Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Can Anyone explain to me...

(Pic: Written in Arabic: Saddam's Trial: Verdict is Execution. Theme one US tank is pulling Saddam's statue and another is hanging the rope to execute him at the same time (link)

How the heck you sentence someone before the whole Trial is over? I never liked Saddam and definitely hated him for slaughtering all the Proletariat and Marxists over there, but isn't it a coincedence that Saddam's sentence is out just right before the elections in the US states, and specially the Republicans' weakness is how they managed Iraq?

(Not to forget that the death toll for the past three years exceeded the entire reign of Saddam Hussein? Who will hold the US and its allies accountable for that? I never liked Saddam but I also hate the US administration's hegemony to annhilate the lives of the people... btw yesterday I heard Bush on CNN saying that they invaded Iraq to protect Israel? WTF? Is this the latest excuses for their blunders of not finding Weaponry of Mass Destruction there while the only country that uses banned weaponry and openly has Nukes is Israel.... taking about real democracy...) Only solution is the people deciding their fate without foreign intervention, it was the United States that made Saddam undefeatable by the Iraqi opposition in order to face Iran (ironically also sent to the court by the US for his atrocities against the Iranians). You can't impose the people through force what to do.


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