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Pondering 13 on-going Lebanese Issues

What happened during 2006?

For starters, Lebanon failed to build a case against Israel in the United Nations for all those attrocities occuring during the July War. Over 1200 victims, and that was not a case that our government successfully accomplished. Come to think of it, Halutz himself and others said that they used UN banned weaponry (Phosphoric Bombs) loud and clear, and again the Lebanese government (with Hezbollah and AMAL in it) failed to build a case. Worse, Israel remains flying over Lebanese land while the UN just sit and eat popcorn (despite the "confrontations" taking place). Moreover, the South is still littered with millions of cluster bomb, worse, civilians are still dying and also UNIFIL soldiers from those "self-defence" bombs.

Second, both 8th and 14th of March claim they want the welfare of the Lebanese, and specially the Lebanese in the Southern Lebanon (while of coure the Lebanese Forces are still day-dreaming about "Christian Power" and "Christian Superiority") while neither of the camps actually bothered to build shelters for the front line villages at the borders with Israel to safeguard the citizens.

Third, the question of the Lebanese Army. Lebanon has been driven by sectarianism, and that means so are the different components of the army. Even though the army command might be secular and followed Fouad Shehab's policy in 1958 in keeping the army neutral) but its components are definitely sectarian and in case we will have severe confrontations. In 1989, when Berri told the Shiites to withdraw from the army as a result of Amin Gemayel commanding the army to bomb Hezbollah, the army almost collapsed (60% withdraw). The army components still need to be integrated within a secular ideology, even though the army has such a philosophy, but again its components are Lebanese afterall. The real test of the army is when we have a severe internal crisis (hopefully that does not happen). The second dimensions in relations to the Lebanese army is the defence of the nation; and sadly Hezbollah proved themselves against Israel when Israel entered Lebanon to be a better efficient defence force than the Lebanese Army. Hezbollah's arms probably should go to the Lebanese Army (which in turn would be disarmed of the 20,000 missiles), but till the Lebanese Army proves itself in facing aggressive foreign forces entering Lebanon, 14th of March can't impose on Hezbollah to disarm without giving them a good deal in return. Meanwhile, the Lebanese Army is required to have Anti-Aircraft missiles to shoot down Israeli airplanes just as the fact Lebanon has the right to defend itself against the country which has the latest state of the art weaponry coming from the US: Israel.

Fourth, both camps proved to be cowards when it comes to internal politics, both camps are relying on foreign interventions err.... mediations as a solution rather to sort it out. Actually, both camps publicaly brag about their foreign patronages.

Fifth, the issue of the World Trade Organization has not been tackled by both camps. Rather it was percieved as a 14th of March gag and any opposition would be tagged automatically 8th of March.

Sixth, the gay movement and the "Rainbow" warriors have been heavily active. They performed well during the July war in relief networks in Samidoun (3rd largest grassroot relief network in Lebanon during the war. Respect to their abilities, and also respect from the parties that proved tolerence (at least at that moment), still, the Rainbow warriors should not go towards revers racism against the "straights". Socialism in this perspective is the only answer. They still face a lot racism themselves, so solidarity to this oppressed class to our comrades active within that movement. (unlike what some Lebanese bloggers mock them)

Seventh, the issue of women has not been tackled. Lately the womens' activism on student level have been on the rise. Whether we like it or not, women in most of Lebanon still need emancipation, but let this emancipation be a socialist foundation rather extremist and would create the exact opposite of Sexism.

Eighth, the real solutions to the Lebanese crisis has not been tackled: Sectarianism. To be exact, the sects love each other if their leaders love each other. The topics of Civil Marriage and demolishment of tagging Lebanese according to Sects are not over. As long as this topic is not solved, reactionary parties like AMAL, Free Patriotic Movement, Progressive Socialist Party, Future, Lebanese Forces, Hezbollah, and others would remain sect driven, and its leaders would always remain powerful while Lebanon would always remain a sitting duck for for external reactionary powers.

Nineth, the status of the secular parties have detorioted worse than it was before in such a bi-polar nation. The parties of the Lebanese Communist Party and Syrian Social Nationalist Party are too weak to assume leadership and a secular unified front against all those sectarian parties. Worse, the government attacks one of the two secular parties in the 8th of March camp, while all parties got all those weapons (I know but cannot name my sources for the welfare of the party members). The Democratic Leftist Movement and the Movement of Commoners never were left-wing in the first place. The DLM became reactionary and an elitest minority in order to end up as an extension to the 14th of March. Najah Wakim may have been heroic to vote against Bashir Gemayel's election as a Lebanese President in 1982, but his movement have been the exact anti-thesis of the DLM. They are located in 8th of March, claiming Nasserism and Socialism at the same time, their members are also small and elitest with no concept (like the DLM) of anything called Leftist thoughts. The Order of Communist Work finally collapsed while its members are distributed between 8th of March, 14th of March, and independents (the good people) against all forms of capitalism. The indepedents of the OCW cannot do anything to change the situation we live in. The Progressive Socialist Party started detoriating to a Durzi party since the civil war. Walid Junblatt eventually dissolved the Lebanese National Movement in 1984 to get his sect a market Canton when everything called infrastructure collapsed. Currently, he is a durzi feudal lord contributing to sectarianism and part of 14th of March.

Tenth, the on-going subject of knowing the truth begins not with the assassination of Rafiq Harriri (or Bashir Gemayel as the Lebanese Forces niavely claim or the respected Kamal Junblatt in 1977 as the PSP claim) but to expose the Lebanese Civil War as it started and even before that in an attempt to understand scientifically the causes of the war. This does not suit the interests of those reactionary leaders of 14th/8th of March, rather they prefer to re-write history to suit their own interests. I have to remark that the 14th of March are being more blunders in that domain. In order to find a solution for the current crisis, the past should be understood; afterall, the current situational crisis is as result of the past. Some reasons may go back to 1920 and even more.

Eleventh, the International Tribunal crisis has not been sorted. The 14th of March leaders think they can over-throw the Syrian Baathi regime in Damascus from Beirut, while Hezbollah fear the Tribunal might end up as an excuse to disarm them. The greatest fear, and specially for me, the US and Israeli interest in the Tribunal.

Twelve, the issue of the displaced as a result of the July War, none of the camps really did their job for the refugees. Up to October, the High Relief Commission didn't even start with the schools. As for rebuilding, my activist friends in the South reported that they are doing a patchwork.

Thirteenth, the crisis of the of the Palestinian Refugees have been worsening. Most of the camps' situation are below livable standards. Some Palestinians claimed that Hezbollah are more "Palestinians than the Palestinian themselves". The Camps in their districts didn't recieve any attention while the Lebanese Government officials simply visit the different camps without caring about them. Worse, they can't have any career prospects in Lebanon and currently they can't even seek assistantships in University due to Trad Hamadi's controversial decision before resigning. The Palestinian refugees are afterwards humans, and whether the Lebanese Forces like it or not, they are residents in Lebanon, and we are their hosts.

To a better Lebanon for the Proletariat in it, and to an ever-ongoing class struggle



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MarxistFromLebanon said...

Thank you comrade

I visited the website (and definitely you read a lot of sites that I do in English). I liked your site, but couldn't understand fully what were the topics, my spanish is rather weak, but thanks to online translators, I can read what you are saying, even though they are not accurate but I can get the idea fully.

When I have time, I will add your link to my blog as well... always I have a Red carpet to the comrades ;)


N10452 said...

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Delirious said...

So that's what you're busy doing instead of working!

MarxistFromLebanon said...

damn, how did you know :P, I should learn to be less transparent


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MarxistFromLebanon said...

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N10452 said...

First, The government from what i read has submitted or is gonna submit a case with all needed documents against Israel. UN reports denied any use of phosphoric bombs in the South. the UNIFIL were very helpful in stopping the Israeli violations and are doing a perfect job in securing the South for both Israel & Lebanon.

Second, I agree that both teams did not act properly concerning the South and i have tackled that issue on several occasions. However i dont understand the day-dreaming of the LF u mentioned and how is it related to ur point.

The army is the most incompetent institution in Lebanon's history and it is not cause of sectarianism but of its stupid 'neutrality' policy that Shehab adopted, specifically in 1958.

The army should be firm and respect the constitution at any price and the army men should be taught that way, the problem is in the basis on which this army was built, not in sectarianism.

My opinion on this issue, Lebanon should be neutral and not have an army at all, the ISF forces and a symbolic army should be enough to maintain internal security and once we sign peace with everyone, we wont have to worry about Israel.

Fourth, 8th of March camp always relied on foreign countries ( & neighbors), 14th of march is the first Anti-Syrian freely elected government after 25 years of invasion and is not yet strong enough to face the Syrian influence, nothing cowardly about that.

Fifth, can you elaborate on that issue ?

Sixth, we wouldnt have needed any of those relief networks if Hezbollah didnt stupidly start that war.

"They still face a lot racism themselves, so solidarity to this oppressed class to our comrades active within that movement. (unlike what some Lebanese bloggers mock them)"

oppressed class ? face a lot of racism ?
Who exactly are you refering to ?

Seventh, i think 8th of march specially Hezbollah will start another war if he knew women are getting more rights.

Eighth, the problem is not sectarianism but a large group of Lebanese who dont believe in Lebanon as a final entity.

Nineth,i just want to note that SSNP is far from being a secular party, even though it supports civil marriage, but it is more a racist party than a 'secular' one.

Tenth, war was put behind and no one wants to come back to that period, and knowing the truth behind the assasinations will reveal a lot of information and will spare us hopefully
from new ones.

Apparently, you have an issue with the LF, naively claim ?? how so ?

"the past should be understood; afterall, the current situational crisis is as result of the past. Some reasons may go back to 1920 and even more."

The past should be studied in order to find a solution for our problems which date back to the 19th century and not only 1920.

Eleventh, i dont think 14th of march want to overthrow Assad regime, they are aware, specially Jumblatt, that the US doesnt want that. The International Tribunal should be established and Hezbollah wouldnt have feared it if it wasnt implicated in those murders somehow.

"The greatest fear, and specially for me, the US and Israeli interest in the Tribunal."

Why what could they possibly do ?

Twelve, i am not very aware of what is going on, it takes time to calculate the damages and distribute the money and repair the damaged buildings and schools and infrastructure specially with all whats happening now. But i have to say something here, let me remind you how those refugees treated the 14th of march groups who helped them, and the disrespect they ve shown. Since they are still supportive of Hezbollah and this is Fieltman's government, let Hezbollah and Iran repair their schools.

Thirteenth, i see a new comment on the Lebanese Forces. Well concerning Palestinians, i dont mind giving them proper rights whenever they disarm and give full control of the camps to the army.
They did this to themselves, let them either disarm or bare the consequences of their acts.
Hezbollah cares less about the Palestinians and him & Amal slaughtered more than the LF did. their Jabal Amel dream was threatened by the Palestinians back in the 70s, and when Moussa el Sadr saw that coming, he turned against them.

>>To a better Lebanon for the Proletariat in >>it, and to an ever-ongoing class struggle

Whats wrong with the word people ? kteer feyit fiya marxism and stuff :P

Cheers Comrad

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Welcome N. to my blog :) (what took you so long)

Let us begin our traditional on-going debat :)

1) For starters, the Lebanese didn't grab hold of Israel of a thing, or didn't pressure for it (Hezbollah included btw), moreover, the IDF themselves admitted that they used phosphoric bombs and proof was founded on several occassions. Israeli plans still fly over Lebanese South (just today Marj'youn and other two locations witnessed), and almost every week IAF planes fly over Tyre and Saida. While UNIFIL didn't stop the war, rather the Israelis couldn't handle the multiple pressure coming from the inside, their losses, and not to forget the Palestinians from the inside. The UNIFIL didn't arrive yet when the Israelis finally agreed to a sieze fire (which eventually the US couldn't give sponsorship anymore.Moreover, despite the "clashes" between UN and Israel, the UN reports have been rejected and the front line residents are still in danger from Israeli offensive. Worse, Chirac and Merkell clearly announced if there are going to be any shooting, they are withdrawing their troops on the spot. (September Series on Daily Star).

Moving on, LF haven't tackled the South issues, rather simply blamed it on Hezbollah despite the fact that it was Israel bombing the hell out of Lebanon.

Third, Fouad Shehab's timing was perfect because if the army was supposed to be biased, Sham'oun would have to remain in power or the army would have collapsed then (similar to 1989). If you want a Lebanon, you want an army to go with it. Its leadership shouldn't be on Sect based I may add.

The idea of having neutral army was the idea reflected by Shamoun in the 1950s. Making Lebanon too weak to be targeted by anyone. I oppose that idea, because it is not logical to have a strong nation without having a strong army to accompany it. The army should be free from all sectarian affiliations, and be ready for any invasion. Just last year we had a war, the Lebanese army should be ready to face that war, unless you prefer Hezbollah remain recognized as a ground detterant force. Having UN forces on Lebanon should reflect that we have a major problem.

14th of March camp also relied in the past and present on foreign forces. Just for the fact having the Lebanese Front inviting the Syrians (and no it was not an invasion, but an invitation with the blessing of the Arab League) then the Israelis should reflect the situation. The current support from the Arab nations and also the US and Europe is an extension example. Even Nasrallah yesterday said that if the government wasn't that internationally supported, it would have collapsed ages ago. BTW, AMAL for a short while also joined indirectly the Lebanese Front. Khaddam when the Syrian Army entered promised that no kitchen knife would remain at the PLO. The truth about 25 years of Syrian influence is a lie, there have been interventions but the real influence began in 1990 after the US agreed to Syria in renewing the Mandate + a lot of leaders (several in the 14th of March) signing the Brotherhood treaty with Syria, willingly I may add for their interests.

Fifth, that issue has been elaborated alot, I will write newer ones, I recommend Anti-Capitalism: Guidebook for the Movement for numbers and statistics (my major issue with 14th of March).

Sixth, we wouldn't have needed those civilian networks if we had an efficient government (again latchi to 14th and 8th of March Leadership). When we met with the High Commission, they said that they didn't expect a war, but again isn't Lebanon considered on a techtonic region (earthquakes?). Just for the fact Lebanon and Israel do not have any peace treaty, that means we should be prepared for the worse with or without Hezbollah presence.

Seventh, you undermine Hezbollah in that content, and no they are aware of the changes. (objectively speaking even though I am not with Hezbollah). Again, it is not the issue towards women and mind you Hezbollah coordinated activities with Helem (the gay movement in Lebanon) and womens' movements during the civil war, which should give you an incite on the matter. I think Shiekh Fadlallah's preachings that Lebanon is no Iran finally got throught.

Eighth topic, no N. even the term Lebanon depending by who is proposing it is sectarian in itself. Lebanon was never eternal and like all nations in this world will never be since borders do not exist forever. Problem of Lebanon as eternal in your context is preserving a certain community. The same debate raged in the 1958 and the concept of "two lebanons" were never merged. Tell it to the farmers who suddenly saw borders in 1920. Lebanon, whether we like it or not, is an imperial carve-out, and due to that it contributes to part of the problem.

9th, SSNP are secular within Lebanon, and even their perspective towards the Jews is being shaped whether by distinguishing between Judaism and Zionism, specially after Nasrallah welcomed a famous "Jew" called Noam Chomsky.

10th, not at all N., that is the easy way out. You can't impose an amnesia towards the Lebanese and the war should be understood because it reflects the scandals of all the parties (and I seriously mean all parties) as well as it would shed light on the matter. The Palestinians withdrew in 1982, but the war with the returnees after Sabra Shatila was between AMAL and the PLO rather between the Christians and PLO; moreover, the war raged between the sects themselves, so again that should tell you an idea that our war was not a war of others. Not to forget that the first year of the Civil War was not between PLO and Lebanese Front, rather between the Lebanese NAtional Movement and the Lebanese Front, till Tel al-Za3tar reached new dimensions, the PLO became an active player in it (not of course defending the PLO, even though an attempt was made on Pierre Gemayel earlier to the Ain Roumani Bus.

Finding out who did what in the assassinations is solving a short run problem, finding out why the Lebanese always need patronages (and I mean all parties) is the core problem N.

Eleventh, if that is the problem, then why Junblatt himself addresses and talks about the overthrow of the Baathi regime (even though the next option would be the Brotherhood over there?)Why celebrate the Tribunal as the end of Assad's regime? And moreover, can't people suspect the motives of the Tribunal under its current form since Bush himself hinted (supported by Jaajaa) that worse case scenario that the Tribunal would pass under Section 7 bi-passing the other half of the reactionaries in Lebanon?

twelve, a million refugeee is not easy to handle, and you can't judge a million based on few incidents. I myself used to tour the refugees and to my surprise I found out Christians and SHiites interacting for the FIRST TIME, even though Lebanon is a small space. And if you are refering to those refugees to be dumped for Iran and as non-Lebanese, then sorry N. that is racism. Moreover, the High Relief Commission was accussed of corruption and got interesting details which can't publish due it would put people in danger (yes believe it), crisis management should take place on the spot. The damages evaluation done by the various ministries involved relied again on the Civilian Movements, check, and you would be surprised that civilian volunteers doing part of the job of the government.

Thirteen, regarding the Palestinians and Amal, that is a whole issue (rather wrong assumptions) which I will place on the Myth from Reality series. As for doing that on themselves, again that was wrong. It is a huge complex dimension which would require 20 pages (which I will do , not to worry) , and keep in mind that a nice chunk of the Christians are originally Palestinians of 1948. The Palestinians were present in Lebanon since then, but again the non-academic approach of explaining the situation gives the wrong info.

And last, yes I am a Marxist after all my friend ;)

Waiting for your feedback :D

Best Regards


Damn N.

I think I smell smoke coming out of my keyboard while replying to you... ouch!!!


Lalebanessa said...

What did Trad Hmadeh do to the palestinians before he resigned? Which decsion are you referring to?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

It was not directed to the Palestinians directly, rather towards all foreign students not seeking Assistantships, that includes the Palestinians in Lebanon. Actually we were surprised a bit with such decisions

We started doing demonstrations, till this bi-polarity demonstrations erupted.

N10452 said...

Hey MFL,
Well to be honest, i dont have time at all for long debate, even though am very interested in debating with you, since you are one of few that debate in a civilized manner without getting pissed ( or without showing that you are pissed) heh.

1) UN denied the use of Phosphoric bombs on two occasions eventhough Israel admitted it, i am sure Israel didnt hesitate in using then, but still we need proofs to use them in a lawsuit. Israel is flying over Lebanon and Hezbollah is still getting armed, remember the 1701 Resolution states that Hezbollah must disarm and retreate from all positions and Israel will withdraw and stop its activities accordingly.

Let Hezbollah disarm and i assure you Israel wont fly over us anymore. UNIFIL is the only possible way to stop Israel from an offensive at the moment.

As for the LF, i agree with you and i have critisized them on several occasions but that is not related to the "Christian superiority" you were talking about .

3) Shehab should have respected the institution and defended the president, Christians occupied the high ranks in the army and would have controlled the situation somehow, it was a sin to stand neutral specially that those who were attacking Shamoun were inspired from and armed by the Egyptian-Syrian Union.

1958 is in no way comparable to 1989.

>>Its leadership shouldn't be on Sect based I >>may add.

I agree 100%, again the problem with the army is its basis and foundations ..

As for the idea of the neutral army, that is not what i was implying. I am implying having a neutral external policy towards all countries and therefore not need an army to defend ourselves since no one would attack us ( eg Switzerland), let us be realistic, we will never be stronger than Syria or Israel or any of our neighbors, the most intelligent way is to build a symbolic army and strenghen the security forces and police, that way anyone invading us will get in easily but will face severe resistance cause of the tough police, you can compare it to Hezbollah's tactics if you want to, but of course we wont be using people as human shields.

The Lebanese Front invited the Arab Deterrant Forces to get in and not the Syrians. Syrians saw in this the opportunity to achieve their plans and few leaders within the Lebanese Front were against the Syrian interference from the first place.

>Even Nasrallah yesterday said that if the >government wasn't that internationally >supported, it would have collapsed ages ago.

I doubt that, Nasrallah made a mistake and turned this conflict into a Sunnite-Shiite one and found himself facing a Sunnite bloc.

25 years of interference is a lie ? Syria started interfering with every single detail since the late 70s and early 80s but the thing is the Anti-Syrian groups were strong enough to face it, until The stupid Aoun came and destroyed that balance of forces.

5) I will check it out and let u know what i think.

6) Again i dont care what 14th of 8th did, Hezbollah started a war without the agreement of the majority of the Lebanese people and the Lebanese government, that is the issue here and not what was missing in the stocks. Help was provided to a certain extent but the refugees' behavior didnt help at all.

7)I undermine people who think Hezbollah is no more after establishing the Islamic Republic.
All those are small tactics, for eg Hezbollah is demonstrating for a better Christian representation now lol .. did u buy that ?

8) That is a long topic to say the least and i did post one time the suggestions Edde gave when Greater Lebanon was established, when he addressed a letter asking to resize it.

9) I ve been to a Naom Chomsky lecture once and i ve read a bit about the guy, he is not a good example to show that SSNP are secular or improved their perspective towards jews.
This party was based on a geographic illusion and inspired by Facist ideas, its practices along the years were putchs and assasinations and collaboration with the ennemy, it should be banned once and for all.


>Finding out who did what in the >assassinations is solving a short run >problem, finding out why the Lebanese always >need patronages (and I mean all parties) is >the core problem N.

I agree with that and i agree the light should be shed on all scandals done by all parties, and i support doing this through a new group of youth not affiliated with any party, something i have been willing to do for a while, but events have stopped me from doing it.

11) UN does NOT belong to the US and the US cannot operate easily through a UN Tribunal.
Remember the US controlled the UN but could not start war on Iraq based on it.
I dont mind having the tribunal under chapter 7 to be honest, i dont mind anything against barbaric regimes like the Syrian one and criminals like the Israelis.

12) There were MANY incidents and not just few, there was interaction but there was a misbehavior from the refugees in several places. Of course they should not be dumped, i was willing to help but did not have time to be honest, so i contributed financially at several occasions .. Hezbollah even abused his people through the camps and was trying to smuggle weapons everywhere.
The corruption that was found in that commission was by one of Berri's man if i am not mistaken.

13) I have read intensively on this issue as well, specifically what Moussa el Sadr was after even before Amal came and am waiting for ur 20 pages paper :)

>And last, yes I am a Marxist after all my >friend ;)

Sorry to hear that lol jk :P

>Damn N.
>I think I smell smoke coming out of my >keyboard while replying to you... ouch!!!

Well get used to it cause as long as i am not convinced, i will reply and i am a very stubborn person :)

But lemme tell you, at least this is a constructive debate, unlike most of the debates i get into with aounists or hezbollah or leftists mich 3erfeen wen Allah ( if they have one) 7atetoun ..

Cheers again.

Liliane said...

Again, an enjoyable read. I am not familiar with Trad Hmedeh's decision and the effect on palestinians, and some other details, really beyond me.

All in all, I agree on building a case against Israel, maybe they will eventually, but some things are better done fast, and I guess Lebanon has been distracted lately with its internal affairs, which are mostly stupid and silly and useless!

I liked #7, it's intriguing, can you elaborate on this point in a future post? "but let this emancipation be a socialist foundation rather extremist and would create the exact opposite of Sexism." <-- good one!

Liliane said...

P.S. Of course you know how much agree on the other matters such as dealing with WTO and Paris III, and both camps ridiculous and subjective behaviors.

Good name calling btw :P "Rainbow warriors"... Ajwe` Age of Empires

MarxistFromLebanon said...

You play Age of Empires too ?



N10452 said...

Age of Empires .. the Good Old Memories
I still remember that cheat where you make the ballistas launch cows instead of rocks :P

You know i was thinking, 8th of march better watch out cause if Riad el Solh turns into A Counter Strike map, They will be destroyed in few minutes :)

MarxistFromLebanon said...

N. why do they want to use sniping, they got 20,000 missiles to demolish the entire square :P

Liliane said...

Send out Tanya from Red Alert! (am just being feminist :P - Girl Power!)

MarxistFromLebanon said...


Habait !!!!!!!!


MarxistFromLebanon said...

Dear N.

UN denied the use of Phosphoric bombs on two occasions eventhough Israel admitted it, i am sure Israel didnt hesitate in using then, but still we need proofs to use them in a lawsuit. Israel is flying over Lebanon and Hezbollah is still getting armed, remember the 1701 Resolution states that Hezbollah must disarm and retreate from all positions and Israel will withdraw and stop its activities accordingly.

Let Hezbollah disarm and i assure you Israel wont fly over us anymore. UNIFIL is the only possible way to stop Israel from an offensive at the moment.

As for the LF, i agree with you and i have critisized them on several occasions but that is not related to the "Christian superiority" you were talkingg about .

The Israelis admitted they used the bombs and if you want will forward you the links where they admitted. Hezbollah need to disarm once the option is given. As long as Lebanon and Israel are in a state of war, and as long as the army is not re-enforced to replace Hezbollah, then we can’t disarm them (peacefully). Second, as long as there are major interventions supporting different camps, and Lebanon being in the middle of the crisis, we sure won’t expect them to disarm. I myself prefer a guerilla trained units in the army to face any offensive as long as we do not have peace. I am also one of those Lebanese who would also object to any form of peace treaty with Israel as long as their government is Zionist, out of a Marxist concept of no to racists and in solidarity with the on-going massacres. Keep in mind that Israel could have resorted to the UN rather blowing Lebanon to bits, and worse, there can always be an excuse popping up (Iraq was supposed to be a center of Mass Destruction weaponry).

3) How can Shehab respect the constitution when the president himself didn’t respect the constitution and attempted to do the same error as Bshara el Khoury by renewing his mandate. Worse, the president disregarded the Status Quo then and declared allegiance to the Eisenhower doctrine which was totally unconstitutional as well as tampering with the Parliamentary votes. It was the best decision to keep the army at neutrality. If the army intervened, we would have started on the Lebanese versus Lebanese cantons going head to head. I disagree with Pierre Gemayel and Shamoun’s perspective on the army as a weak point, the army should be re-enforced to meet the challenges or simply demolish it from its foundations and put a welcome mat to the Israelis and Syrians military if they want to return (and both still interested on certain locations). Let us face it, as long as the Israelis and Syrians do not agree over the Golan Heights, you will find Lebanon in turmoil, not only because of Hezbollah, but to other factors, such as Israel expanding its territory for more water, strategic strikes on Syria and vice versa. Moreover, sectarianism paves way for foreign intervention, and the Syrian Baathis will always find a strong group.

4) The beauty of the US archives that they are released after 30 years, and scandals did appear in their writings. Henry Kissinger also wrote his book about his duet commissions touring the leaders of the Lebanese Front and in agreement with the Syrians for the sole purpose to disarm the PLO. Actually, on al-Jazeera, the opponents of the Lebanese National Movement argued: “What do you expect, the Syrians entered the Christian areas without any resistance and there were link-ups between the two forces”. Moreover, the Arab League, under Kissinger’s plan, was devised to cover for the Syrian’s entry. A whole detailed deal was informally agreed on, and you can review the memoirs of Kissinger, Brown, and Murphy on the matter. They were invited, afterwards, when Sadat declared the Step By Step deal, things took a turn (or as planned). In any case, the Syrians sweeped Lebanon with Lebanese Front blessing, and the famous triangle was formed: Syrians – Sarkis – Lebanese Front. It was til 1977 things took a turn

6) For starters, Hezbollah did draw a first blood, but at the same time Israel was doing the bombing. Hezbollah did several operations before that and did the exchange, Israel could have resorted to the UN to press charges, rather slaughter 1200. As for the refugees, I got reports that several refugees were maltreated/provoked also at certain locations. Others were treated fine and there was harmony. Moreover, some incidents can’t put a judgement on all the refugees, the whole million, that is totally biased.

7) I do not buy it, but they are present, what do you want to do? Throw a 1.5 million supporter in the sea? Let us be realistic, and keep in mind that Sheikh Fadlallah faced Iran’s Wali Faqeeh regarding the relations of Hezbollah. Hezbollah under Tfayli are different than Hassan Nasrallah (even though some locations they dominate enforced indirectly certain codes, but so do others in different manners). Hezbollah is undergoing transformation to a more political segment. They are still an Islamic Party, but a flexible party.

8) Emil Edde also ideologized the Phoenicians ideology among the Christians and formally asked the Muslims to go to Mekkah if they didn’t like Lebanon, Christian Lebanon. Let us face it, Lebanon is one big problem, and to what extent resize it (what areas)

9) I was referring to the incident of Chomsky being welcomed by Nasrallah. The SSNP, and believe me I have my share from them, are racist only when it used to come towards the Jews, currently and for the past 7 years they have been redrafting their ideology regarding the Jewish question and the differences between Zionism and Judaism. Other than that, I do not see in their ideology anything else racist. Their Omma is based on interaction, and its borders can change while interacting with other Ommas. That is the political spectrum, unless you want to include the Skull theory of Antoun Saadi, then that is a different case, the person is remember a right-winger, but politically that is the designated project for the unified greater secular Syria. What enemy? Syria? Palestinians? Again, the LF collaborated with the Israel, who caused the highest death rate in Lebanon, to install a Lebanese President? Come on, let us be at least objective on this manner, unless you are referring to the current stats, again Syria is a political enemy, but not a war nation, Lebanon and Syria are still subjugated to the Brotherhood Treaty. Point is: All messed up on the war, and everything should be dissected to separate the Myth from the Reality on the situation: including our own heroes (I did so with mine, and I sure expect the others to do one day for the sake of objectives)

10) As for forming a new youth N., again that youth should be informed of the past, not directly shoving it into a certain history or perspective.

11) Worse, the US bi-passed the United Nations to invade Iraq, and got its veto power when it wants. Moreover, it was till the United States agreed to end the war, a decision came out finally to end the bloodshed.

12) I do mind Section 7 N., again, if you want a Lebanon, you want a sovereign Lebanon, and mind you the Syrian Barbaric regime does not have poverty like ours (there are positive aspects in it). As for its people, I got nothing against them whatsoever since I go with the policy whoever is ruling needs to be overthrown by the Proletariat (similar to what is happening in Latin America) but on more ideological grounds (what can I say, a member of the Marxist International; here I am biased since I believe in a different route as a solution).

13) I promise on the AMAL and the Palestinian part :)

But you still didn’t answer me on the Federation Plan, which I oppose with all my heart, and the Entrance of the IDF 

Last thing, I am also stubborn too, my friend, but I am not convinced unless you prove to me by documents, memoirs, facts of the situation, not what someone of the party said or this man said 

Yalla, waiting for your feedback in the situation, and again, at this rate, you owe me a new laptop in the future :P... I am always for contsructive ideas as long as we are arguing with facts :)

N10452 said...

Dearest MFL

( lol people will think we r gays now :P dear wou dearest and 2 lebanese actually not cursing each others in politics).

1)Concerning the cluster bombs, i have no doubt Israel is capable of using them and it did as u mentioned, but also as u said, we need proof and the UN didnt provide us with any from its reports. This is an issue that can be put on hold now, since we might not have a government to sue Israel in few weeks or days time ..

Now concerning disarming Hezbollah, we have a treaty with Israel and we are not at a state of war as much as a state of dont shoot me i wont shoot you.

I believe the UNIFIL is the best alternative to a peace treaty with Israel at the moment and that Hezbollah is useless, actually Hezbollah is harmful right now .

I agree we cant force them to disarm, but we should pressure them politically asap and force them to compromise and maybe get reasonable and disarm.

>>"and Lebanon being in the middle of the >>crisis, we sure won’t expect them to disarm."

let me remind you who put us in the middle of that crisis, this argument doesnt make sense.
Disarming Hezbollah will relief Lebanon from the regional tensions.

2)You are opposed to a peace treaty with Israel out of a Marxist concept of no to racists and in solidarity with the on-going massacres.

This is nonsense to be honest, if so, then we should be at war with all our neighbors .. Israel will not attack us if we leave it alone, look @ Jordan and Egypt and all the arab countries even SYRIA.
We are in no position to face Israel, and there is no valid reason why we should.

>>Keep in mind that Israel could have resorted >>to the UN rather blowing Lebanon to bits,

Lebanon could have done the same as well and avoided the war if it wasnt for Hezbollah.

3)Pr.Chamoun was aware of the Palestinian threat and was acting accordingly, again it wasnt a lebanese opposition that removed him but a Pro-AbdulNasser Pro-Palestinian movement.
The army should have stopped those in time instead of standing in the middle ( for presidential purposes).

As for the Eisenhower act, again what was wrong with that ? asking for American help to defend the president and the government ?

If Lebanon wasnt under threat and wasnt infiltrated by those arab movements and Palestinians starting to invade us, i would have understood ur point of view, but u seem to be ignoring that factor.

>>I disagree with Pierre Gemayel and Shamoun’s >>perspective on the army as a weak point.

You will never build an army capable of beating Israel or even Syria, your best weapon is having a strong political support from the big powers in the world. But of course we need to be prepared for any invasion that might occur, the best way is to build a strong police and have small resistance groups ( belonging to the police of course) and thats it.
To be honest, i dont mind having UN troops or American or European bases in Lebanon to protect us.

>>Israelis and Syrians do not agree over the >>Golan Heights

Who told u so ? I see Syrians are starting to sell apples to the Israelies there.

>>such as Israel expanding its territory for >>more water

I think Israelies dont wanna expand anywhere now, since they are in a serious threat cause of the Arab population growth within their cities and the Palestinian threat, added to the tensions in Iraq and the troubling role Syria is playing.
They are building a freakin wall to close their borders, i doubt they wanna expand.

>>In any case, the Syrians sweeped Lebanon >>with Lebanese Front blessing, and the famous >>triangle was formed: Syrians – Sarkis – >>Lebanese Front. It was til 1977 things took >>a turn

I agree, and i already told u the Kataeb were ok for a deal with the Syrians, but Pr.Chamoun was behind Bashir who was totally opposed to the Syrian deployment and the whole Christian community shared the same feeling.

6) Hezbollah did many operations before, and if he really didnt know that would be Israel's reaction, Nasrallah is an idiot.
We saw how Israel replied to Hamas kidnapping one soldier and you know the links btw Hamas & Hezbollah and you were aware of the Iranian-US tensions in the regions.

So Hezbollah provoked Israel who responded the same way it responded to Hamas, as expected by Nasrallah.
I still believe Hezbollah wanted a war and would have gained from it, but it is the Lebanese government position that weakened him and cornered him.

>Moreover, some incidents can’t put a >judgement on all the refugees, the whole >million, that is totally biased.

Several incidents were reported everywhere, and the attitude of the refugees was unacceptable in general.

>> Emil Edde also ideologized the Phoenicians >>ideology among the Christians and formally >>asked the Muslims to go to Mekkah if they >>didn’t like Lebanon, Christian Lebanon.

He had a point at the time when he said it.

9) We ll talk about the SSNP in a different topic since it is a long discussion. The skull theory is such a racist one since you mentioned it. Do u recall how Antoun's moustaches were ? not to mention the zouba3a similarity with the zvastika, i even came up with a way to draw the zouba3a from the Nazi logo, i ll show it to you if you want to :)

>>Point is: All messed up on the war, and >>everything should be dissected to separate >>the Myth from the Reality on the situation:


>>As for forming a new youth N., again that >>youth should be informed of the past, not >>directly shoving it into a certain history >>or perspective.

Also agree.

12) I believe in the current situation we are in, we need any possible support from the Europeans and Americans whom in my opinion will never harm us like Arabs & Israelies did and will respect our sovereignty and independance and human rights ( even the US and dont compare us to Iraq, we are a totally different society).

>>But you still didn’t answer me on the >>Federation Plan, which I oppose with all my >>heart, and the Entrance of the IDF 

Let me re-read the long replies lol, i must have skipped it.

>>but I am not convinced unless you prove to >>me by documents, memoirs, facts of the >>situation, not what someone of the party >>said or this man said.

I rarely listen to people and quote, my arguments are from articles, books and analysis i read, but i cannot reference everytime, it ll take me forever to find them :)

>>you owe me a new laptop in the future :P... >>I am always for contsructive ideas as long >>as we are arguing with facts :)

Well we are arguing with facts arent we ?
tikram 3aynak 2 laptops not just one ..