Friday, December 29, 2006

Israeli Statistics: Military Operation on Lebanon during July War

(MFL notes: I didn't do any posting these days because I am touring Europe)

This came from an Israeli report according to Annahar:

Time interval between July 12 - 14 August 2006:

Hezbollah's impact on Israel:

52 Israeli civilians got killed
117 IDF soldiers got killed
3970 Missile dropped on Israel (outdated compared to their US weaponry)
901 of the 3970 dropped on Civilian Locations
Israel overall expenses: 1.4 Billion US dollars
One Million Israeli hid in Bomb Shelters
30,000 Israelis left their homes
6000 Houses were hit (which is illogical compared to the number of Missiles launched)
2773 were treated from Psychological shocks
3570 civilians were wounded

Racist Israeli Forces Operations on Lebanon:

IAF operations: 15,000
- 10,000 war missions
- 1000 combat mission for helicopters
- 1000 search missions
- 1300 surveillance missions

Naval Israeli Forces:

8000 hours spent on the entire Lebanese Shore
2500 missions targeting Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army and Infrastructure (which are the Lebanese people themselves, the real ones hurt...)
70,000 Foreigner evacuated Lebanon

Lebanese Killed 1083 (report fails to mention the age as 1/3 children)
Females Killed 233
Males killed: 602
Foreigners in Lebanon: 56

Wounded: 4359
Males: 2856
Females: 1418
Foreigners: 85

Lebanese Army Casualties:

48 killed
445 Wounded

(Over 1 million were displaced, which also puts the number of Lebanese civilians due to racist Zionist aggression unknown, specially among the children, Report does not mention the 1.2 billion Cluster bombs shot on Lebanon, 90% in the last 3 days of the war + the targeting of the Red Cross vehicles and civilians fleeing and raising the white flag. Report also fails to mention the use of UN banned Weapons such as the Phosphoric Bombs).

In the end, Olmert, Halutz, and Peretz should be placed in an International Court as War Criminals.

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