Thursday, September 30, 2010

Natanyyaho's Optimism

Find it amusing!
He hopes that the Palestinians will continue with the peace talks despite the fact that crazy settlers are building in an insane matter on a land that is not their own; on a claim that is based 2000 years ago. Fascists.

Besides what is his optimism based on? It is more like: "We are stealing your land and hopefully you will want to reach peace with us?"

Or the fact Leiberman's lineage proposal involves race values to decide borders (instead of 'democracy'), on what is Jewish or not, hence what is race or not, hence Leiberman is a racist, Nazi style of racism that focuses on race and lineage (the fact a person can come from a Jewish Father but non-Jewish Mother means that their offspring has almost zero rights, due to lineage). Now that is fascism.

I find it even more amusing to see apologists justifying all that genocide... those supporters carry the blood of the dead children of the Palestinians on their hands... whatever they think... that is how history will remember it.... just as they tried to delete Palestine pre-1948 and failed.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Irene Ship Irony

Taken from the comment section in Haaretz about the Holocaust survivor being attacked by the IDF: this man who survived the NAZIs now have to face IDF

Link: Jewish Gaza Bound Activists: IDF Used Excessive Force in Naval Raid

I find it ironic that in less than a week, a nobel prize winner, a former IAF, and a Holocaust survivor suffered IDF brutality. They were also lucky, imagine if they were Palestinians...

Also, I love seeing how Israel got slapped in the face after the activists shattered the image of IDF boarding a Jewish Ship "peacefully". Even Jews are not safe from Zionism...