Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Suddenly Kofi Annan decides to Condemn Israel

I am not sure because Mr. Annan is retiring so he decided to spill out what is on his mind, probably to clear his conscience. One thing for sure, he should have said those ages ago… meanwhile the Proletariat in different areas are dying or starving due to US imperialism/structure.

(MFL notes: Best Quote: In the same vein, those who complained that the Security Council was guilty of a “double standard” -- applying sanctions to Arab and Muslim Governments, but not to Israel -- should take care that they themselves did not apply double standards in the other direction, by holding Israel to a standard of behaviour they were unwilling to apply to other States, to Israel’s adversaries, or indeed, to themselves." (Mr. Kofi, you think? Why didn't you mention that earlier? Worried that you would lose your job at the hands of the US imperialists?)

Security Council SC/8896 (statements taken from here)

The Gaza Strip had become a “cauldron of deepening poverty and frustration”, and the overall situation was more complex, more fragile and more dangerous than it had been for a very long time.

"Among the “frank messages” he addressed to both sides, the Secretary-General said that Israel’s democracy could thrive only if the occupation over another people ended. He agreed with Israel that there was a difference between terrorists who deliberately targeted civilians and regular soldiers who killed or wounded civilians unintentionally in the course of military operations. However, the use of military force in densely populated civilian areas was a “blunt instrument”, which only produced more death and destruction, recrimination and revenge. “We should all work with Israel to move beyond the unhappy status quo and teach a negotiated end to the occupation,” he urged

Taken from: Following is the complete text of presidential statement S/PRST/2006/51:

"“The Security Council stresses that there can be no military solution to the problems of the region and that negotiation is the only viable way to bring peace and prosperity to peoples throughout the Middle East."" (MFL: like the Israelis bombed the crap out of Lebanon)

“The Security Council expresses grave concern over the deteriorating humanitarian situation and calls for the provision of emergency assistance to the Palestinian people through the Temporary International Mechanism, international organizations and other official channels."(MFL notes: Let the Israelis be rewarded for forming a siege and bombing the heck out Palestine, and in specific Bait Hannon)

“The Security Council reiterates its call for the Palestinian Authority Government to accept the three Quartet principles. (MFL notes: As long the democratic elected Hamas is not in power)

“The Security Council encourages the parties to engage in direct negotiations. (MFL notes: As long Israel does not kidnap 1/3 of the executive and legislative members while recieving a big bravo from the United States)

Taken from Annan's Statement in the meeting:

In the West Bank, too, the situation was dire. Settlement activity and construction of the barrier continued. Israeli obstacles impeded Palestinian movement throughout the area. The Palestinian Authority, paralyzed by a debilitating political and financial crisis, was no longer able to provide security or basic services. (MFL notes: By any chance the daily bombing of bulldozers of the IDF are not helping or the racist wall constructed for "defence" issues?)

He said that casting a glance to other parts of the region, one saw the Syrian Golan Heights still under Israeli control and concerns about Syria’s relations with militant groups beyond its own borders. (MFL notes: He actually mentioned the Golan Heights? And why due to the bi-polarity rivalry in Lebanon? Assad Scored Against USA with this point)

Iran’s nuclear activities and possible ambitions had emerged as a source of deep concern to many in the region, and beyond it as well. (MFL notes: Well India and Pakistans - arch-enemies and still struggling for Khasmir got Nukes... USA doesn't mind that. Israel has Nuke arms and moreover the Secretary General forgot that the invasion of the US & UK on Iraq acted as a catalyst and a fear factor for Iran to build its forces of defence...not that I am a dedicated fan of Iran as well but balance of power on the region can be an optional solution).

The international community must develop a new understanding of the uncertainty engulfing the Middle East, and then shoulder its full responsibility in resolving it and stabilizing the region. (MFL notes: such as holding the US-led coalition in Iraq accountable for all the deaths in Iraq and by-passing the UN as if it is a simple chat forum. Moreover, for once holding Israel accountable for its crimes rather simply using banned phosphoric bombs on Lebanese & Palestinians)

He said it was completely right and understandable that Israel and its supporters should seek to ensure its security by persuading Palestinians, as well as Arabs and Muslims more broadly, to alter their attitude and behaviour towards Israel. But, they were not likely to succeed, unless they themselves clearly grasped and acknowledged the fundamental Palestinian grievance -- namely, that the establishment of the State of Israel had involved the dispossession of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian families, and had been followed 19 years later by a military occupation that brought hundreds of thousands more Palestinian Arabs under Israeli rule. (MFL notes: still not held accountable then nor now, but prime time mentioned in this worthless UN institution)

Yet, he continued, hundreds of thousands of Israelis still lived in territories occupied since 1967 -- and more than 1,000 were added monthly. As Palestinians watched that activity, they also saw a barrier being built through their land in contravention of the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice, as well as more than 500 checkpoints to control their movement and the heavy presence of the Israel Defense Forces. Their despair at the occupation only grew, as did their determination to resist it. As a result, some tended to invest much of their trust in those who pursued the armed struggle rather than a peace process that did not seem to yield the coveted goal of an independent State. (MFL notes: finally admitting that the Palestinians were resisting for their rights, what took him so long to say that?)

But, the larger the number of civilians killed and wounded during those operations, and the more perfunctory the precautions taken to avoid such losses, the more that difference was diminished. (MFL notes: oh come on! You think they want to stop that in Palestine?)

He said it was completely right and understandable to support the Palestinian people, who had suffered so much. (MFL notes: you think?!)

Everyone should be united in their unequivocal rejection of terror as a political instrument. (MFL notes: 1300 Lebanese died and one million dispersed, daily massacres of the Palestinians, over 3000 Iraqis per month... why not start with accountability in order to block that side of terrorism as well)

In the same vein, those who complained that the Security Council was guilty of a “double standard” -- applying sanctions to Arab and Muslim Governments, but not to Israel -- should take care that they themselves did not apply double standards in the other direction, by holding Israel to a standard of behaviour they were unwilling to apply to other States, to Israel’s adversaries, or indeed, to themselves. (MFL notes: If it was applied from the beginning, the Palestinians wouldn't have been kicked out of their homes in 1948)

He noted that some might feel satisfaction at repeatedly passing General Assembly resolutions or holding conferences that condemned Israel’s behaviour. But, one should also ask whether such steps brought any tangible relief or benefit to the Palestinians. There had been decades of resolutions. There had been a proliferation of special committees, sessions and Secretariat divisions and units. Had any of those had an effect on Israel’s policies, other than to strengthen the belief in Israel, and among many of its supporters, that this great Organization was too one-sided to be allowed a significant role in the Middle East peace process? (MFL notes: Good morning, worried about your job Mr. Kofi or trying to clear your name in the face of the victims of the UN blindness)

Those who wanted to be heard on Palestine, therefore, should not deny or minimize that history, or the connection many Jews felt for their historic homeland, he said. Rather, they should acknowledge Israel’s security concerns, and make clear that their criticism was rooted, not in hatred or intolerance, but in a desire for justice, self-determination and peaceful coexistence. (MFL notes: that 2000 years later they decided to kick out the Palestinians out? I agree about the history part, it should be known as it is)

Most Palestinians did not seek the destruction of Israel, only the end of occupation and the establishment of their own State -- perhaps in a slightly larger territory than Israelis would wish to concede, but a limited territory, nevertheless. (MFL notes: you mean the Palestinian bougeoisie? What about the people who are expelled outside, don't they have a say in it? Didn't the lower classed Palestinians' electing Hamas is a way to express their sentiments of the situation?!)

He (Mr. Kofi) believed in the right of the Palestinians to exercise their self-determination. They had been miserably abused and exploited, by Israel, by the Arab world, sometimes by their own leaders and perhaps even, at times, by the international community. They deserved to see fulfilled their simple aspiration to live in freedom and dignity. (MFL notes: ah, but why always resort to the international community, ah yes, because the UN is a simple forum which can be by-passed anytime to invade a country like Iraq)
The situation, the people, the thirst for peace, were all very close to his heart. “I know they are close to yours as well,” he said, adding that, as a matter of urgency, “let us match that concern with concerted action”. (MFL notes: You mean not sending more cluster bombs to Israel?)
Afterwards Shiek Hammad Bin Jassim Bin Jabr al-Thani speaks (who courageously visited Beirut under siege by the Israelis after making sure that the USA would put a leach on the IDF while bombing the hell out of Beirut). It is notable that clusterbombs and lazer guided missiles were passing via Qatar.


rampurple said...

The all time Kofi Annan classic whas this in my opinion.


dfasf said...

yeesssss he left~!!!!!!
as an israeli I am so happy!!! and all this apologies will not change what I think on him...
all those years, so unobjective...god look what happen in darphoor, or sudan....look what happen in iraq, but it easy to blame the little countries, or mybe just israel is the only country that realy listen to what this old stupid man saying...

dfasf said...

Why you put the word suddenly, he do that all the time...this is the best thing that he has said on israel for years.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Not really dfasf

He always targeted both sides equally rather be objective. It was illogical that all those years the UN security council never condemned Israel of anything. He always refered to both sides... till this statement he said that the Palestinians were treated unjustly :)


dfasf said...

what are you talking about? only this years they condemned israel 8 times, the U.N confidence council gather 8 times only, all those convention were only on the israeli-palestine conflict.

today they council in the first time about what happend in darphoor, the first time!!!!!!!! the killing there is much more horrify and 1000 killed each day, and this is the first convention on this conflict...

what is the funiest thing is that they even didn't condemned sudan on sending arabs floweriness to kill people, cevilians...but they condemned israel 8 time, when israel is the only country that receive those refugees, what your arabs friend include the paletinians didn't and send them away...

even you that the hate on israel is in your hearts like blood, can agree with me that they far not objective and not practical to the israel-paletine conflict...and they see only one side...they don't condemned the hamas on firing rockets or the PLO for killing children evry day (palestinian children) only israel, is the blame of the suffer in the world.
at least this Kofi Anan rebukeed them on this, but still 3000 people killed each day in iraq and they don't do nothing, let them condemned at least nobody care what they said, they lost their mandats.

Renegade Eye said...

Much better look to your blog.

Good post. The UN has always been a property of US imperialism, remember Korea.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Dude, Sudan has Arab, remember it was part of of Egypt under your creators the british mandate.

Further, not once Israel was sanctioned and the United States vetoed Israel. And even when that happened, nothing influential occured on Israel's behalf.

At least this speech reflected that those who are most unjust are the Palestinians, and they were kicked out of their homes, and the civilians over there have the right of resistence.

What is more, Israel was never held accountable for its crimes (remember Qana 1, and Beit Hannon?) The United States vetoed the decisions, while Qana 1 the US pulled strings to make it a tiny tickle to the israelis. For a contrary holding number 1 massacres on the Civilians (well the US are close into breaking that score in iraq), and never held accountable. Heck, the Israelis were proven to use phosphoric bombs and never handled. The UNIFIL during the July war also said that refugees in clear light were bombed, so who is being smuggled with a nice carpet?

PS: Thanx Renegade

dfasf said...

What is the conection to what I've siad?
I am not agree with you, but even if you right... look again what I've wrote, I said that they spent too much time in condemned israel, and ignored from condemn other countries that do much more crimes and kill much more cevilians and this is a fact.

You also not mention that Kofi Anan said that terror isn't an accepted resistance, and he condemn it, he isn't support in such a resistance and he think that israel has the right to defend itself from those racist, murders terrorist...(now they killed themself with their resistance...)...actually it was the most pro israeli expression for years...

he also said that he don't agree with all those conventions on israel, and the ignore from the terror of the other side..exactly like you do all the time, from you I don't expect because I know that you care only for israeli suffer, but from the people who should be the defender of the world, I do.

its good that U.S vote for us, the U.N are not objective so why should we need to be objective..we also know how to play...its nice to see you try so hard and in the end nothing happend...:)


how do you explain the ignore from the arabs to those refugees???

marxistfromlebanon said...

You mean the US vetoes the whole world?

Interesting... how democratic Israel is... what Annan mentioned of that part represents through time line few and does not excuse Israeli massacres.... if the UN was not good to the Israelis, then surely I do not know what is...specially your logic is "yes let us do what we want without accountability"


dfasf said...

No, not at all!!!!
I know that the U.N is importent system, I know that someone need to protect on the weaker countries like lebanon, and palestine, but also I think that they need to be objective, and to protect on the strongest side also, not only on the underdog.
and they don't do that.
I see one president who said that my country need to disappear from the map, and nobody say nothing...both of us are the perfect example, I want that you will not hurt me, and you want that my country will disappear-this is the diffrent, between israel and its enemies.

and if the U.N keep to do nothing, only to condemn israel and not its enemies-so yes I support in U.S vetos...we are all know why is all those denunciations, the europians afraid form the muslims in their countries, the arabs has 24 countries add this to the third world countries and you are the majority no matter what is the suggestion on the table...they will always vote against us.
to them is politics, to israel is the why do you think that we will not use in this veto right???

if you call the Kanna and Beit Hanoun "masscares", so let me remind you the 100 "masscares", that your palestinians freinds did from 2000-2004 or the "masscares" that hezbolla did, but you call it if you call it a resistance you have no right to ask that cevilians will stop hurting.

MarxistFromLebanon said...


Hezbollah's killed were mostly military figures while the civilians hid in bombshelters. 90% of the killings of the Israelis were on Civilians

Moreover, UN is unjust, all UN resolutions issued were for the benefit of Israel.

dfasf said...

Hezbolla killed 42 cevilians, it tried to kill more but they are not good in targets, and their rockets are olds russian rockets from war world 2...
their "masscars"!!!! yes!!!!, why? israeli blood is more acceptable than lebanon blood for you??? and you call us a racist? why kana is a msccare but to target on cevilians and killed them without any military base near their houses isn't consider for you as a massacre??? or to get a explosion belt and go to the bus kill 20 children like those terrorists do near my house 2 years ago isn't a massacre?