Wednesday, January 24, 2007

And then what?

What happened today reflected exactly the reality of the situation. There are two reactionary camps that are leading their followers to clashes in order to secure their business interests.

The Media

The first disgraceful notion to realize are Future TV and Manar TV. The two are exactly the anti-thesis of each other. If you look at either camp, you would see two different worlds of the current reality, and sadly neither of them even came close to reflect what is happening of the situation.

The Media was biased, provocative, distorted, and provocative. For example, the fight that occured in Rawshi with the Syrian Social Natinalist Party started was not mentioned by Future TV (even though couple of minutes away from them) that it was the supporters of Harriri on three occassions attacking the SSNP. On three seperate occassions, the Future (Harriri's Sunni fanatics) attempted to break into the SSNP HQ and on three occassions they were kicked out. Those fanatics came from Arab Maslakh region. By the third time after the bashing, the army FINALLY made it. While throwing stones at each other, Future captured only the part of the SSNP throwing stones back, not Future attacking SSNP HQ for the sake of riots.

Another example is al-Manar. All day the Manar was broadcasting that the demonstration was peaceful and the demonstrators were innocent civilians expressing their opinion, while al-Manar didn't mention how the Free Patriotic Movement (Aoun's goons) were bashing cars randomly. Three of my friends got their cars smashed to pieces by FPM riots for no excuse. Another example is showing the pic of Free Patriotic Movement demonstrators and Manar accuses the Government returning to the Militia era (while officially only Hezbollah got weaponry that go frenzy every time Nasrallah speaks on TV). The funny part it showed one Lebanese Forces guy, rather kid, wearing the chipped cross, being held by five of his friends while facing him was 200 FPM. This didn't reflect the size of the matter, nor the fact that the Marada did do actual shooting on the pro-government goons.

The media remained provocative and enriching the audiences with more of fuel of anger rather simply report what is going on. My recommendations as a first step for better Lebanon: Close Down Manar and Future TV.

The Parties

The biggest bullshit I heard today is the fact the ex-MP Faris Sa'aid and Lebanese Forces claiming to go down to the street to give the army "moral support".

Another reason is the Opposition. They went down to demonstrate, five or six people got killed without getting anything done. The ones who got hurt were the none affiliates of 14th and 8th of March.

Moreover, Azur was correct (for once) to point out that Aoun agreed with most of the points on the economical plan of Seniora. I mentioned that in several posts before. None of the camps (for the Zillionth time) are objecting to the entry of Lebanon to the World Trade Organization.

After all this fiasco, 6 Lebanese died for nothing.

The Lebanese Forces and Marada/FPM did a Christian dance to prove who is the real Christian. Their leaders would recommend them to remember their Lebanese side and Christianity.

The Mufti Qabbani gave a speech which reflects the involvement of religion, and this whole nation is damned to be divided for the welfare of their leaders. FPM's Alain Aoun was arguing that this civil disobediance is 100% political, and the CHRISTIANS wanted a proper representation.

Demonstration got canceled. Hezbollah's Hussein Hajj Hassan and AMAL's Naim Qassem were arguing that this civil disobediance would last a week. Then he appears on New TV inventing a zillion excuse why it stopped.

Bottom Line

Shame on anyone that supports the political parties which belong to the government or the opposition. Its leaders are sectarian and wouldn't mind switching their political lines (already did it in the past) while their followers blindly would go and cheer their leaders.


hillz said...

I don't know if u wrote about it before. I wanna know how do u see the role of the lebanese army in the internal events and clashes through out the last 30 (or more) years.
personally i think they did their best today. i think that whenever the lebanese army got divided the country went into a phase of hell. It was goodthat they didn't interfere much physically to support a party or another. was their mission to do more than that? theoretically yes. but the duty is something and the reality in lebanon is something else.
I don't know if u share me the same opinion.

and calm down alittle. it is not as simple as it occured in ur last paragraph. There is diversity with in both groups (walaw shway:P) :)

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Actually I forgot to add it to this post, but yes, the army did well. They didn't break up like in 1989 or the civil war.

I think they were following the policy of the 1958 crisis, keeping the army as a third force.

Moreover, they contained several situations from exploding to mass shoot-out riots. Jaajaa was nuts to say that the army should have stopped the demonstrators to build those blockades, if they tried then we would have had a shoot out between the army and the demonstrators. I will write a post on the Lebanese Army after I finish my papers

BTW, I served the army in 2002 - 2003, gained 18 kilos in the process as well :)


MarxistFromLebanon said...

BTW, interesting blog you got :), can I place a link to it rather than search for your comment to read it or go to the aggregator?

best regards


hillz said...

no need to ask.

yes i guess geagea made a mistake and i just read that bkerki is not happy at all from such declarations. The "christian situation" returned to be the main focus after
such a day.

.. and tomorrow is another day.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Yup, situation ucks

Liliane said...

A7la 3alam Al-Manar wil Future, they should give PhDs in truth distortion and directing.

Finally, I agree, shame on all!

Blacksmith Jade said...

Here here!!
Although I do respectively disagree about the army. There are a number of actions they could've taken that wouldn't have involved open confrontations with rioters. I put it in a post so y'all can check it there, but I will add this:

The army has spent the better part of 4 months negociating with the armed Palestinian factions operating in Taamir (Jund el Sham et al) in order to deploy in the area. Just to be clear, this is the Lebanese army negociating with a foreign, illegal, armed band of extremists over a deployment on its own territory. In advance of the riots yesterday it could have undertaken some sort of negociations to make sure that nothing went wrong. Instead they clearly disobeyed orders from the gov't (the gov't ministers literally had no idea what teh army was doing or going to do) and allowed the situation to deteriorate to the point of 5 deaths and over 130 injuries. Bravo!

Oh and yeah I hate everyone too :P

Sorry about double posting but I don't know why my name was distorted in the first one. Hope you can delete it.

MarxistFromLebanon said...


I agree on the Saida camp, but you should take into consideration that the army is very weak, and actually not allowed to buy heavy arms (US imposement on Lebanon), + the low number of military elements.

As for the part you hate everyone, well I hate everyone of those politicians tooooooooo!!!!

PS I think the first name appeared that way because you didn't sign it :)


Fred said...

Very interesting blog u got here... I live in Jordan (though I am from Denmark) and thus have to watch the things on some distance. So I am not aqquinted with the situation in detail as well as you.

I seems to me that the situation in Lebanon right now is that we have a reactionary government, backed by imperialism, and the main opposition is another reactionary bloc - at least the leaders. The workers and the poor who sincerely desire radical change are misled and will be betrayed by Nasrallah, Aoun and the others.

The main problem is the lack of a genuine alternative, a socialist programme and a revolutionary party.
The CP leaders have allied with the FPM, and this is a criminal position that will only lead to defeat for the CP workers.

Every alliance with the non-existent "progressive bourgeoisie" will tie the workers, as it has done in the past.

What do u think?