Monday, May 12, 2008

USS Cole returns... Again!!!!!

Doesn't the US Administration know that this is making things worse?

Now, the Opposition channels will have a field day to justify what they did in terms of fighting Israel ... bleh....

What can this lousy ship do? Blast the other half of the Lebanese? The opposition civilians? I think the US lost a lot of insight in terms of foreign affairs since the days of Habib, Kissinger, and the entire Clinton Administration.

I think they are trying to make it worse on 14th of March to go and make Iran look more evil, or even wack it to protect the artificial "Cedars revolution", I wouldnt be surprised because hey look at Iraq and their weapons of mass destruction!!!!


Renegade Eye said...

Kissinger is nothing to wish for. You are absolutely correct, by not proclaiming the "Cedar Revolution, things would have been better in Lebanon.

Bush wanted to take credit for Syria's military leaving.

margaret said...

Have to agree with RE about Kissinger. I'd add that Clinton is no saint either. Remember, the U.S. follows the whims of Israel when it comes to the Middle East. Saying this is about the most controversial statement a U.S. citizen can say. Even Obama keeps his mouth shut about Israel.

omar said...

Kissinger is a fucking war criminal.

You're way off target calling for the return of someone of his 'tact' or 'intelligence' or whatever you think he possesses.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

I know everything about Kissinger, but I was referring to his shrewdness in building for more deceitful US imperialism when it comes in US foreign policy, and the sadder part, his memoirs and his commissions is what allowed us academics to understand what excactly happened in Lebanon on a party-leadership level and Syrian/US/Israeli level in 1974 - 1976 .