Saturday, June 03, 2006

On Samir Qassir and his merry DLMers

Yesterday was the day a great journalist who was killed a year ago. His name was Samir Qassir, who went far beyond in his critique on the Syrian Regime, and due to the lack of Freedom of Expression, the man had to pay with his life for holding such a level of freedom and boldness. His assasination took place in front his step-family, leaving them in total trance, and another reporter dies for the sake of Freedom of Expression (even though Samir's controversy in his last few monthes rose that his articles were direct propaganda to the self-proclaimed Democratic Leftist Movement).

Yesterday, a certain NGO, supposedly not affiliated with any political orientation, sent a message inviting people to go down and lay a rose on the location of his assasination, the NGO's name appeared, and in less that two minutes another message appeared on my mobile: "The company apologies fo the previous message which was not sent by 'company name'" Personally I find it tempting to put their name as to disgrace the DLMers for riding the back of different good institutions and ruin them, just as the Stalinists were bureaucrats and messed things up to promote their own party. I can't say their name because my sources tell me that there are good people fighting the DLMers who totally want to exhaust such great progressive institutions, just as my sources tell me is happening in AuB and LAU leftest independent groups. Well I heard that they split from LAU, but still messing up AUB based group for their own welfare.

Returning to Samir Qassir's Memorial, not once a moment passes since they want to abuse Samir name and do a memorial, just to promote their own idea. Actually, if you take a look at the pictures those fascists that they put, they tend to put his pics and display them a la Che Guevara style. (Sorry DLMers Qassir is no Che). Moving along, every time the leftist debates ignite, they go on the defensive my arguing that they are defending the blood of the martyre and his ideas (Dammait el Shaheed in Arabic); something the AMAL movement did when their "Imam" disappeared. Sort of the DLMers made Samir Qassir a new Antoun Saadi, that they get on the offensive to yell and threaten people if someone disagrees on the "omnipotence" of Qassir. Just as the Syrian Nationalists now in a dogmatic manner iconize Qassir, so do the DLMers. Personally I never really agreed with Qassir's ideas since I found them rather humane and not leftist. In the end, iconization of a figure shows the bankruptcy of a movement in terms of ideologies. They tend to sell their fallen "comrade" as a commodity in order to cover for such bankruptcy among their followers.

Samir Qassir, I hope you rest in peace, and I hope those business dlmers will let you rest in peace as well. I wonder how many more candlelights per week/month are the DLMers gonna keep lighting in the hope of recruiting more people. They keep forgetting that what makes the left is the idea, and the movement is what transfers the idea into practice. Down with the DLMers, down with the reactionary.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre

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