Thursday, January 25, 2007

It is Raining Stones Today

Well, what to expect?! After the polarization between al-Manar and Future TV finally brought its effects, which was also expected for sometime to explode.

A fight that started inside the Arab University between the Opposition and Government zombies ended up with explosive results. Hezbollah accuses Future of sending armed men, Future accuse the other. Personally, to hell with both leaderships.

Harriri around 2:00 declared that "friends and good residents of Beirut" to calm down, Berri did the same, and all the leaders of both reactionary camps are doing the same. Students are paying the price of their greedy leaders (and to hell with them as well). They say that this is a political clash, I say bullshit. When Tahran and Riyadh intervene to calm things down two days ago, then it is Sectarian (oh yeah, before I forget, to hell with them as well).

Then it spreads with flying stones, flying sticks, while the army this time is crippled and only smuggled out the spectators. Students already have been killed, finally the army, 5:20, escalated. Unknown army sources now are spreading, everyone is hiding behind their jeeps and the walls. Citizens are pinned down. Even al-Jazeera are telling their camera man he is not obliged to take such dangerous shoot outs. (I keep wondering how the hell they are always there on site). Future got their own armed supporters, and so do the rest (ie: all are militias again). The need to disarm all parties should start (including Mr. Junblatt who advocates this).

Again al-Manar and Future give two versions of the story board. Al-Manar freaks are funny, they report as if they are in a state of war.

This is the price of Sectarianism where we have people throwing stones at each other.

(Anyone watched Good Bye Lenin, sort of this is what these two channels are forcing their people to live through).



hillz said...

I told u the day before yesterday that i miss tarik el jdeedeh :((

stay safe all..

Liliane said...

To hell with them, but ma yekhdouna ma3oun