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Seperating the Myth From Reality V.3: General 'Psycho' Aoun

Well, I would have wanted to go with the details about this man, but I guess I will stick to the headlines.

General Aoun these days is depicted either as the "Man who challenged the Syrians" or "The Self-Proclaimed President". In any sense, Aoun's story goes way back, ever since he was present in Tel el-Zaatar siege where the Ahhrar and the Phalange Party finally penetrated Tel el-Zaatar (a Palestinian Refugee Camp and a PLO stronghold) and butchered around 2500 - 3000 women and children.

In the al-Jazeera documentary, War of Lebanon, Michel Aoun (interview with him then at his 5 stars house in Marseilles) said that he was present in Tel al-Zaatar, and it was due to his master-designs the Lebanese Front and the "Lebanese Army" finally broke through the defence of the camp to butcher the Palestinians. To be exact, Aoun was smiling as he arrogantly bragged: "I designed it!" Here goes another war criminal not held accountable for the attrocities.

The next scene we will see Aoun, as head of the 8th Brigade of the Lebanese Army, which was located in Mt. Lebanonand close ally to Bashir Gemayel. Aoun was close to Bashir Gemayel, and on more than one occassion, he was prepared to asssist in Bashir Gemayel's Coup D'etat of Lebanon, in perfect coordination with the Lebanese Forces' Mt. Lebanon Military Command (then) Fadi Freim. He actually signed the federational plan with Freim back in 1980, which was designed by Antoine Najm.

In 1982, with the Israeli Defence Forces progressing toward East Beirut, to link up with the Lebanese Forces, Bashir Gemayel contacted Michel Aoun and asked him to join the "Coup D'etat". This time, Aoun backed out, and replied to Bashir Gemayel: "Show me the official papers that has my order to do so." Whether by luck or out of "patriotic" reasons, Aoun backed out of the process. At those times, relationship between Bashir Gemayel and his brother Amin Gemayel has soared. Bashir Gemayel from 1977 till 1981 has carved his way to become the sole representative of the Christian communities. The last standing point was in Matn, where his brother Amin had his own trained Militia that are part of the Phalanges, was crushed down so that Bashir would spread his undisputed legacy.

When Bashir was assassinated, Amin Gemayel became the President. This is the real breakthrough of General Aoun. Aoun was then responsible for the defence of Baabda (Presidential) Palace. The Lebanese National Movement has won its battle in the War of the Mountains, and Walid Junblatt decided to continue to oust Amin Gemayel. Aoun organized a heavy defence tactic to block the Progressive National Movement's advancement to Baabda. Aoun was aided by the US battleship "The New Jersey" which cost Amin Gemayel 300 million dollars to get it bomb the advancing Socialists, along with their Palestinian allies. Nevertheless, Aoun became Amin Gemayel's right hand, and soon would be living with Amin Gemayel in the Palace.

Between 1984 - 1986, Aoun was supposed to have disappeared from the scene as he was being psychologically treated, whereby Amin's own sister (who was a nun) personally took care of Aoun.

As Lebanon became militia cantons, the Army was crippled. Aoun returned to his duties as Commander of Chief of the Lebanese army. Salim el Huss submitted his resignation as he was fed up being Amin Gemayel's puppy, of which the Lebanese President declined to accept his resignation, and later appointed Aoun as a Prime Minister. The logic of this process is as follows: if the president is not Maronite, the Prime Minister has to be a Maronite. This tactic was practiced by Bshara el Khoury who appointed Fouad Shehab as a Prime Minister around 40 years ago. Upon the appointment of Aoun, Salim el Hoss withdrew his resignation and Lebanon was stuck with two legal Prime Ministers without a higher authority called Lebanon.

In 1987, the folks of Beirut demanded that the Syrian Army returns to establish law and order, and to be exact, stop the shooting between Junblatt's Progressive Socialist Party and AMAL's party. This was a grand plan by el-Assad Sr. to complete his iron grip on Lebanon, of which he lost when the Israelis invaded Lebanon.

Aoun had full support from Saddam Hussein, Elie Hobeika, and others. When Khaddam meddled with Lebanese affairs arguing that all governmental decisions need to pass by Syria, he refuted to comply. Moreover, his war with the Syrians back in 1989 cost the people of West Beirut their lives as he went on TV hailing that he was achieving victory.

When al-Taif accord was being forged, Aoun refuted to accept it. He had certain remarks, and invited the Members of Parliament to discuss it with him at the Presidential Palace. The Members of Parliament refuted to do so, and stayed in Paris in a certain hotel, financed by Rafiq el Harriri who paid 25,000 dollars a night over there. Rene Mou'awad was elected, Aoun didn't recognize him and argued that he was the real President of Lebanon.

What the 14th of March do not tell on why Mufti Khaled was assassinated by the Syrians is because the Mufti had sympathies to General Aoun.

Aoun and Jaajaa have teamed up against the Syrians and afterwards clashed with each other.

Afterwards, Elias Hrawi was elected president as a comprise between the Lebanese, Syrians, and the United States. Lahoud officially replaced Aoun as head of the army, and Aoun again didn't recognize any of them. Moreover, Aoun was internationally isolated by then. The United States struck a deal with Syria to renew its mandate, and with the approval of Israel, the Syrian Army used their planes to bomb Aoun's Baabda Palace. He fled to the French Embassy, while Elie Hobeika drove his family to the embassy later. He spent 7 monthes there hiding "bravely" then afterwards, the Syrians approved that he goes as a political refugee to Merseilles.

Aoun remained there till 2005. In coordination with his supporters in Lebanon, he established the Free Patriotic Movement. Even though the Movement attempted to be secular, Aoun shoved it with the Christian movements to oppose the Syrian Mandate.

By the new millenium, Aoun was the perfect jack-ass to be used as an excuse by the US administration to launch the Syrian Accountability Act. Aoun even called Emil Lahoud as an illegal president and a Syrian Puppy. Moreover, he accused Hezbollah in 2002 as terrorists. Aoun also celebrated the UN resolution 1559 as a cure to Lebanon from Syrian hegemony.

When Aoun returned from France, he gradually allied with those who bashed up his boys. When Hezbollah and AMAL broke their alliance with 14th of March, they allied with Aoun. They became this year a single unit each targeting in a sectarian matter their audience. Ironically, Aoun allied with those he attacked most, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, and defended the Syrian Baathi Party as having the right to exist in Lebanon if they have supporters. In the 2005 Parliamentary elections, Emil Lahoud ironically elected Aoun's list. To be exact, I find that ironic specially it was Emil Lahoud who took Aoun's position as Head of Army, now Lahoud wants Aoun to take his Presidential chair. Aoun, ironically, boasted that he was the only candidate not to request foreign help. Currently, Aoun justifies himself in a sectarian manner that he got 71% of the Christians.

I have more details on this cartoonish character and I would like to stress that what I stated in this post are simply the headlines :)



Liliane said...

You know my brother always urges me to be objective and look at all those politicians the same way and not to be biased.

But I can't help laughing when I read about Aoun, I just can't understand this guy, and worse I cannot understand the FPMers and they way they defend everything he says, the arguments (more like blablas) they use, they even say "We don't understand what he's doing all the time but we have faith in him" who is he Jesus?

Our country is soooo corrupted, too much!

(waiting for more than headliens ;) )

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Lol, I am sure one day we will meet Liliane. It is true about Aoun's living in Dair el Salib, but it is also true that Aoun inflicted most damage and casualties on the Syrian Army when they clashed.

Aoun's FPM in the late 1990s were different than the FPM now, but that is a headline by itself :)

Yet keep in mind, because Aoun is regarded as a Christian leader, he is expected, in a sectarian manner, to compete within a certain Christian political framework. His thirst for the preseidential chair got him to break that framework to a certain extent while remaining a sectarian leader.


Angry Anarchist said...

What the 14th of March do not tell on why Mufti Khaled was assassinated by the Syrians is because the Mufti had sympathies to General Aoun.
More to the point, because he said that the Syrians were bombing West Beirut from West Beirut.

I didn't read the whole post, did you mention how General Aoun ran away to the French embassy in his PJs, after saying something to the effect of, he would die and not leave? ;)

Graeme said...

Well, I believe you guys aren't along with your corrupt politicians. We have the worst kind here (US) because they have so much damn power. Interesting stuff MFL, thanks.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Ah the Angry Anarchist has returned from being the sick Anarchist :D

I said how he ran to the embassy AA, and mentioned how Mr. Hobeika (Syrian Backed then) drove his family there :P

welcome Graeme

Liliane said...

MFL said: "Lol, I am sure one day we will meet Liliane."

What makes you so sure?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

I dunno, call it a hunch...

Liliane said...

Hunches are always reliable

MarxistFromLebanon said...

oookie dookie :)