Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nationalism Versus Internationalism

Well, with the latest frenzy coming from Elias Attallah's goons, they reached a new space of proving themselves they are bunch of Neo-Cons. Couple of their executive committees were bragging to me that they are Lebanese and proud of it. Till now, my marxist stomach was able to digest that, but afterwards they had to add: We do not care about the Palestinians after all they chose their fate by voting for Hamas, and anyways they are not really our concern except those in the camps.

Now here, the simplest thing is to begin with... is calling them fascists. My 15 year old cousin was just explaining to his friend, that Ultra-Nationalism + Socialism = Fascism. If you think of it, it is so damn true. Fascism tends to promotes the welfate of its civilians through left-wing principles. When segregating on workers from outside nationalities, then they are Fascists. Actually, the Harakit Yassar Democraty (in English Democratic Leftist Movement) have proved themselves worse than the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. At, least the SSNP seggregated all the ones outside their "nation". The DLM are seggregating workers much more than the SSNP did. Come to think of it, they are currently what the SSNP was during the Syrian Mandate. They are the Secular Sect, to justify those sectarian alliances, only they are the first to defend it. Afterall the equation is simple DLM - 14th March = No Existence, since they are the bandwagoners.

Moving along to such Nationalism on being Lebalonians, they denounce the basic principle of being Left-Wing: Internationalists. When Marx and Engels said: "Workers of the World Unite", it is true, all the workers are concerned in the ruthless free markets of Capitalism. It is ironic that Capitalism liberates the markets while increases nationalism in the host nations to keep global resistence dorment. It was a great pleasure to see in the battle for Seattle in 1999, the red banners rising and demanding: Workers of the World! Unite!, because it is the workers through out the world concerned. A demonstrator in Geneva rose a banner saying: "WTO, if it does not work for working families, it simply does not work." Of course, the DLMers had to send their pioneer clown Ziad Majed to promote to the Trotskystes in the World SOcial Forums that Free market is great and justify his alliance to the force that is burying Lebanon in the heart of the WTO. After all, according to him and his zombies, it is better than Syria for the welfare of the Lebanese. That tye of thinking is fascism.

According to Trotsky: "All forms of Nationalism are reactionary capitalism." This may sound crazy but let us have a bit of patience and ponder upon it. Capitalism is the dominant system around the world. The whole world submits to capitalism. Some may support expansionary capitalism, but I got news for them, as long as they are raw materials to the bigger countries (that are being substituted by corporations), they are part of the system. If they have financial markets, and their currency is transformable to others within floating/fixed rates, they are part of the system. Thus, the whole world submits to such turmoil. Now, Nationalism used to rise in face of conquerors (Arab Nationalism in the face of the Turks, Nazis in face of the Allies, Neo-Nazis in the face of Soviet Union in east berlin...etc) but currently it rises due to the fact that groups express their refutal of the capitalist system spearheaded by the United States since it is its' corporations that dominate the top 200 companies. A third form of nationalism rises in reaction to those as a reaction to the second/first forms of nationalism, which supports the US under its own "patriotism".

So we dwell again, the system they establish is the concept of a strong state , whether the SSNP or DLM's nation state. The strong state remains in the middle of the Capitalist System and the ever-liberated free market (Special thanks to the WTO), so in the end it is a reaction to capitalism within the capitalist system. Bravo DLM, keep beyraying the left, and keep lighting candles to Samir (just as the SSNP do to their icon Antoun Saadi) to market your fascism... in the end, the workers of the world one day will be united, and you will be on the list like all the business men. The 1917 revolution was just a small example of how to bring forth a shook wave to the world. The World Social Forums was one of many attempts to face the capitalists...sooner or later... sooner or later....

Marxist From Lebanon

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