Saturday, November 25, 2006

14th of March Squeezes the Approval of International Tribunal

Another tension builds up to climax levels in Lebanon, and one of the four controversial topics has been approved on the executive level.

The four debating topics are as follows:

1-The International Tribunal
2- The Presidential Chair
3- The Arms of Hezbollah
4- The Assassinations

The International Tribunal after one year of clashes between the 8th of March (FPM included) and 14th of March blocks have reached critical stages. After different clashes between the 6 Pro-Syrian factions and the rest of the Anti-Syrian Faction, with a lot of "National Dialogues" that are usually compared to a Poker round table with greedy business men dissecting the profits of the nations (with no results) and threats/departures of the Pro-Syrian ministers, the Seniora Government without seven ministers (taking into consideration the assassination of Pierre Gemayel) decided to go through with the vote of accepting the International Tribunal (with the case of Pierre Gemayel in it).

The 14th of March block have regarded the International Tribunal as the key to their problems because they think once Syria is proved as guilty, the 8th of March Block will lose its support among its masses. Sabaa returned as Minister of Interior (after resigning for failure to avoid the assassination of MP Jubran Tuieni) to vote on this controversial decision.

Seniora today asked the six resigned ministers (5 Shiites and 1 Greek Orthodox) to return to the government on the condition that they will postpone the session regarding the International Tribunal. This deal was rejected by Hezbollah and AMAL (close allies to the power-greedy Presidential Chair Aoun) and prefered democratic demonstrations to reveal the true representation of their factions' support within the nation. Capitalists and Business men hoped that this would bring the two factions closer to a national unity. Those are the business men outside the two camps of course.

Meanwhile, the most controversial pull-out from the International Tribunal are the Syrians who parked inside Lebanon for 30 years, while the assassination of Rafiq el Harriri took place during their "mandate" over Lebanon. For now, it is the only country to refute even tackling that issue.

Round Two of Clashes

Despite the Syrian puppy, President Lahoud, objecting to the fact that this urgent session and the whole government is unconstitutional, the only person quoted him was the clown We'am Wahhab. The Governmental Decree if passed voted Parliament does not need the signature of Lahoud. Best thing the President can do, if he refutes the Decree, is delay the application of the decision for 15 days, then the Decree would become legitimate without his signature.

Now where Round 2 stands? The Chairman of the Parliament is no one else but the famous Nabih Berri of AMAL movement (ironically voted by 14th of March last year). Berri may need to support his block by omitting the vote on the agenda or not calling for a Parliamentary meeting to vote on the International Tribunal.

The 14th of March say they are legitimate because they got the support of the majority inside the Parliament. Truth of the matter is that the alliance with Hezbollah and AMAL last year got them the majority of the Parliament in face of Aoun’s faction.

Serious Threat

The threatening part of the whole scenario is the case of Berri declining to call upon the Parliament, and the whole situation would explode if the International Tribunal is adopted in the United Nations through Section 7. Bolton already expressed infinite support to the Seniora Government, while Tony Blair, Merkel, and Rice expressed similar opinions. Bush already called Seniora to express “his condolences” while the cowboy President also called Amin Gemayel twice, two days go, to express again his “condolences”.

If the International Tribunal is passed through Section 7, then we might seriously heading for fist to fist fighting among the different factions. Meanwhile, the unholy alliance between Nasrallah and Aoun declared that despite the sad assassination of Pierre Gemayel, they are still willing to go down to the streets to democratically pull away the government. 8th of March faction has accused Seniora government to make use of the assassination and to link it to other issues. 14th of March argue that Pierre Gemayel was assassinated because of the International Tribunal. Both factions are puppies to outside bourgeoisie.


Angry Anarchist said...

Bravo once again, you managed to turn things into yet another "March 8" vs "March 14" bickering. Bravo. That "proves" you're a "Marxist" and "aren't taking sides".

Angry Anarchist said...

By the way, you call Lahoud "Syrian puppy" (your terminology is racist, but I guess your so-called Marxism frees you from all blame in that regard... mmm!!), but if anything it is Lahoud's ministers who are keeping this government alive. Hope your unbiased self would realize that the next time you want to call Lahoud a "Syrian puppy" as per the March 14 discourse.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

jeeez, who sent you on me. If anything you are taking sides... didn't you read the Traboulsi article?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

And I have been calling the President so ever since he was elected

Angry Anarchist said...

I'm taking sides with whom exactly?

"March 8" did not accuse anyone of being behind the assassination. Nor did Aoun/FPM (Aoun is NOT "March 8" for the record, do you even know what "March 8" means, or it's been branded into your discourse for good?). But I DID. So again, I'm taking sides with WHOM exactly? What's next, you accusing me of being "pro-Syrian"? Sheesh. Talk about adopting the dominant nationalistic rhetoric.

What about the Traboulsi article? Again worshipping idols, are you?

Angry Anarchist said...

Regardless of when you started calling him that, the racism in that phrase is so apparent. Another example of how people who claim they are not with any side, adopt the dominant rhetoric/discourse and terminology, often without realizing it.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Interesting, because I chose to translate Traboulsi's article for its wonderful ideas then you call me idolizing (right? Ms. Angry Arab?)

Second, it shows how you want to read only what you want to see, specially I have been trashing 14/8th of March all over.

Third, I can say the same about you idolizing Aoun since I didn't see any critique on him for the past 2 monthes, specially with Irslan and others popping up on him. At least I have been accused by Pro-8th of March as 14th for trashing them and vice versa. You on the other hand argue that there is a difference.

Fourth, whether you like it or not, there are two splits: 14th and 8th. Deal with it... on the social level though there are three factions, same as the two earlier, and the third who hate both camps (and I am sure not refering to Salim el - Hoss).

Fifth, I just love to wonder where I go into Nationalism whenever I use quotes (actually been using them since 1998 prior 2005) which reflected realities? Yes, Lahoud is a Puppy for the Baathis, just as Lahoud voted for Aoun. On the other hand, Seniora had lunch with Rice while the entire country was going up the flames and never bothered to honor the 1300 martyrs who died during the July war by Israeli brutality.

Sixth, in case you hit the streets for the past five years prior to the Syrian Army withdrawal, I had my skull bashed several times by 2nd bureau in demonstrations, commands issued by Lahoud as the supreme head of the army. In the constitution, the President is the ultimate leader.

Seventh, I do not remember black block anarchists got long range so question is are you even an anarchist? Or simply angry... as noticed from your nice letters on your blog towards me :P


Khawwta said...

Very interesting approach..
I'm not arguing about the legitimacy of the International tribunal and I'm not taking side but for me the investigation can lead the country to a feasible solution..