Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Some of the Russian Revolutionaries

I have been recieving some emails about writing introductory posts and figures regarding the Boleshevics. I will recommend Isaac Deutscher's triology The Prophet seres (The Prophet Armed - The Prophet Unarmed - The Prophet Outcast). These trio series are focused primarily on Trotsky, but they give in a simplistic manner the surrounding areas on what is going on with the other intellects/revolutionaries and what were their theories and activist agenda.

The Second introductory source would be the Boleshevic revolutionary Anatoly Lunacharsky's book Revolutionary Silhouettes, published in 1923. This book displays the important and influential characters of the Russian Revolutions, and introduces some characters who were active. I have to note though that not all of the notes of both authors I tend to agree with, nor their sources were as complete as currently are.

However, the interesting archive for those who want to dwell on the details would be the Boleshevics section at the Marxist Internet Archive . I have to note that not all the Boleshevics were Russian, as they believed in Internationalism and several played a role in the Russian Revolution and never had the Russian Passport. This section contains journals and memoirs of the active revolutionaries within the revolution, such as John Reed's 10 Days that shook the world.

Trotsky's masterpiece, History of the Russian Revolution is a very important source on the Russian Revolution and tackles its major lessons for future generations to learn from. As for learning the main setpoints, I can recommend Alan Woods' Bolshevism - The Road to Revolution .

I will provide more links to the matter when I have more time... enjoy your readings and remain revolutionary red in nature. This is the road one day the Proletariat in Lebanon will follow as the only salvation to Lebanon's crisis.



Renegade Eye said...

Are you in the trenches today?

Lalebanessa said...

I'm not sure how much sense of humor communists allow about their revolutionaries, will you accept a comment about Trotsky's Hair-do, or would you be highly insulted?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Not at al Lalebanessa, besides the pic was taken in 1905 ;),

Lalebanessa said...

Yes one would assume that had he lived now, he would at least have added highlights...

By the way, nice summary of ParisIII.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Thank you :)

lol, and btw feel free to saying anything you want over here as long as it is not racist :)