Monday, June 12, 2006

Alter-Globalization Fails in Lebanon, another wall for the Left

I was sitting in my room, unsubscribing from one email after another, because my happiness just switched from most happy to most miserable. I was gonna delete even this blog (sure those fascist DLMers who currently abuse LADE, despise Palestinians as non-Lebanese, and encourage tapping the phone would have been happy.

I made it to a point today that I reached the prime of Waiting For Godot. Everything we do, we seemed at first to be taking 3 steps forwards, and 2.5 steps backwards. With the emergence of DLM, and LCP making a huge comeback on May Day, now we are taking 3 steps forwards, 6 steps back. The problem is now I am not talking about only politics, but I would like to bring forth my personal life. Why everything suddenly crumbles like that? I can't believe that my world just turned up-side-down in 180 degrees, and living in that ugly cave of mine (again!) and alone. Alone? I am not sure though, someone just called me and re-ignited me into activism. Sadly, my personal life and me starting to work will cripple my productivity as I should and always be.

Again, we return to the problem of reform or action? I always believed that words alone without action is really reformism, because they sell bullshits just to remain/gain power. Direct action is the solution, this is revolution. Again, I kept a close eye on the new alter-globalization movement, also known as The Coalition, who most of its ngo movements just slack and sit, and above all just advocate small things, rather be mass oriented. The WTO is everyone's case, the problem is that my resources tell me they are stuck in the same situation for 5 monthes. At least things balanced now as 3 steps forward, and 3 steps backwards... which for me who has been active since 1998, means also hell in activism, to add such a bullshit to my personal life.

In the end, I return to the cave, but a spark of line has shun upon me, so I am sure that this bringer of light has shed light to make my stay in the cave a very short tiny visit.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre

PS: Down with the newly born fascists: DLM and arab nationalists :LCP: I will continue to work on every side to bring down your fall in revenge for every comrade who got brainwashed.

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