Sunday, July 16, 2006

Beirut = Stalingrad ?!

I was watching LBC, and the journalist said that Beirut = Stalingrad? Is it? Let us dwell on this togather, and I would like to see feedback on the issue.

First of all, the citizens of Beirut are sitting ducks with no means of fighting back. Stalingrad witnessed one of the greatest clashes against the Nazis (along with Korsk). The Russians still had some means to retaliate on their land, while hand to hand combat was the name of the game.

Second of all, Beirut's people are sitting and praying not to be hit, while a single party rather a nation is doing the war. In case of Stalingrad, it was the official government that declared it, even though controlled by a single dictatorship party (more or less Stalin himself, the one man show).

Third of all, Beirut's people have no means but be (whether they want to or not) human shields to Hizbullah. Stalin on the other hand shoved the people to the army to fight, with the no retreat command. (ie whoever turns back is shut by the "Red" army.)

Fourth, the "Red" army was threatened to keep hold in Stalinrad because it was in then name of its Tyrannt (and that blows Lenin's concept of opposing Iconization) by all means possible. Plenty of the Red soldiers were sent to their doom, without any logic. Over here, Beirut is being bombarded like no tomorrow, but still concentrated on issues when it comes to Beirut (can't say the same about the poor people of the South). The question is what targets next after the Dahhieh is reduced to rubbish and ashes.

Fifth, the Nikkita Khrucheve said that 82% of the Red Army's technology was merged with US technology (Khurcheve Remembers, Rochenko), while over here our army is being just slapped with no means to fight back. The army was able to fight.

Sixth, Israel fights an unfair war, or at least minimize their military losses as much as possible by using long range bombardment from Air and Sea. The Red army relied on Snipers to snipe out key generals and Nazi heros. Now, no retaliation occurred on the IDF and IAF, since we can't do any retaliation or at least minimum retaliation. The only retaliation is the Hizbullah from the South.

Seventh, Stalingrad never fell, Beirut fell in 1982, even though the IDF lasted 6 days and ran away from our area at least: Ras Beirut due to excessive. Currently they are not even doing that. Stalingrad had to last, for its name after that Hypocrite. Beirut's reistence has zilch against long range weaponry. Hand to hand combat proved to be effective against IDF (when the Israelis attempted to enter from the Horse Arena) and were massacred. Currently no risk at all.

Even though Stalingrad was ruined to ashes it stood, the Israelis can easily eradicate Beirut without any resistence, of course in words of Shimon Perez: "We are defending Israel." This bombardment is an attempt to force the Lebanese to capture Hizbullah and deliver them to the USA, that is not the case. This is a direct invitation to a civil war, with Hizbullah's organization much more than the army (excluding the fact that Nasrallah has several supporters from the Army and pro-Syrian parties that still retain their weaponry).



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