Saturday, December 30, 2006

The US Drama Closes Down its Saddam Curtain

The Dictator Saddam Hussein got executed.

For the first time, detailed scenes were broadcasted of the execution. The Government spokesman said that Saddam appeared to be scared. Saddam actually appeared heads up and gave himself as a martyr for the future which will not fit in US plans.

The illegitimate government which does not represent the Iraqi people, despite the minor enforced elections on the Iraqi proletariat, finally tried to face save itself by executing Saddam. The timing of Saddam appeared on the Sacrifice Holiday of the Muslims, which is also ironic by US foreign policy.

Bush welcomed the decision and celebrated. To be exact, the US fully control the Iraqi oil, but politically and on the socially they do not control anything. They considered the execution at a goal to face save themselves as at least attaining something from their bloody invasion to Iraq.

Moreover, Howard said that this was a fair trial. This is the first time a person is executed while his trial is not over. The speedening of executing Saddam was illogical, they even encouraged the broadcasting of the execution process in order to give the Iraqi government some legitimacy. Till now, the government is viewed as a US imperialist extension that is collapsing on a tremendous speed whereby the tripartite regions are going to a civil war with the US soldiers are squashed like candy between the three waves.

The first judge on Saddam was rather objective which caused the Americans to throw him out and exchange him with a Kurdish judge to make it more ironic for Saddam. The defence said that the verdict was already prejudged. Prisoners of War protocols were breached by the United States. The majority of the Arabs view the court as illegitimate and they argued that the court should have taken place after all foreign invading forces left Iraq.

The United States Administration did a terrible mistake from a sectarian perspective, they chose the Sacrifice Holiday (Eid al-Adha) to get Saddam executed, which insulted the majority of the Muslims in the Arab world. Even in Iran, the nation that suffered from Saddam's aggression, has people arguing that the trial was unfair since it was forged by imperial forces. In any case, the government is going to expect more hell and more Iraqi proletariat are going to be killed. I hated Saddam Hussein, but the death tolls inflicted due to the US imperial soldiers reflected that this regime is three times bloodier than Saddam. The American people are not aware of that because they are trapped by their own Media.

The Iraqi government argued that they want to be democratic. The Pope of Rome himself that the execution was terrible and the whole court tragic. The Iraqi government argued that they wanted the Baathis to join the power. This an illogical arguement to cover the US blunders. One of the members of Iraqi Parliament argued that this court was unfair and extension to US and Israeli imperialism. Moreover, he asked: "Is the current status better than Saddam's regime? More people are dying." Libya already announced national mourning for the ex-dictator.

The insult has reached the entire supporters of Arab nationalism. The stupid Bush administration simply made their muppet governments in Algeria, Morrocco, Jordan, and others more unstable. This step also furthered the gap between the "West" and the "Arabs". The pace of the court made it look as a fiasco.

Meanwhile the Bush Administration is celebrating they achieved "Democracy" but they brought nothing but Death and destruction to the Iraqi people, Bush should be held in an international court for war crimes.

The court of Saddam "by the Iraqis for the Iraqis" is a lie. Saddam should have had an international court, like Milosevic or the Rwandian war criminals, or the Bosnians ethnic cleansing leaders. To be more exact, the US simply decides according what it suits its interests and the rest of the world would have to accept it.

Till now, the New Middle East roadmap is full of blood, the US imperialists have been losing drastically and more pain is coming towards them due to the unstable area. al-Qazzafi is regarded now a hero for announcing National mourning. Saddam was a dictator, but again it is not the US's puppy court to decide it to do a drama play. The play they want the Baathis to overcome their fear and be part of authority is a lie, how can bunch of dictatorships would shake hands with the US puppies? Saddam was a least barrier, the US are simply looking for a Baathi Puppy to attempt to control the situation.

The Iraqi death toll 2 years ago has beat the record of Saddam in two years, the execution of Saddam would create a new Iraq, but not the one the US are dreaming off.



Graeme said...

I am never sad when a dictator dies, especially one that was our friend. One that got his start killing activist workers

Liliane said...

We both looked at this "event" the same way, but you're a better writer than I am :P

Anyway I definitely agree, on Friday night, I was surprised to hear (read with the whole marquee on the bottom of the TV) that Saddam was going to be executed the next day (saturday) in the afternoon.
Again woke up on Saturday morning, surprised to find him gotten already executed.
This is definitely a wrong thing to do by the Bush administration, each time I think they cannot make things worse in Iraq, they successfully manage to do so.

For 1, I don't approve Capital Punishment, it is just wrong!
2, on the first day of Adha???
3, and now Iran agrees with the US on the fact that this is a good thing for Iraq
4, they ran some scenes from his trial, and the judge for me did not look at all objective.

I might sound pro-saddam, I am not, but again I think he paid a bigger price than he should've while others like him (in other ways?) are out there.

marxistfromlebanon said...

Graeme, I would too, but not through US imperialism and on the on-going slaughters of the Iraqi Proletariat.

Liliane, I agree and no you are writing fine ;)

all_i_can_stands said...


Some key questions on your post:

You called the Iraqi government illigitimate. Please describe what a legitimate government in Iraq would be. Say you were to set one up tomorrow, how would you do it differently than done for the current government.

You complain about the trial of Saddam and refer to the judge that was forced out. Is it your claim that an "objective judge" would have found Saddam innocent of the crimes he was accused of? Do you believe Saddam innocent of these crimes?

Though from your rhetoric I cannot be sure, I will go ahead and assume that you cannot possibly think Saddam innocent of atrocities that have butchered thousands. What do you think should have been the consequences of his actions? My guess from your monicker "Marxist" you think that such bloodthirsty behavior is ok in a dictator. Famous Marxists like Lenin and Stalin had the blood of millions on their hands, yet you choose to associate with them by taking such a name.

You are fine with the bloody nature of Lenin, Stalin and Saddam yet somehow you have a problem with the U.S. shedding blood during wartime.

As for your comments on the holiday being selected for the execution angering the arab world: I find that the arab world gets angry far too easily to take into account for decision making. If they will get angry for choice a, b or c then it does not matter which is picked.


MarxistFromLebanon said...

I didn't say I am fine with the USA

But the Iraqi government is not legitimate with elections shoved under the US marines. Specially with the court nature took place

Second Lenin is not Stalin, so I recommend you review history.

Third, Death tolls in Iraq have tripled than Saddam's, so do not tell me that Bush does not deserve to be on trial like a war criminal, and Saddam should have been put on trial as well or at least the court should have taken place after the US imperialists evacuated. Lately if anyone is bloody, it is the Bush administration and Qa'eda...

Fourth, where did I salute Saddam? Poor neo-con


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