Friday, December 08, 2006

Ironic Lebanese Forces Logic

Sort of like Orwell but in their sense, some are more Christian than others... (oh yeah and ironically they are secular)

Of course, it was 8th of March killing the Lebanese during the July war, not the Israelis even though more than 70% on the Lebanese Forces Forum voted for the war to continue. (how humanistic)

Some supporters still believe in cleansing, but seem to forgot the words of Christ: Love Thy Neighbor... come to think of it, Christ is a 14th March to them. By the way O smart Lebanese Forces, as I read in plenty of blogs about Palestinians, you seem to have forgotten that Jesus Christ is a Palestinian (if we follow the Abad el Abideen logic such as Pheonician nationalists do). So does the real Christ end up as 8th of March in that case?

I am against both camps since they are reactionary and capitalists. Yet, some ideas and theories I read these days crack me up laughing. I could have dwelled more, such as Bashir Gemayel was elected President in a location with Israeli presence... and Bashir invited the Israelis over and bla bla bla.... but that is in the past.

Sighs... what a country of capitalist greed and reactionary blind followers (Lebanese Forces included)


Khawwta said...

So you are a "believer" after all!!

MarxistFromLebanon said...

nope, I am not Khawwta

I just like to follow the claims of others and hypothatically check it out from different dimensions

Tony said...

1st jesus was not palestinian, remember that jesus was a jew, so he is israelian. in fact what we call now as palestinian are not the same palestinians of christ's era, their were no arabs in the mediteranean region, whereas, today's so called palestinian claim to be arabs.

2nd what said about Bashir is really silly and stupid. Bashir was the only hope for a great and prosperous lebanon, the lebanon that we all want, not lebanon as seen in bashar assad or ahmadi najad' eyes. a peaceful and strong lebanon with a strong identity, all lebanese working for the favor of lebanon. lebanon that has a great heritage of more than 6000 years of shining civilisation.. unfortunately, many lebanese did not understand bashir's ideology because of bad media that are paid or threatened by hafez assad.

halla2 about july's war, well , why defending hezbollah and hassan nasrallah when himself he admited that he made a mistake!!

tony said...

sorry, i forgot to talk about marxism. well im 100% sure that you know nothing about marxism.. marx, a great man, or simply, THE GREATEST MAN IN HISTORY, day after day, while reading marx i understand his writings and what it not written is even more.

i advise you to read marx's writings more and more so you'll understand lots of hidden thinks. marx's ideology about socialism and capitalism is strong and deep. but you have know that even the most socialist and communist countries are still capitalists in marx's eyes. do really believe that bashar or najjad or ben laden or shavez or castro are really the once who are fighting capitalism?!

MarxistFromLebanon said...

For starters where did I mention that Hezbollah are marxists or they are fighting Capitalism? Didn't you read the label reactionary? Read my blog again!

Second, about that Bashir, you mean a federational Lebanon divided into 5 regions with the Presidentis everything is a great man? Or he is great for being a pawn by the Israelis after his dad was by the Syrians?

Third, I was refering to Lebanese Forces logic when they start talking in the superiority complex issues

Fourth, Whether he did or not, Mr. Nasrallah, he just proved how weak the Israeli army is, and it is a non-all-time victorious army, which blew in the face of the masters of Israel, the USA.

Fifth, go read more history Tony


MarxistFromLebanon said...

Oh yes, by then there was no Israel republic :P
it was a sub-state with a puppy king under Roman Governer Pilote...

so back to the label Palestinian :P