Saturday, January 27, 2007

Al-Sheikh Subhi al-Tfayli

Who wacked him in the head?

Suddenly he is speaking of the Muslims of Lebanon and the whole Lebanese. For those who do not know who is el-Tfayli. Tfayli was one who built the infrastructure of Hezbollah in the 1980s and eventually became the head of the Shora Council.

Tfayli was extremist in his views: establishing a Muslim State. He managed the Drugs trade and is rumoured to have issued a Fatwa (when Lebanon was divided into Cantons during the Civil War) that as long as it is going to the Zionists, it is justified to be sold to them via the South Lebanese Army.

Tfayli's reign during the war was accompanied with murders to accomodate vacancies in the Public Sector.

When Shiekh el Mussawi (Nasrallah's Mentor), then head of the Shora Council, Tfayli was optimistic to resume power in the post war. Ironically, by the influences of the Wali el Faqih Imam Ali Khamenei, Nasrallah became the head of the Shora Council. Tfayli was enraged and considered that the Wali didn't appreciate his services.

He started to formulate loud public critiques of Nasrallah's policy which was to engage in the Parliament, the decision took place in 1992. To Tfayli's extremism, he thought that the role of an Islamic Party is to achieve an Islamic state and was enraged. Eventually, he remained complaining about it till he was given the boot in 1997, since Hezbollah also were allied with non-Muslim parties whose allegiance was/is to Syria. He founded a stronghold in the Beqa'a, under Syrian patronage assumed, and people speculated it as a check point on Nasrallah, and remained attacking Nasrallah's policies.

Eventually he did the Hunger's Revolution, which caused the army (1999-2000) to exchange fire, but eventually the army failed to enter his stronghold. Come to think of it, the Lebanese Army alway failed to win any battle fronts up there.

Now, he is being involved in details of Lebanese Politics and trying to enter the game. The question is, will any camp accept him? I think they would, 14th of March (since Future TV were present) would be interested to bring a faction of the Shiites towards him. I also have to mention, that Tfayli still got a lot of sympathizers within Hezbollah.

I can surely say that Lebanon was lucky to have Nasrallah rather Tfayli (then) as the head of the Shora Council. If the bi-polarity is getting Tfayli to be involved and use logos practiced by both camps, then what is next? I mean we already got the Pope himself looking at Lebanon.

Give me a break!



Anonymous said...

Actually, the biggest criticism of Tufayli has been and continues to be the fact that HezbAllah has transformed itself from a revolutionary force to an accommodatiionist one. I agree with him. However, I am not sure many people would like to see a REVOLUTIONARY HezbAllah as opposed to its currently accommodationist face. :-P

But anyway, HezbAllah would not have survived too long under Tufayli, revolutionary or not!

Currently "March 14" is trying its luck propping up the "Free Shi'ite Movement" led by Sheikh Muhammad Hajj Hassan.

Anonymous said...

It won't work with Sheikh Hassan, but the 14th of March are quoting Tfayli for something he has been saying for exactly a decade (like he was)... like duh :P

And No I don't Hezbollah "revolutionary", they already are... for the reasons I explainded to you before

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a disgrace for almustaqbal newspaper to quote tfayli in the major front review of the day?
I mean. u r claiming that u r trying to impose the law (something that HA is not doing as they imply),then you quote somebody who is wanted by the law only because he is a shiite (and was in HA) and is against HA now??
Tafayli's declarations had always been in the internal pages!!
I won't be surprised if he joined ali el ameen and appeared on 14 march media televisions next couple of days..

Anonymous said...

Tfayli even got his private army as well. The 14th of March will be trying to get him closer and closer. He is stronger than the Free Shiite Movement by far and far.

Anonymous said...

There is no revolutionary Hezbollah, only one waiting for a chance to be accomadationist.

Could you write a short account of recent events at "Renegade Eye" please?

Anonymous said...

I will renegade, give me just 24 hours