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Hassan Nasrallah's Speech today: Full Scale Offensive on 14th of March

(MFL notes: This is simply a reporting post, I will do the analysis tomorrow)

Well, if only I had a full recording over the speech of Hassan Nasrallah. As always his speech is full of charisma, as he has always been capable of delivering a speech with high controversies. Every time he escalated, me and my friends were saying: "Shit has hit the fan over this country" then he assures them that nothing is happen. I will try to remember as much as I can regarding what he said:

He first started to ask his supporters not to shoot in the air (specially that has been happening lately in the Dahhieh region) and stressed that these bullets should be directed towards the Zionist enemy.

He asks the demonstrators not to use swearing language and calling political figures bad names anymore as this demonstration is not provogative.

He then honors the fallen Martyr Mahmoud who died in Qasqas and considered him as a martyr of resistance.

Afterwards, he attacks 14th of March by accusing them of raising Sectarian differences, and even mocks them on how they link Lebanon to Iraq. He insists that this government is not a legitimate government.

It should be note worthy that he appeared rather angry while talking live from a studio to his audience in Down Town. His tone was not that aggressive even during the July War.

He also says he is willing to face any court coming in Lebanon because he has nothing to hide.
He also finds it rather strange how this government is legitimate while Olmert and Bush are praising the Seniora government.

The doors of the opposition are open to anyone who wants to have a dialogue with it,

He also insists that he is against any civil war and his weaponry will never ever be directed towards Lebanon. He insists that all the Lebanese, despite religion, are brothers.

He also stresses that he does not see any Sunni-Shiite clash in Lebanon, if anything, it is 14th of March who are stressing that there is a Shiite - Sunni Clash.

He then asks his audience to always be calm despite provocations.

He also says that even a 1000 martyr like Mahmoud die, they will never resort to weaponry as the party historically never aimed its arms towards the Lebanese (even though during the civil war, there have been three clashes with AMAL and two with the Lebanese Army but to be objective, never under Nasrallah's command of the Shora Council (call it Central Committee if you like with some differences to that definition).

He also insists that the Christians and Muslims are all brethrens again.

He then says that this government is an illusional government that is gambling on the surrender of the demonstrators.

He then says a major announcement, that all he is asking for is a National Unity Government, with 1/3 plus command. (Tomorrow I will translate an article from assafir regarding his alliance with Free Patriotic Movement) He then tells them that a real democratic government is a government whose opposition has the power to veto the majority. He also said, in the name of Hezbollah (technically whatever he decides, Aoun and the others would simply follow) that if the opposition win elections or if they are the majority, he gave them personal assurance that he will give them the 1/3 plus in the government, insisting to be 100% democratic.

He is willing to enter the investigation committee of the International Tribunal because again he has nothing to hide.

He invites the Arab regimes of the visiting Arab nations not to listen to the reports of their ambassadors, rather they should come and see in person what is going on in this democratic demonstrations.

He also insists that the reliance of the government on the West will not do them anything good.

He also reassured the government that the demonstrations will not sieze till their demands are achieved.

He also announces that he refutes any foreign mandate whether from friends or strangers.

He stresses that he does not wish for a civil war because there are no winners in a civil war. All parties would lose.

He states that the government want to kill them while they want to live togather.

If this government was the government of the Sunnis, Nasrallah would have been the first to obey it.

Whoever stimulates Sectarian differences is a traitor to this nation.

The opposition say that they want the Taef Accord, in reality they are hiding the murderers of Rafiq el Harirri.

He salutes the Lebanese Army, and its commanding officers for the brave deeds they are doing, and argues that they have proven their loyalty to all the Lebanese, while the Security Forces still need to prove that they are not protecting one party against the other. The Lebanese Army is an assurance of the nation (MFL notes: and indirectly Nasrallah expresses his satisfaction of Elias el Murr)

In Iraq, the Americans have been spending hundreds of millions of dollars in Iraq, and the result is failure.

Nasrallah is with anyone who goes to free their land, such as Palestine, Iraq, and Lebanon.

The government never mentioned what is going in Palestine.

This government recieved help from the international community more than anyone.

Shiites and Sunnis do not hate each other. Just as a Sunni signed a peace treaty with Zionist Israel in Camp David, and Shiites met with President Bush, this does not mean the whole sects should hate each other.

Whatever the Arab kings are promising Lebanon is a loss. He asks the foreign rulers not to intervene in Lebanese affairs for the sake of one team against the other.

Israeli compliments make this government look more suspicious.

Isn't it shameful that the Israeli government meet in a miniature meeting discussing how to help Seniora government?

Now Nasrallah's Escalations and Assurances

He said that he didn't want to tackle the topic, but tonight he will:

Nasrallah then finds it weird about how 14th of March is raising the topic of the weaponry. For starters, he accuses that certain, and not all 14th of March, went to the Bush administration and told them that they can't disarm Hezbollah, and gave them green light to bomb Lebanon. (highly escalating)

Then he accuses Prime Minister Seniora, who according to Nasrallah has no mass support, for ordering the army to intercept the weapons of resistance in a MIDDLE OF A WAR. Hence, while 14th of March have been accusing Nasrallah of triggering the July War, Nasrallah accuses them that they planned it. Israel after the visit of this 14th March team, opened a prison camp in Northern Israel (well he refered to Israel as occupied Palestine) which fits about 10,000 prisoners just prior to launcing their operation.

He also mocks the Israelis of bombing all the bridges to cut down the supplies for the resistance, but in the end result, he kept the supplies going. What stunned Nasrallah was the order on the Lebanese Army to proceed searching. Yet he found it interesting also how they didn't bomb the bridges closest in Line to the borders, rather directly the heartland of Lebanon.

Again, the Government didn't do any effort to locate the traitor agents who were supplying Israel with information while it was Hezbollah capturing them.

He also mentions that a source of the Security Forces (and in allegiance of a certain team of 14th of March) were looking for Nasrallah's hide out, and actually informed the Israelis where he was hiding in a previous location. He still didn't give names, and still is insistent that if he is forced to do so, he will. Actually Nasrallah demands the opening of a JUDICIAL COURT to investigate these issues and to hold the responsible accountable.

He also says that a certain team of 14th of March (same one mentioned earlier) told the Israelis to continue bombing.

He hopes the day will never come to spill out the names.

After each time he throws such an explosive accusation, he calms things down and says that he will never raise his arms against fellow Lebanese. He also still insists he wants a Lebanese National Unity.

After all these blasts, he says that he is forgiving and will never seek revenge because with blood his supporters will face the swords of the government. Actually, he insists he is so forgiving to everyone, he is willing to forgive everyone, and actually demanded the release of a Sunni militant group which attempted to assassinate them and let them return to their homes in Tareeq el Jadeedi (strong hold of Harriri's supporters even though even Nasrallah insisted they had no relations to him, this incident occured in February or March 2006... need to refresh my memory, however back the captured group... it was the army intelligence that captured it but Nasrallah wondered why there was no sentence from the Judicial side but insisted they are to be released since he is so forgiving).

He then refers to the 2005 elections and accused the 14th of March to undergo treacherous alliances, but this time the opposition will win and sweep elections (and will gurantee the 1/3+ to them). He also said that if the Government does not step down, he will make sure it fall, then to do a transitional government which will supervise the making of a new Parliamentary elections, to save Lebanon.

He also said, that he wants to see the Seniora out of the government and he will make sure that an honest Sunni man (MFL notes: potentially Salim el Hoss) replaces him when they win elections.

First Time in Lebanese History

Moreover, he invites the Muslims on Sunday to participate in the Prayers taking place on Friday. The person who will participate is a well known Sunni Sheikh, and that never happened in history of Islam whereby a Sunni clergy man would do the prayer ceremonies in a Shiite Mosque or audience. His name is Dr. Fathhi Yakan. This again to prove to the rest, according to Nasrallah, that these peaceful demonstrations are not related to Shiite - Sunni clashes as the government is attempting to do. He insists that there is no difference between Sunni - Shiite Muslims in his eyes.

Marxist From Lebanon:

Well exhausted to write everything in 30 minutes as my head is about to explode; howeve, I will do some quick notes on the matter:

1) Nasrallah took things to the next level and hinted that a next democratic step will come out from the opposition soon in case the Seniora government remains.

2) He accused a certain team on multi-occasions with collaborating with the Israelis, and even begging them to continue bombing them, this is high treason (well high treason in my perspective as well if dealing with Zionists to kill proletariat).

3) He accused the same team that they went and asked the US administration to bomb Hezbollah and a certain faction of the Lebanese because they failed to convince through the "National Dialogues" ... this again is high treason.

4) In case Seniora resigns tomorrow, then his accusations are real and the Prime Minister is involved

5) The Position of 14th of March is in a very critical stage

6) More analysis is required, and personally I need a break from all the impacts...


PS: I will edit this post when I have the time...


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