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Lebanon: Riots, Clashes, and the Regular Duets + Updates

Introduction (when I started typing)

Pics can be found at BBC's first round upload and CNN's first round

For starters, as I post the Route to Kisirwan has opened after attempted clashes, the LF are whistling in victory.

8th of March, according to couple of sources, started their assemblies at 3:00 in the morning to pass the sensitive area.

This is the latest fiasco that the bi-polarity in Lebanon got us to. The total closure of areas are Jal el Deeb, Borj Hammoud, Zalkra, A'amarah Shalhoub, Dikwani, and Sad-el Boshrieh (according to Manar).

So far, two people got killed, and a lot are wounded which is tragic how the Capitalist Pigs of our nation are driving the Proletariat against each other.

Both Pro-Government and Opposition Militias have arms in certain locations.

As time progresses during the day, clashes are intensifying. The clowns of the day are the Free Patriotic Movement, Lebanese Forces, and the Marada.

Vandalism took place, specially when angry mobs (of FPM in specific at Hazmieh) broke cars or passing cars.

The Army

The army have been scattered where there are two opposing party supporters. So far the army didn't break up and remained neutral away from Politics, they are avoiding to beat up the demonstrators in order not to be tagged for any camp.

Shtoura Route Opens

2:25: Shtoura route opened, again with FPMers and LF screaming on each other.

Nahr el Mawt

2:10, After seperating the FMP and Lebanese Forces, the army stood between both, while a bulldozer, amidst flying stones and empty glasses on the army from the FPM. The army finally opened the route, but still checking if it is safe to pass via cars.

FPM are active, the army increases and then decreases (vice versa) are opening. The situation down there seems being contained and the bulldozers are soon to open it. FPMers are demonstrating still... The Lebanese Forces are still standing between the FPM and LF as well. The army failed to open it, while LF and FPM still waiting for a show-down.


Heavy clashes between Lebanese Forces and Marada & Co., it drove Sleiman Frangieh (Marada Leader) and Strida Jaajaa (LF figurehead) to go to TV and attempt to calm things down. Moreover, 8 are wounded in Byblos.

Ex-MP Faris Sa'aid Got Attacked

What the heck that guy doing? Taking a Picnic during this day or attempting to play a martyr?What is he doing with the military talking with the demonstrators...

Threesome in Nahr el Kalb

First, on the route of Kisirwan (Nahr el Kalb), clashes between the Free Patriotic Movement and Lebanese Forces occurred. The FPM closed the route, and were greeted by the LF. The army intervened to do a human barrier, but another set of LF supporters took the FPM by surprise from behind, but the army again controlled the situation after few got wounded by flying stones. The army shot in the air, shoved both demonstrators to different sides, and opened the routes. The Lebanese Forces were whistling in victory which made the army appear prejudiced to the government (not the fact the Army was doing its job). As some cars were passing, some FPM tried to kick the passing cars, the army stopped them. Cars passing and raising the Phalange flag in Zouk are raising them in face of the FPM.

The Duets

All Yesterday the only leaders yelling at each other were the Christian leaders. The Future and AMAL/Hezbollah didn't attack each other like the Christian leaders, because the attempt of not transforming the clash Sunni - Shiite is taking place.

Nevertheless, the clashes in the Sunni side occurred between the Naserite Popular Order and the Future movement in Saida. In Saida, the situation is complex, there are a minority of AMAL in it, but the Tanzeem spoke in order to reflect a Sunni complaining on a Sunni. According to some residents I know in Saida, a lot of its residents favor Harriri, but the Palestinian camps favor Sa'ads, head family of the Order. Currently, the Order is accusing the Future for destributing weaponry.

Jaajaa, acording to LBC, said that the security forces are not doing their job. This is not true, the army perfectly blocked the fights which at this moment can outbreak into massive riots hitting each other. Aoun gave his traditional speech on sovereignity rather than saying: Please make me a President.

Clashes Mostly taking Place in Christian Areas

The fist to fist has been mostly in the Christian Areas due to diverse leaderships. Marada and FPM are on one side mainly, Lebanese Forces and Phalange on the other (primarily Phalange and Lebanese Forces got a common audience).

Matn & Tripoli& Others

Several routes are closed by the FPM (in Matn) and FPM and Marada in Tripoli. The army didn't open any routes of the already closed. Tripoli had a sniper shooting on the people. Tripoli has a Future current, there are two neighboring opposing each other; four are wounded in Tripoli. First by flying stones then a shoot out. Riots broke between Lebanese Forces and Future versus Manar and Future.

In Matn, Dhor Shweir, Do'war routes are closed (neighboring villages). Sowfar has experienced shooting.

Announced closed Routes on NBN

Safra route, Bowar, 3aqawbi, Rashaa, Kisirwan, Shtoora, Zahli, A'akar, other locations

Total Closure: Tripoli, Saida, South, Zahli, A'krar are closed.

The Airport

5:20, two more barriers are increased. One in Jnahh (latest), and another among the 12 barriers. The barriers are taking place with lrge trucks pouring walls of sand on the routes and the trucks are coming.

The airport, yesterday openly declared to work as a regular day. The primary route is still closed. The ones who suffered most are the passengers who are traveling. They had to go walking to the airport. Airflights by 10:00 are canceled to Lebanon. There are according to LBC, there are 12 check-point demonstrators, kids are massively demonstrating for the opposition. Trucks are still loading sand piles and placing it on the routes. "Allah, Nasrallah, wil Dahhieh Killa" are the chants. Again, human shields and burning tires. The arriving passengers are trapped there. The kids are having fun in the demonstrations and simply are repeating their parents logos. The airport is supposed to recieve five airplanes at the evening.

The Route of Ashrafieh to Hazmieh

The FPM closed the route with again burning tires, what happened was a massive show off between the Army and the FPM which in the end the FPM were also shoved from the route, while demonstrators kept throwing flaming tires on the road.

El Solh Square:

The Governmental Palace: Major armoured trucks are presnt there.


The routes were blocked with Sukleen trash bins and rocks. Till the army entered, Future started finally displaying the picture. Seems the demonstrators are trying to block Future employees from arriving to their work. The army is extensive over there.

Human Shields in Mazra'a and Orgy at Noon

Where there is no clashes and Primary routes, the army is trying to scatter the sitting demonstrators peacefully with Dialogues. Riotes broke eventually between both sides. Army is kicking the people out and told the Camera crews to leave because they encourage the demonstrators to go frenzy. The army is facing a huge battle scattering the crowds as stones are flying on buildings and on each other.

Flying Stones in Beqa'a

Stones are flying between opposing groups. At 11:25 there are four wounded already, stones are flying and the army is kicking the opposing groups to scatter.

Marj A'youn

In the morning, the army took the fire down there (wondering about the Hezbollah dominated areas though).

Tareeq Jadidi

Clahes between Future and Government. Two demonstrations opposing each other. Future supporters are hailing: Allah, Harriri, Tareeq el Jadeedi while invading opposition are cheering opposing chants.


Universities were open, class attendences are few either due to people demonstrating or university students not making it. In any case, certain Pro-Government (not a lot of cases) finished classes and went to support their government. Fakhredean State school was by force closed.


The demonstrations (informally from a friend) contain demonstrator carrying arms.


According to NBN, the entrance to Batroun and departure routes are totally closed. The army didn't intervene massively Marada and FPM. The Security Forces had a bulldozer coming t open the routes, but the opposition did human shield. The bulldozer retreated and the army is talking peacefully, but warned the demonstrators to open the routes.

Politicians from Both Sides

Parrots repeating logos on TV.


Hamra most of the places are closed (Roadster is packed though) . A store facing my house never closed during the entire civil war, and that includes Ariel Sharon's 11 hours of bombing West Beirut, today it closed. Early in the morning, the Opposition placed a barrier on the entrance but was quickly uprooted.

Israeli Illusional Raids

Israeli planes flew over Nabatieh.


Army intervened, after riots breaking. Opposing routes are throwing stones at each other. An army soldier got wacked by a stone.

Weird Job Employers

In this crazy situation, several companies by force dragged their employees to work for political reasons.

Broken Cars and Palestinian Wanna Be Warriors

Cars are broken, and some opposition are throwing stones in a Palestinian way. Personally, the ever respected "Children of the Stones" have difference when defending their homes against an Israeli bulldozer, and these cowards rioting against each other.


Demonstrators entered there and forced places to close and currently demonstrators.


He announced that Azur and Lebanon's representatives travelled yesterday evening to avoid the blockage on the Airport. Seniora himself remained in Beirut. Actually, Seniora is currently pleased of the situation since Lebanon is on its route to enter World Trade Organization while both reactionary camps clash with each other.

All the Week Orgy

The Opposition are differing whether this is going to be 48 hours or all the week. Nevertheless, both camps proved how they are reactionary and the workers are facing each other. Today also proves that the demand on Hezbollah to disarm is not logical, rather, all parties should disarm.

All the Week Orgy

The Opposition are differing whether this is going to be 48 hours or all the week. Nevertheless, both camps proved how they are reactionary and the workers are facing each other. Today also proves that the demand on Hezbollah to disarm is not logical, rather, all parties should disarm.

Several clashes everywhere are taking place, but I need to recharge the battery.


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