Friday, December 29, 2006

14th of March Blunders: Monopoly of Victims to Preserve Supporters (Myths From Reality V.2)

The latest blunders by 14th of March are many as well, not that I am defending the 8th of March, but these seriously deserve some comments.

For starters, 14th of March are behaving exactly like the neo-cons. They got this "I love life" banner campaign which is simply racist. When Bush declared that he was waging a war on the enemies of freedom, he divided the world into two: Civilized and Un-civilized. Now, 14th of March, in the footsteps of the right-wing, are doing the same. They self-proclaimed themselves as lovers of Life, well for starters, what is life, simply belonging to a Neo-Con trend that wants to sell-out Lebanon to the World Trade Organization and be puppies of US imperialism?! Or loving life is to continue (exactly what their rivals are doing) be sectarian and bring Sheikhs to the Governmental Palace?! That means the masses bluffed by their leaders to seek a better life are zombies?

Moreover, the hegemony over the politically assassinated continues. To the 14th of March political logos, these assassinated are considered important martyrs because the majority of them are suspected to be assassinated by the Syrians (while the killer is still unknown, it can be Israel, Syria, or even both). Furthermore, 14th of March have officially extended their monopoly of the "Martyrs" to the War era, where all the political war lords should have been dumped in prison along with Jaajaa.

The list of names are plenty, Bashir Gemayel, Pierre Gemayel Jr., Kamal Junblatt, Hassan Khaled, Rene Mou'awad, Samir Qassir, Bassel Fliehan, George Hawwi, Dany Sham'oun, Jubran Tuieni, and Ramzi Irani. Now, on what criteria the 14th of March decided to put these names? I mean I would understand that they would the names as in terms of Rafiq Harriri and the afterwards assassinated ones as part of their Anti-Syrian propaganda, but the whole lot are not lovers of life, except probably for Rene Mou'awad, Samir Qassir).

So let us begin our investigation:

Bashir Gemayel had a federational plan for Lebanon. He was willing to invite the Israelis to install him as a President and never minded to do so. Oh wait a second, he bloody did (after his Dad co-invited the Syrians over). He is responsible for the deaths of Thousands and surely he is not a lover of life.

Dany Sham'oun: A culprit of the Tal Zaatar massacres, and Bashir Gemayel's rival in terms of international ties. The Ahhrar, headed by the feudal family Sham'ouns, had stronger ties with Israel and the United States administration. The party itself is older than the Phalange which the Gemayel's ruled. Camille Sham'oun smuggled his son outside Lebanon when the Safra massacres, commanded by Bashir occured. Dany Sham'oun was on the target list of "lover of life" Bashir Gemayel

Kamal Junblatt, the head of the Progressive Socialist Party and the Lebanese National Movement, also was a partner of war (keep in mind I highly respect the man and his platform); however, his allegiance to the PLO messed up the whole thing. He died when Bashir Gemayel's dad was in alliance with the Syrians (A year later or so, the Syrians would form the Rejectionist Front and joined the LNM and PLO). I have to keep in mind that Bashir Gemayel and Antoine Najm both were heavy opponents to the unholy alliance between the Syrians and President Sarkis.

George Hawwi, co-founder of the Resistance Front For the Liberation of Lebanon and Chairman of the Lebanese Communist Party, loudly announced that the SSNP (if Habib Shartouni's version holds) beat him by one week as he planned to assassinate Bashir Gemayel.

Hassan Khaled, the Grand Mufti and another excuse of Religious intervention in Politics, was known for modernity, but I seriously doubt he would visit the Governmental Palace to do a propaganda prayers over there. The Mufti was known for his modernity.

These are your lovers of Freedom, and ironically the by-standers who died with them didn't get any Christmas tree, nor the victims of the Israeli aggression. If that is the case, then Hezbollah can claim the martyrs of the Resistance (also can be classified as lovers of freedom whose supporters live their lives in the most difficult economic and military situation) and put around 6000 Christmas tree.

One note on Hajj Hassan's remark, Hezbollah did indeed participate in the war, and they entered three clashes with the AMAL movement. So his claim drops.

I am a lover of life, but not in their marketing political sectarian way.



Liliane said...

Again MFL, another good post, I am really enjoying reading them.

First thing I definitely agree with and I remember discussing this topic with my brother for so long was when Bush divided the world into "Terrorists" and "Against terrorism". If you are not against Bin Laden, then you are a terrorist.
Same thing March 14 are doing (although I know many March 8 who are doing the same, however they're not using billboards).
I wouldn't only blame March 14 for this "division in two", I also do so for March 8 (which I don't see you criticize too much!)
But I understand that with a lot of propaganda, March 14 are asking for it!

Also another good point concerning the martyrs, Lebanese media precisely is "using" drama of people on just any occasion. Which reminds me of how they film nayla tueni crying all the time, fainting etc...
Or when during the July war, same thing goes.

The journalism (if we can still call it this) has been a die-hard of disaster and death, they're suckers for blood. There is a way to report how bad a situation is, without showing beheaded people, and this is not what they are doing.

However I have to say, they would make blockbusters movie if they intend to, i bet they will get oscars for directing.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Dear Liliane

Actually I do, if you read my posts during December, the Sectarian all the Way Series, and actually even before that. I attack everyone, but the statues thing by 14th of March seriously deserved a post on their own. If you check the December and prior to December archives, you would find dozens of posts attacking both camps.

Technically, the 14th of March accuse me of being 8th of March, while the 8th of March accuse me of being 14th of March :D

Liliane said...

Hehe then I will scrim through your archive when I am at work :P

Darko said...

great post, those billboards were bugging me from the first time i saw them, it's good to see that i'm not the only one.
Just a couple points i like to point out:

1-Hezbollah at one point during the war even clashed with the SSNP, I'm a little sketchy one the circumstances but a friend of mine was wounded during one of these clashes.

2-To be honest, Shartouni wasn't working with the party at the time of the attack, and in fact he was collaborating with the PLO, at least that what i know about this, but he still had the SSNP ideology , and the SSNP, well at least some of them(those people who were asking to drop the charges against him, Shartouni friends) are proud of his action including me, cause that assassination, was something that should have happened. And if that makes me a hater of life so be it.

3-I am to some extent with the 8th of march movement and i consider you one of us

4-Have you considered publishing some of your post, i think you should. Maybe in aldyar! ha ha

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Actually Dark0, one of the main accused then and now was Elie Hobeika, since he was the head of Bashir's safety security system and he was not with them when Bashir was blown up to peaces.

But keep a close eye on the matter, as I am going to put the US journals (Philip Habib, Moris Draper, Lewis Hill, George Shultz, Matt Dillion) on our "beloved politicians"

As for Hezbollah, I would like to add that Hezbollah were rather bloody to the LCP, SSNP, and OCW (Order for Communist Work). A lot of well trained units were massacred by Hezbollah and AMAL during those days. The Communists, well ex-warriors, keep saying that it was the secular front that kicked out Israeli forces outside West Beirut and not Hezbollah

Lebanese said...

You blundering idiot, get your facts straight: Cheikh Bachir was assassinated years before Dany chamoun died!!

MarxistFromLebanon said...

I rechecked my info Lebanese, and my fact on the fascist Shamouns stand the same... Mr. Jaajaa annhilated Dany Shamoun and his family by the COMMANDS of Bashir Gemayel, while it was Dory who ran to Europe with his life.