Monday, July 17, 2006

Israel, USA, and free thinking

Stayed awake till 4:00 in the morning. The site of the four kids in Tyre was too horrific to sleep afterwards. What is to expect from a racist army called the Israeli Defence Army? Any non-Jew is a B-Citizen in their "State". Funny thing, Israel never mentions that Palestine by 1920 had 9%, while the last two% increased the last two years. The Brits thought they can keep the Jews in their "national home", but the collapse of their empire as well as the Switch of the Zionists to alliance with the United States had their plans messed up. The issuence of the White Paper post the Palestinian insurrection (1936 - 1939) proves that the British admitting their failure. The creation of such a country, while Ben-Gurion following the "clear spaces" in order to build settlements on previous owned Palestinian homes proves their madness, and they got away with it. When the Partition was issued by the UN, and the UN seems to forget that they had one of their martyres, the Count Bernadotte, Zionists were only a minority in their Jewish part of Palestine.

Forgetting Palestinian history and moving to the current stats (as I plan to tackle their history in details), I just ask how the Zionists hail accuracy and they are comitting such terrible deeds. Why the CNN does not display the death of these children, rather put how a Jewish family is terrified or express fear from the future. I have no problem they put that, but objective journalism is covering both sides of the coin. In such a case, the coin is tilted and uncovered.

The United States in majority are in favor of defending blindly Israel and justify its acts. They do not know how the Haganah massacred Christians blindly all over Palestine in 1948, except the Galilee, and they were treated as a Class B citizens while most of their homes are confiscated.

United Nations, that is supposed to help humanity refutes to welcome refugees in the South.

Do the US citizens still speak of democracy? Are they allowed to? They do, but their democracy is what the late Edward Said would call Orientalism. The imposing of values on races that sound inferior, only their money and business is Internationalist, despite race, gender, religion, and color.

It is funny come to think of it that the USA preaches Free Trade, while it is the most protective nation ever. Those "democratic" end up most protectionists while the Third World has nothing but to open its borders to the WTO.

I know I drifted apart, but the whole world is meaningless now after seeing those children burnt alive, or the Red Cross members massacred by the Israeli in the line of duty.

Only time will tell when this Lebanese genocide would stop, not with the bourgeoisie striking nice business deals on the back of those proletariat. What about the people died?


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