Saturday, June 03, 2006

On Left Zionism - Fredy Perlman

"The Leftists had all but vanished in a dark sectarian Limbo no outsider could penetrate, a Limbo that stank almost as strongly as the one that held Messiah Lenin’s and Stalin’s heirs, with sects twisted out of shape by the existence of the State of Israel, ranging from those who claimed their seizure of power was all that was needed to turn the State of Israel into an egalitarian community, to those who claimed the existing State of Israel was already the egalitarian community.

But the Left Zionists shouted only at each other.It was the others who made all the din, who shouted at everyone else. And these were explicit about what they admired in the State of Israel; they affirmed it, they boasted of it, and it had nothing to do with the ailing wing’s egalitarianism. What they admired was:

the crusading nationalism that considered the humanity surrounding it as nothing but obstacles to its flowering;
the industrial potency of the Race that had succeeded in denaturing the desert and making it bloom;
the efficiency of the human beings remade into operators of big tanks and incredibly accurate jets;
the technological sophistication of the instruments of death themselves, infinitely superior to that of the Nazis;
the spectacularly enterprising secret police whose prowess was surely not inferior, for such a small State, to that of the CIA, KGB or Gestapo;
the bully militarism that pitted the latest inventions of life-killing Science against a motley collection of weapons, and exacted a hundred or a thousand times the losses it sustained. "

Fredy Perlman- Anti-Semitism & The Beirut Pogrom

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