Tuesday, January 02, 2007

8th of March Propaganda

This is an email I got from a cousin who is in the FPM titled: After Sheikh Pierre Gemayel Got assassinated. The 8th of March supporters, and in specific, Aoun's faction, are convinced that it was Jaajaa who assassinated the young minister.

It can be replaced with Aoun's picture with Al-Manar and NBN TV productions.

I have to admit though, the propaganda competition between both reactionary camps is reaching new levels of creativity.



Liliane said...

At least something good comes out of this whole thing! Good graphic designing skills and advertising slogans and ideas.

Sick Anarchist said...

Sheesh, still haven't removed the broken record of "March 8", huh?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Actually Liliane I got a ton of pics from the 8th of March offensive on the 14th of March offensive and vice versa, but most of them are really either Sexist or too sectarian, both ways.