Monday, December 11, 2006

Have You No "Communism" Left you "Comrades" of the LCP?

By all means that does not mean I am with the more reactionary Democratic Leftist Movement (the only thing leftist about that bunch is the term Leftist in their name).

For starters, the Lebanese Communist Party's name (Lebanese) disagrees with the very logic of Communism since we as Communists opposed all forms of nationalism. When the Boleshevic Party won their revolution, the name what to call the party after winning their workers' revolution in 1917 was a heated debate. One of the names proposed was the Russian Communist Party. Zinoviev discusses, at the Second Congress of the Third International, how Lenin opposed such an idea since the movement is International. He and his comrades agreed that the name should be the Communist Party. Che Guevara didn't mind under what country's flag he died as long as he was fighting the capitalist oppression for the Proletariat. Actually, it was rumored Che Guevara was carrying "Lessons of the Russian Revolution" by Leon Trotsky when he finally was arrested in Bolivia.

My stress on this article would use extensive material from Che Guevara since the Lebanese Communist Party members love raising his flag without knowing his ideas (actually back in the 1990s, some "comrades" thought Che Guevara was Cuban).

We all have seen how the LCP condemned both camps, but ended up signing agreements with all the 8th of March Camp while still hypocritically forgetting that the 8th of March do not care about the Proletariat. This is not surprising as the LCP has been a Stalinist Party, plagued with Russian Nationalism. By a Stalinist party I mean the fact that the Party abandoned its ideology/sciences for piece-meals of capitalist profits.

For example, the LCP agreed with the Free Patriotic Movement and neglected the fact Aoun disagrees with the 14th of March on almost every topic except what the Marxists oppose most in 14th of March: the Economic Plan. Seniora's plan is to bury Lebanon inside the World Trade Organization. I have written extensively on the World Trade Organization's impact on other nations and how the WTO is the ultimate imperial tool of not only the US bourgeoisie, but rather the rest of the world… since the Imperial forces support Puppet governments to safeguard their own (President Moubarak qualifies as a supreme example).

Second, it is always excellent to support against US's proxy Imperialist nation (Israel) in a state of war. That was my decision for example during the July war. Even though I stressed on the point in the end-result, Hezbollah are a reactionary group and do not represent the classes' interests; rather they focus on their own. The Lebanese Communist Party forgot its heritage and adopted fully the slogans of Hezbollah. They forgot how the unity of the Israeli, Palestinian, and Lebanese Proletariat against their bourgeoisie oppressors. After all, we do not believe in nationalities and workers despite their race are being oppressed. After all, Hezbollah is a religious movement, and is behaving like all Sect leaders are… the LCP forgot that "Religion is the opium of the masses".

Third, the LCP is supporting one bourgeoisie layer against the other. The LCP forgot what Che Guevara said: "Cruel leaders are replaced only to have new leaders turn cruel!” No matter how the LCP General Secretary Khaled Hdaidi attempts to prove himself as a third "secular" line, he ends up aligned with one group whose history of corruption (allies of Hezbollah) would only equate those of 8th of March. All of those camps' leaders rely on Sectarianism (along with inheritance of an ideology from Father to Son), the LCP forgot what Guevara said: "In fact, if Christ himself stood in my way, I, like Nietzsche, would not hesitate to squish him like a worm” . The LCP also forgot what Guevara said: “If you tremble indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.” Are they really comrades?

Fourth, the LCP calls for a "Unity of the Left" but then promote the Stalinist logo "No Party but the Party", interesting, how can the Left unite if the leaders are selling out on the working class? (at least they are selling out on a smoother publicity than the Democratic Leftist Movement). The LCP lost its capacity to emancipate from below because they have no clue what their ideology talks about. To be more exact, they are in a Stalinist Institution, which means the worship of a figure comes prior of thought.

Fifth, they adopt Nationalism for a one more time, unlike the past which was the disastrous Arab Nationalism, they are adopting the Lebanese Nationalism. Che Guevara fought from Congo to Argentina oppression, showed solidarity from Porto Rico to Algeria… preached Communism from one focal point to another. Moreover, Sa'adallah Mazra'ani needs a Che to yell at him and tell him on how he is living in a good life while the people are suffocating from Capitalism and all those different Lebanese nationalisms. Actually, the term itself Lebanese is so relative these days. Didn't the LCP preach internationalism? Or according to the members of the International Socialist Tendency they are claiming Internationalism to get funding to "compete" with Hezbollah?

Sixth, they forgot that Nationalism in Lebanon is Sect based, each Lebanese Sect (except for the Secular) regard Lebanon one way different than the others. By supporting the Sects struggle, they are abandoning the struggle for a real solution for the salvation of the Proletariat from this swamp: Sectarianism. Sectarianism paved way to foreign intervention. Actually, the LCP during the history was a pawn for a Stalinist Soviet Union for decades and decades. They seem to have forgot that point. They seem to have forgotten how Sectarianism paves way for the outside Bourgeoisie to infiltrate and divide the Proletariat. How fast they forgot the platform of the National Movement, when headed by Kamal Junblatt, to demolish Sectarianism, install optional Civil Marriage, demolish the Law of Personal affairs, have a single unit parliamentary elections, and above all a progressive economic system which is free of Sect Affiliates (then it was 6:5 repreated; as said in arabic during Frangieh Sr.'s time: Sitti khamsi Moukarar- Six for Christians & 5 for Muslims in Public Sector employment).

I am sure I can continue with this article for 12 hours… but I prefer to halt here for now, as like always I attack the Democratic Leftists and LCP together.

Down with 14th of March
Down with 8th of March

Yes to Civil Marriage
Yes to Secularism
Yes to the Unity of the Proletariat Against their Oppressors despite Race, Gender, Tendency, Nationality, and Class



Darko said...

Let's face it, it's lebanon that we're talking about here. This is a country where politicians have nothin better to do then accuse each other of treachery. So what would you expect if someone comes out, denying Lebanon as a final entity(witch personaly, i do deny). We live in country where everything is divided between sects and sectarian parties, and only show their own propaganda, so the only way for secular voices to get heard is, if they aligne themselves with one of the other sectarian parties. The LCP just like the rest of the secular parties in lebanon decided to follow this Machivilian Logic, but since you brand the LCP as being Stalinist, then i guess, they just had to "break eggs to make an omelet". ATM the lebanese political spectrum is divided betwenn two camps, and let's be honest, for a political party who have any intrest in creating a base for itself in the political scene, has to be alligned with one of the camps, cause staying neutral won't get you nowhere, sometimes you have do things to serve a higher purpose. Even the USSR had to join the allies to reach a higher goal(beat the shit out of hitler).

-(along with inheritance of an ideology from Father to Son)
Who do you mean by that, the SSNP, come on, is that all you got against that. That the kids are influenced by their fathers, this happens with all the parties- i don't get the problem

-As for your comment about religion- I say: To Hell with Secularism-All hail with Atheisme

Hope i made my ideas clear, i had lots of things to say, but found hard to put them together

i leave you with these two quotes to ponder upon:

إننا نريد الإقطاعيين و الرسماليين أن يسلموا للشعب بحق الأمة، و يعترفوا بحق العمال و الفلاحين، بحق هذا المجموع العظبم في الحياة و العز.

اقتتالنا على السماء افقدنا الارض.


MarxistFromLebanon said...

Remarkable Darko

I hate the Machiavellian trend as well but prefer to fight it as much as I can...

As for father to son, I was refering first to all parties who force their son/daughter who adopt that tradition. I personally prefer that the child would choose by conviction the political ideology he/she would support. Once I was at a Communist event for the LCP, I saw 4 and 5 year old kids wearing Che Guevara T-Shirts or Lenin's. Problem with the LCP, unlike the SSNP, the SSNP know their material, the LCP I had on seperate occassions teach them what their ideology meant. (non-member of the LCP)

Darko said...

-Thanks for the quick reply, i read the post two days ago and wanted to comment but was to busy.
-Now i get what you mean, about a secular party turning into a sect on it's own.
-I do have lots of LCP friends, the party has lots of followers up here in the north, and i had on many occasions seen some of them wearing Che T-Shirts and What Would Jesus Do wrist bands.I usually don't comment on that.
-As for the little kids wearing Che/Lenin T-shirt (i think a lenin T-shirt would scare the little kids)-well Lenin did say
“Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever”, so you can put it in that context
-You need to add a search form, to your website, so people can search in older posts, try to bring back the search bar that comes with the blog
-On a personal note, where are you from, and how old are you

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Lenin's policy was towards an ideological level. Marxists (me included) believe that Marxism is a science that requires a certain proper educational system rather than the worship of the figure instead of understanding the idea.

As for the others, in time ;)