ruin them, just as the Stalinists were bureaucrats and messed things up to promote their own party. I can't say their name because my sources tell me that there are good people fighting the DLMers who totally want to exhaust such great progressive institutions, just as my sources tell me is happening in AuB and LAU leftest independent groups. Well I heard that they split from LAU, but still messing up AUB based group for their own welfare.

Returning to Samir Qassir's Memorial, not once a moment passes since they want to abuse Samir name and do a memorial, just to promote their own idea. Actually, if you take a look at the pictures those fascists that they put, they tend to put his pics and display them a la Che Guevara style. (Sorry DLMers Qassir is no Che). Moving along, every time the leftist debates ignite, they go on the defensive my arguing that they are defending the blood of the martyre and his ideas (Dammait el Shaheed in Arabic); something the AMAL movement did when their "Imam" disappeared. Sort of the DLMers made Samir Qassir a new Antoun Saadi, that they get on the offensive to yell and threaten people if someone disagrees on the "omnipotence" of Qassir. Just as the Syrian Nationalists now in a dogmatic manner iconize Qassir, so do the DLMers. Personally I never really agreed with Qassir's ideas since I found them rather humane and not leftist. In the end, iconization of a figure shows the bankruptcy of a movement in terms of ideologies. They tend to sell their fallen "comrade" as a commodity in order to cover for such bankruptcy among their followers.

Samir Qassir, I hope you rest in peace, and I hope those business dlmers will let you rest in peace as well. I wonder how many more candlelights per week/month are the DLMers gonna keep lighting in the hope of recruiting more people. They keep forgetting that what makes the left is the idea, and the movement is what transfers the idea into practice. Down with the DLMers, down with the reactionary.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre