Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Respect the Dead!

Future TV is back and at the opening, Ms. Khatib gave a war-like speech and a triumph for the other half of Lebanon. They are broadcasting from Beirut Hall and welcomed 14th of March figures like Elias Attallah and Faris So'aid.

Harriri Jr. forgot to mention his own side of the blunders to arrive to such a situation and still insists that they are a harmless moderate movement and attacked the Opposition offensive. Al-Mannar retaliated with putting the Halba massacre after Harriri Jr finished his speech in order to ruin his moments of mini-comebacks, and transforming the clash between the Sunni Future and the glorious Opposition, forgetting that the majority of the Sunnis are Harriri supporters. Making the Sunni – Shiite more embedded and what's next of low blows each has for the other. I have to comment though, the Halba massacre was really disgusting and I got it yesterday on video via email. This will charge a lot of people, and of course, we are still expecting when the SSNP will retaliate on such a massacre. Also it is interesting how Harriri Jr. mentioned the Sunni residents as well and accused the others of a sectarian collission promoters.

As for the militants, they are still everywhere in West Beirut, but without the ak-47s and the sandbag fortifications. Now they have walky talky and walk in numbers. So far in our neighborhood, they didn’t wrong anyone yet, partly they are from the neighborhood.

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