Thursday, January 25, 2007

Return of the Cantons

Riots broke up again. Nasrallah issued a fatwa since no one listened to him the first time.

Now, the stupid politicians after encouraging the people to sectarian hatred have gone beyond frenzy. Now the SSNP HQ on Tareeq el Jadeedi were attacked, and currently burnt down. Harriri, Nasrallah, Jaajaa, Aoun, Berri, Frangieh, and Junblatt should be placed on a court as well for arming their supporters. Oh yeah Sa'ad Harriri, Beirut is not a copy right for you.

The Tareeq Jadeedi incident was clearly using the SSNP as a scapegoat, specially that they are the secular group (despite my deep disagreement and hatred to some of their leaders) are being placed. Well done Harriri if that is your act of tolerance. I recommend that the army be present in Bikfaya since it has a massive mix of LF and a minority of SSNP (with support from neighboring villages).

Now Nasrallah and Harriri are telling everyone to calm down, what made them go frenzy in the first place.

The Army declared that Beirut will be a "No-Walking" Zone starting at 8:30, five cousins and friends are sleeping over at my place.

Currently Future Militia (or armed Future Supporter freaks) are shooting in the air in celebration for taking off the SSNP flag in Tareeq el Jadidi. I do believe more retaliation will take place. Lebanon should be called the Land of the Zombies...

At least the TV is taking pics, which will get people arrested (and hopefully they would even though they are Harriri's brainwashed army)

Universities and Schools have just closed, and there is a new fight at Bankers' Street in Down Town

Walid Junblatt is as provocative as ever as well, calling it a victory... what a hypocrite, and what were the Future supporters shooting in the air?

Two of my friends, each had to pass by an AMAL checkpoint and another through a PSP checkpounts with arms.



Little Pope said...

I am tired of you arabs. Always fighting, always killing each other. You are crazy.
It is the end. Jesus is coming...

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Idiot, not all Arabs are Muslims...

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Oh yeah, if the west stops intervening, may be the arabs would have peace.

Abu Jaafar said...

Hey thawarjeh, you have a nice blog and I like your style of writing. You seem to be against everyone. I wish there were more like you (minus your hate) and despite the fact that I think you lump me in on one of your hate lists.

My idea is that what goes on in Lebanon now, between March 14 and Mou3arada is really a clash of culture or visions of Lebanon; a clash of where the Lebanese want to be and of how much they will tolerate the 'other'. A clash fueled by fear of the other (e.g. Hizbullah wants to make Lebanon a Shi'ite state, and the Future a Saudi statelet).

Lebanon seems to be perfectly made to be torn apart from within. A question to you though, are you a supporter/sympathizer with the Lebanese Communist party?

Abu Jaafar said...

Little Pope,

You're 'tired' of us Arabs... maybe you should do more watching of the Simpsons and less wathing of the news.

Jesus is coming, He is. In the meantime perhaps it'd be good to know what He had to say about your attitude.

An Arab Christian from Lebanon

Angry Anarchist said...

The attack on SSNP has a more sinister objective.

The SSNP, unlike HezbAllah, will NOT hesitate to strike back. And strike they will. And when they do, it will be more like a massacre. Jumblatt is the puppetteer.

Blacksmith Jade said...

MFL, best of luck my friend.

Harriri, Nasrallah, Jaajaa, Aoun, Berri, Frangieh, and Junblatt should be placed on a court as well for arming their supporters.

Those politicians should be placed on trial for more than that!

Anyway, noone should have to go through the humiliation of being stopped at a checkpoint not manned by a national body (like the theory), so my sympathies to your friends.

...I still can't believe the country is so easily following in the sequence that brought us so much war in the past. Unbelievable!!

Blacksmith Jade said...

Angry Anarchist,

I saw the title of your post on Tuesday and was too disgusted to go on. I hope you're still happy with your 'militant action'.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Abu Jaafar, welcome to my humble blog.

Marx said that the ideas of the society are the ideas of its ruling class. Values are created as alliances changes. Some of media have been reporting, ever since Pierre Gemayel was assassinated as if they are in a state of war.

Let us be frank, 14th of March and 8th of March/FPM created a militant agenda to appeal to their sect supporters. Sectarianism paves way for foreign intervention. Moreover, when our domestic leaders admit that no solution can be solved from the inside... worse people are dying for the greed of their sect leaders aka sect defenders.

As for me, I am not affiliated any political parties (which is more importantly why I should keep my identity secret). I know the LCP but the problem our LCP has been Stalinist and reactionary. And of course, the Democratic Left are not leftists.

Best Regards :)

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Actually the SSNP are the least to retaliate since they are the secular and do not represent any sect, despite the fact they are one of the most organized and highly militant and despite all the provocations of the Future Movement and Future Youth Movement to kick out unfavored minority for Sunnistan (reminds us of Bashir's Marounstan, eh Angry Anarchist?). Although those who stepped on the SSNP flag most probably would be delt with indirectly on a calmer situation.


N10452 said...


I hope The Opposition understood that going to the streets will get us here. I do blame both parties for such tensions, BUT it looks like Hezbollah is looking for another war, same for Syrians through their filthy groups ( SSNP, Irslen, Marada etc ..).

Sanioura is staying, the Opposition has no valid demands, not as long as they refuse the International tribunal and appointing a new president.

To be honest, I was disgusted all day until i saw the SSNP office burning, i hope others follow because this party deserves everything he gets.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Either all parties' flags burn or none, besides SSNP are from the secular + the LF were seeking trouble as well (makes them equal to the FPM) specially going to give "moral support" to the army.

This is not about Hezbollah just as all parties proved they need to disarm

Liliane said...

Return of the Jedi!

Abu Jaafar said...

Why would there be a will on the part of March 14/8/FPMers leaders for a civil war?

I understand that some of the leaders thrive off of strife and especially during times that the state authority is undermined. (E.g. Samir Geagea goes today 'The Army didn't do the job, but we did'... there are others too who benefit from such situations, but thats an easy example).

I dont understand though why the Mustaqabl, FPM or Hizb would want a civil war, according to their agendas I think its against their interests... maybe they all have gone mad in a frenzy. Well, the other reason might have been to up the ante by saying to their respective supporters 'look, those guys are up to something big, look what they've done already, you can't just sit there' in a bid to muster support... it seems that they have taken that too far this time and at least, I hope, are scrambling now to contain a situation that they have unwittingly ended up in. Both ways, they should take responsibility for it.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Abu Jaafar, you reminded me I should write a post on responsibility, the problem is that all their talks, inside meetings, even each party has its militant branch, their media all talk the language of war.

Worse, none of the war lords were held accountable for their crimes, and Jaajaa's imprisonment was an attempt to demolish the Lebanese Forces since he refuted to be part of the game, same for Aoun, even though he too was not held responsible.

Just for the fact Future burns down the SSNP HQ to have a Sunnistan while Aoun and the LF are competing who is the real Christian tells you that isolationism is practiced and we are on that route.

Actually I know people already starting to look for new places since they are a minority Sect wise.

Delirious said...

LoL @ Little Pope

Angry Anarchist said...

the SSNP are the least to retaliate since they are the secular and do not represent any sect
I did not know retaliation was a "sectarian" concept limited to sectarian people. They torched their offices for sanity's sake. What does sectarianism have anything to do with it?

BJ - it's an honour to disgust people like you. That means I'm doing something right.

Angry Anarchist said...

I hope you're still happy with your 'militant action'.
And I think you are addressing the wrong person.

Those who went down with their M-16s to "take matters into their own hands" brought death, and with blood they want to draw the borders of their cantons. I hope you will be as disgusted with THAT as you are with the title of my post.

Darko said...

Ok, let's get one thing straight, what happened on Thursday was a disgrace for the whole nation. with that being said, i just have to comment on the issue related to the SSNP.
Since the anti-government forces started there move to bring down the government, the one party that was being constantly targeted was the SSNP, starting with the koura incident, where they allegedly confiscated weapons belonging to the party, what they didn't say is that they had to tare down a FUCKING WALL, to get to the weapons, since they were locked since the end of the war, and what they also didn't tell you is that the "car that is set to do military operation" had to be FUCKING TOWED, since it didn't even had an engine.Still the party didn't make any moves.
Another attack came last tuesday.A bunch of assholes attack the SSNP HQ in Beirut, saoufr, and halba, the first two HQ's were bombarded with rocks, but in halba a whole other story, a Future movement convoy stoped in front of the HQ and went down holding stick and chains, and tried to break into the HQ, but security shot at them and injured 6. and now the HQ at the tarik al jdidi is burnt down.
Now the question is, why did they choose the ssnp? and answer is simple, MFL said it, the ssnp is a secular party, witch means he doesn't represent any body in sect in particular, thus attacking him can be seen as attacking a particular sect. But Qansso(SSNP leader) did say(and i don't really like the guy): The SSNP patience in limited. And at one point their patience will run out, and that's when bad things will happen,

Angry Anarchist said...

Darko, you are right in pointing out the targeting of SSNP; however, I still disagree with the idea that the reason it was targeted is that it is "secular". I guess one can argue along many lines on the issue. For example, the attacks could be attempts to get SSNP drawn into armed conflict. This would give the "March 14" the perfect ammunition to pin the blame on Syria (if only by virtue of the SSNP's name); it could also give a pretext for a crackdown on the SSNP. I do not rule this out, and find it very possible. But I don't think that there is an attempt to target them for being secular, even if the reason is that they do not want to go down the road of sectarian clashes. These people ARE playing with fire, and so whatever the nature of that fire is, it is highly likely to - if it erupts - take the form of sectarian clashes. There is already too much hatred. People are already teaching their kids "dirty Shi'ites" etc. If a 7-year-old kid says that, what about immature youth on the streets who want to get some sort of action, without realizing the impact of their activities? These people are the perfect tools for those who wish to drag Lebanon into conflict. The question then is, who wants to do this? Is it Syria? (or rather, ONLY Syria?) Or is it a host of actors, including Israel, USA, Walid Jumblatt, Samir Geagea, and Hariri? One thing is for sure, HezbAllah does NOT want a civil war, and does NOT want conflict that can drag Lebanon into an abyss of random acts of violence and counter-violence a la Iraq. And so I find it very difficult to believe that it would be behind any of these disturbances. Interestingly, the U.S position on Iran IN IRAQ, and the targeting of Iranian DIPLOMATS, and the recent statements on persecuting Iranian "agents" in Iraq shows the current dynamics and relations in the region; and so, I would not be surprised if what is going on in Lebanon is merely an extension of American "crackdown" on Iran, with the support of Saudi Arabia, which of course controls Hariri, Inc.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Actually Dark0

What happened of ugly behavior to the SSNP HQ is even scarier. I think every time there will be riots between both reactionary camps, I think the minorities will pay for it (at least within the troubled area). I would call it Sectarian Cleansing. The SSNP are tagged for Shiites (like the foreign media is doing and the local ones)... ironically those Future supporters seem to have forgotten the early days of the Resistance Front to the Israeli invasion while the Sunni St. were hiding under their beds and being manipulated by the Gemayels and Lebanese Front leaders.