Sunday, December 31, 2006

Eve of 2007

Well, this year would be the third year without my father (RIP) who passed away three years. I am currently somewhere in Eastern Europe and about to go get drunk with the comrades... but as always people would think I am crazy because I raise a toast to the sky as a habit and respect to the memory of my father.

May this year be a Red year without any 8th and 14th of March war pigs and business crooks, at least the Democratic Leftist Movement is officially crumbling down as rumours on E. Khoury are becoming more frequent that he left the Right-Wing DLM.

For the Unity of the Proletariat despite Race, Religion, Gender, Tendency, and Color.

No War But Class War,

And one last wish: Hope to see George Bush, Dick Chenney, Rice, Rumsfield, Olmert, Peretz, and Levni put in an international courts for the blood of the innocent they spilled on global scale, and the Neo-Cons for starving the majority of the world!

As Comrade Che Guevara said: Hasta La Victoria Siempre



Renegade Eye said...

All the best comrade.

bashir said...

Wish you well MFL. May your father's memory live on.

Pocho said...

Happy New Fear!

Liliane said...

3rd time i repeat this post! Hope 2007 will be the year where you get to accomplish some of your dreams (khalli shwey la the next years). And hope your father's soul is resting in peace.

Cheers! o/

mullet said...

happy new year

Khawwta said...

Happy New Year

MarxistFromLebanon said...

May this year be a red year friends :)

Anonymous said...

Allah yer7amoo and may the coming years be peaceful for u and 7abebe Lebnan :)